Friday, July 11, 2014

[Telara in the Kitchen] I: Introduction

  So I suggested the idea of making recipes for real life food you can cook and eat in your own kitchen to my friend and she was very excited at the idea. Well, I've finally gotten around to posting a page on the subject! Before I dive into the yummy recipes of Telara and how to bring them to your table at home, I'd first like to write a few beginner's tips, advice, and some suggestions about cooking. Especially if your level in the Survival skill is Novice (1-75)! :) When you see the things others make, or when you see what your parent or spouse has created for you, don't be intimidated by their skill. They've likely been doing it a while and know what's what. Don't be afraid to try new things! Also though, know when you are adding too much of something to a dish. Take it slow and gradual at first, always tasting after each addition to make sure you're not spoiling it. And have patience. Some foods take quite some time to make and if your starving, as I always am, it can be hard to wait for a large, difficult meal to finish.
     Now that that's out of the way, go find yourself some oak logs and make a fire so you can cook something tasty! Oh wait...that's probably frowned upon in your neighborhood isn't it? No matter, I'm sure an oven will do just as well!

     On Telara, the Survival skill is quite the handy skill to have under your belt. You really don't want to be dying of hunger. One, that's a humiliating way to die for an Ascended. Two, it's a rather painful way to die. So it definitely helps to level your Survival skill right alongside your Kitchen Survival skill. One thing that bugs me that I noticed about Survival though is that most of the recipes available to us are based around seafood or pork. Well, sadly I do not eat either of these things, so many of my foods will focus on other meats and vegetable dishes. There will of course be the occasional recipe that features seafood or similar, because seafood is very healthy if done properly, but for the most I prefer salads, casseroles, pasta dishes, stews, soups, sweets, feasts and roasts. And probably a ton more I haven't thought of. I really love food and I sincerely enjoy cooking it! The only thing I don't care for is the dishes I need to wash up afterward haha.

     The pros to making your meals at home with your own ingredients are numerous. For instance, it's definitely healthier to use fresh foods from the market rather than buying something instant or ready made! You can also keep track of what's going into your dishes as well, since your the one who added it. That's a definite plus if you have allergies or a preference in your diet! It also saves a lot on cost! At first it might be costly to add things to your cupboards such as new spices, herbs, and supplies, but if you keep track of what and where your spending is, it becomes obvious rather quickly that your definitely saving money in the long run by not eating take out every night. And lastly, there's definitely a sense of accomplishment for cooking your own meals. Be proud of what you've made, and share it with friends and family. Ask them how they like it!

     And here's a list of tips that I've thought of for you, that help me when cooking! I hope I don't need to mention that you should wash ALL fruit and vegetables before cutting and consuming, as well as cutting these completely separately from meats. And don't forget to always wash your hands before and after the handling! Just imaging all those nasty icky fingerprints all over my food makes me shudder.
  1. Don't be afraid to try something different and exotic! This includes both meats and vegetables as well as spices! There are so many different types and flavors and textures to spices and herbs. And it definitely varies between dried, ground, and fresh! Instead of buying minced or powdered garlic in the shakers, purchase a few cloves of garlic instead! You'd be surprised at the difference! Also, add berries, dried or otherwise, to dishes that you would otherwise never think of doing so. It won't ruin your meal, it might spice it up a bit instead, adding a slightly sweet or tangy taste to it!
  2. When buying ingredients for meals, try low fat, low sugar, non sweetened, and low sodium options instead! The taste might be slightly different and take some getting used to, but this is your body and you only get one (unless you are an Ascended!) so treat it with respect! There are so many different substitutes and options in this day and age that its hard to even keep up with, but a lot of the options available to gluten-free and lactose-free eaters are actually clever and healthy alternatives even for those who don't have this issue.
  3. Don't hesitate to ask a family member who is a good cook for suggestions or their favorite recipe, especially if you enjoy it as well. Sometimes tried and true recipes that have been given from mother to daughter are a great way to connect with a family member as well as give more happy memories to share later.
  4. Try dishes from different cultures, even if it looks weird or different. You'd be surprised. That Dwarf's homemade chili might be tasty!
     So go forth my fellow Telarans and set feasts for your raid to enjoy, both in Rift and in the home! Be proud of all that you create, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and post comments or pictures of what you make so I can ooohhh and ahhhh over it appropriately! :)

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