Monday, January 05, 2015

[Books and Artifacts] IX: Artifacts of Scarlet Gorge

      I love how you can find snippets of lore and bits of how the history of Telara played out by collecting and reading the artifacts you find throughout Telara. Not to mention, who doesn't love the easter egg hunt of finding shinies?! I love artifact hunting! So here's a few I found that pertain specifically to Scarlet Gorge. I'm sure I'm missing a few and I'll add them as I find them! Enjoy! :)

List of Artifacts on Scarlet Gorge:
  • Scarlet Gorge-(lvl 30)
    • Description: "Named for the red soil that collects at the base of the canyon, the gorge's sourcestone became a target of the dragon cults after the fall of Mathosia."
    • Artifacts in this meta: The Kings Writ, Tome of Names, Uythradges Bargain, Eggs of Chaos, Golden Fable Pg 6, Wild Thangs Ride Again, Golden Maw Lockbox, 
    • Rewards Pet: Arcane Excavator
  • The Court of Suffering-(lvl 30)
    • Description: "Demons of chaos and flame delight in bringing pain and suffering to their victims."
    • Artifacts in this meta: Lash of Thaxlos, Tandoluz's Fang, Burning Ichor of Broglax, Horn of Laxgrud, Uythradge's Bargain
  • Angdralthus the Lich-(lvl 30)
    • Description: "A necromancer working for Aedraxis. Supplied him Sourcestone."
    • Artifacts in this meta: Bone inlaid Reagent Case, Sourcestone Eye Inserts, Bone Wand, Mathosian Box of the Dead, Bones of Descendants, King's Writ
  • The Gorge-(lvl 30)
    • Description: "While not as rich in the miraculous stone as Deepstrike Mines, the lack of Eth defences has made the gorge a profitable dig for Sourcestone."
    • Artifacts in this meta: Darkfire Matchsticks, Tattered Mining Claim, Scaffolding Mallot, Spent Cartridges, Endless Ritual Shroud, Golden Maw Lock Box
  • Fire Idols-(lvl 30)
    • Description: "These Idols are fashioned to resemble various demons and devils from the Plane of Fire, evidence of the Quarry Rats' misguided faith in the protection of the fire lords."
    • Artifacts in this meta: Denjal Idol, Bukavac Idol, Furcas Idol, Labal Idol, Nequ'el Idol
  • The Golden Fable-(lvl 30)
    • Description: "This is a record of a popular tale among cultists of the Golden Maw."
    • Artifacts in this meta: Pages 1-6
    • Rewards Book: "The Golden Fable"

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