Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Off Topic] Real life sucks!

     I've  been so incredibly busy lately that most of my online plans just went poof right out the window. I mean seriously, here we are on the cusp of November 13th, the day that Storm Legion launches, and I've had barely an hour a night to play Rift. That is so far below the usual hours I can spend on the game. It's rather depressing actually! I've been doing so many things in real life that I've had no time to even turn my computer on. Mainly I've been working. Slaving away like a dog. Although I don't know where people get that saying, because my dog certainly does not slave at anything...but anyway, ya I've been working all day just about every day. I've not had a holiday, real day off, or a vacation in quite a while, and I'm thinking I'd like to take a few days to myself here one of these weeks. Before Christmas where I'll actually get a chance to take a day off before everyone else books time off.

     I'm incredibly excited for Storm Legion though, I can say that much! I can't WAIT to try things out for the first time!! Dimensions, exploring new zones, new puzzles and shinies to find. Oh, it's going to be a lot of fun. I bought the Infinity Edition too, so I can have the neat looking pink hover mount. Cyclone? Hurricane? Something like that it's called. (My memory is on par with that of a dragonfly). I've even been neglecting my guildie duties, I'm afraid. I've been so tired after work that I can't seem to muster the energy to log in more than 5 minutes and say hello. I usually end up getting so sleepy that I need to shut down the computer and pass out in bed before I fall asleep at the keys.

     Another exciting thing happening tomorrow-or later today- is a new addition to my little family. I'm getting a baby kitty tomorrow. She's 8 weeks old and I named her Sango. A coworker is giving her to me tomorrow morning and I've been looking forward to her arrival for some time. I've already got most of the supplies needed for her transition to her new home, all except collar and nametag, because the pet store wasn't open when I got off work tonight. Which totally sucks. I had to stop by the grocery store instead. Oh well, later I suppose.

     I think that's all there is to report for this update. Hopefully things will feel less hectic next week. Another reason for the seeming chaos of my life and my lack of time to myself is my work schedule. There's been a lot of rearranging and rescheduling because a few people are taking time off, or not showing up for work, which means that my shifts get switched around to cover for it. Hopefully next week that will get straightened out and I can see how my schedule will go. I'm crossing my fingers for less hours and more time to myself, as well as more day shifts. I really hate working at night because than I'm too tired after work to do anything but log onto Rift for a few seconds than head to bed. Also tomorrow I need to clean my apt, do my laundry, dishes, litter box, organize books, straighten up computer section, grocery shopping, and probably some more things I'm forgetting right now because of how tired I am. Long day tomorrow but I hope I'll have enough time to update my Defiant blog, as well as fill in the missing Chapter 2.1 on this blog. Lots of work, are blogs hehe. Oh, and I definitely need to take time out to play Rift of course! That's the main course. My boyfriend is also coming over to stay for a few days tomorrow. See how much time I have to myself here? Almost none!! *pulls hair out*

     That wraps up this entry I think. Darkwysper signing out!

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