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     Hello and welcome to "Tales from Telara", my newly created Rift RP journal. Centered entirely around the game Rift, an MMORPG by Trion, my blog will be the focus for my leveling experience on my way to end game, told from the point of view of 2 of my characters. The blog will be written like a story, or narrative, with each entry being another step in the journey. It took much thought, much work, and much experimenting before I was finally satisfied with this final product, which is why it's finally at this later date that I've gotten around to posting, almost 3 months after I decided I wanted to try my hand at this. There were several sparks that got this blog going for, and I'd like to thank Anneleigh for her wonderful and unique blog story (because I'd never have found the ambition to try my hand at my own if her heartfelt encouragement and friendship hadn't given me the nudge I needed to get started), as well as several other blogs and online guides (mostly for the practical bits, the lore info, and the other random stuff) and even my guild members (their unique RP arcs and open-minded creativity really opened my own eyes to the wonders of Roleplay and immersion into the game). Not to mention, I love writing and typing and once I was determined to start this, I was really excited to see how it would turn out!
     This began as a simple project: I'd create a blog and tell a story about my newly created Guardian, Raenyn the High Elf, as she went through the zones and did quests. I really loved the idea and it was really fun coming up with unique ways of getting quests and NPC speeches into the story. After I'd gotten quite a few blog chapters under my belt, I began to think about how fun it would be if I could also do something similar for the Defiant. So I created another blog, this one solely dedicated to my little, newly created Defiant character. Soon though, I noticed that either one or the other of my blogs always suffered from neglect because I just lacked the time and initiative to keep both updated and active as often as I wished. So while I worked away at one blog for a week at a time, the other one suffered. This was rather frustrating and finally I came up with a new idea that seems rather obvious now....incorporate the Defiant journal into the Guardian one! So this is the result. Here is my joint blog, featuring entries from both a Guardian and a Defiant perspective. Will my two characters ever cross paths? Unlikely, since I play both...but we shall see! For more information on the characters, visit the "characters" tab. If you want to know more about me, click the "about me" tab!
Blog Format:
   There will be several different types of entries to the blog. The main entries will be the ones that push my characters' stories ahead. These will be titled as chapters and will feature m "main" as she(they) venture through the wild world of Telara righting wrongs and seeking bad guys to slay. In between each of these entries, to serve as a chapter break, will be lore entries, titled as such. These will tell a tidbit of Telara's story that is most relevant to that particular location in the story. This helps the reader understand the history or culture of a particular thing that wouldn't make it into the main story, because the character couldn't or wouldn't have otherwise noticed. Also, I love lore and background info. Other entries will be random off topic comments about patches, expansions, other games, etc. After all, it's my blog and I can write what I want, right? And other entries will be of a cooking/baking nature since I love to work in the kitchen and it would be neat to make comments about my gaming foods! This is the main page so will always be the "home" page of the blog, since the links for the chapters will be featured here. So sit back and enjoy the story! :)
The Story So Far:
  • Mathosia Summary- This is the summary of everything that happens in the Mathosia starter zone, the first few lvls of your character, told in story format of my Guardian character Raeslyn. All the pages of Guardian Chapter One are located here, as well as other tidbits.
  • Silverwood Summary- The page of all the pages of the Silverwood chapter arc are contained here, as Raeslyn learns more about the threat of Hylas Aelfwar and the goblins. All Chapter Two pages are linked to this page, as well as multiple lore pages, off topic discussions, world events and patch info!
  • Gloamwood Summary- Index of pages related to Gloamwood's chapter, story, lore, off topic discussions that happened during these dates, and any other relevant information involved! Check it out if your curious about the lore behind Gloamwood, or if you want to know what Rae's been up to here!

  • Terminus Summary-The details of the starter zone and Karazhan's first moments as a new Ascended. This page has a link to all of the pages contained in the Defiant chapter one as well as any off topic discussions and patch information.


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