Friday, August 05, 2016

[Off Topic] New Expansion Announcement!

   Rift just announced a new expansion coming this fall called Starfall Prophecy! Omg I'm so excited. The title alone makes me excited, it sounds so mysterious and dark and cool and wicked and I'm so excited!! So many fun and amazing things in the upcoming months! Legion for WoW, Starfall Prophecy for Rift, a comic Expo in Sept and BlizzCon in Nov. What more could a gamer girl ask for?? Ok so, here's the lowdown on what I know so far about this new and amazing new expansion!

     First off, I bought the deluxe digital version pre-order earlier today, and I instantly claimed a few neat gifts that I'm in love with already! One of them was a beautiful and unique drake mount, the first of its kind in Rift!!!! It's a very pretty albino white with glowing blue eyes and reminds me of the proto-drakes from WoW. It has only 2 legs and runs on those with its front wing-legs held in the air, but when your standing still, it drops down to rest on its front wing-legs. It also leaps into the air and flaps its wings when you jump! I absolutely adore it! I love dragon and drake creatures, and this one definitely catches my eye immediately!! You also get these little items in the game you can redeem for things at a special vendor.
  • Ascended continue the fight against the mysterious and powerful Ankhet, who is determined to destroy Telara for some reason. Jeez why is our poor world always being picked on! Ankhet comes from way far out beyond the Cosmos and is a Tenebrean construct that is sentient. It's burned and destroyed its way through many worlds on its journey, tearing away huge chunks of the Planes of Fire and Life as it barreled through them, and looks like next stop is good ol' Telara. Lucky us.
  • Introducing new IA's! We Ascended are now powerful and knowledgeable enough to take the battle beyond Telara and into the other Planes, not just water either! Finally we get to take the fight to them! These new IA's are called Planar Assault Adventures. Just like regular IA groups, you can band together with your fellows and launch attacks into the other planes. Rawr!
  • Level Cap raised to 70! Woot! We get 5 new lvls to go through, which means of course, new content, which means new lore stories!!!!!!!
  • New ways to advance your Character! Collect Planar Fragments and customize your gear, as well as new system called Active Upgrade System that rewards you for completing heroic feats and challenges (not sure what these challenges will be about or how hard they are, but hey, sounds awesome!) as well as collect Eternal Items of immense power. Not sure what that is either...
  • Legendary Powers! Coming to a Rift near you! This is what I'm most hyped for. Apparently Legendary Powers are different options for each Soul that dramatically alter the way your existing abilities work. It gives you a whole new layer of customization. I'm not sure what that means, but I will definitely be checking it out! Once of course, my little babies start leveling again! So excited! Some examples of Legendary Powers are "Legendary Poison Malice" for Assassin Rogues, which maintains the buff at the cost of increasing global cooldown and "Legendary Galvanic Strike" for Artiber Mages, which empowers you with electricity, increasing all your dmg based on your current charge.
  • 5 New Zones! Woohoo! Exploring new content is my favorite thing about new games and expacs! There's Alittu, which doesn't seem to count as an actual zone and is instead a little quest hub city, kind of like Tempest Bay maybe? Where its a safe house from the dangers of the wilds. Then there's the Gedlo Badlands, Scatherran Forest, Ashenfell, Xarth Mire, and Tenebrean Schism, which it mentioned on the livestream that half of the Tenebrean Schism won't be available until a bit after release, as it's 70 content. Kind of like Planetouched Wilds I suppose?
  • More news on the multicore support front. Along with the 64 bit Alpha in an effort to stabilize and improve Rift's overall quality and efficiency for better player experience! I've never really had a problem with that except occasional weird disconnects so I'm not sure if I'll see a difference?
  • They are releasing new goodies after Starfall too! There's already plans for update patches to continue and advance the story, which includes a new outdoor zone called the Tenebrean Schism, full of dynamic content for lvl 70's to go wild in! And of course, a new lvl 70 raid!
  • Another new introduction coming either with the expansion, or with the first patch, is the "LFR". Looking for Raid for those who don't know. It no doubt works just like WoW's LFR works, allowing players to queue up for raids and join as a group without having to ask in guild or form your own group. I hope it works better then WoW's LFR lol!
  • Buying Starfall Prophecy! If you preorder the expansion, you get a new title of "Starlord" or "Starlady" (I literally laughed out loud at that. Guardians of the Galaxy anyone???) and you can gain special daily Prophecy Tokens by logging in each day. When you have enough of these tokens, you can buy really cool things from a special vendor in Tempest Bay like Opie the Artifact Squirrel, which apparently lets you collect shinies while mounted, and lets you grab high up hard to get shinies without reaching up there! Although in my opinion having to go searching for how to get your shiny is jus as fun as actually getting it! You also gain a lvl 65 boost, which instantly puts you at that lvl so you can immediately begin exploring new content. I haven't even used my lvl 60 boost from the last expansion LOL! Maybe I should sell it and make some $$.

     Well that's it so far on the expansion news. The information just came out today, so it's all still relatively new and shiny and unknown! I'll add more info, either to this post, or in a future post about the expansion as I receive it! For now, color me very excited!
   ~Dark out

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