Wednesday, May 24, 2017

[Off Topic]: Shiny Shenanigans!

    Well, there's a new patch today, which shouldn't really surprise anyone since Wednesday is always patch/reset/weekly goody bag day. But this week we get a special treat! And it's right up my alley! That's right, it's all about shinies this week! It runs until the 24th (today), until next Wednesday, the 31st! Here's the details on what's happening with this shiny extravaganza!

     Trion awknowledges that artifact hunting is one of us Ascendeds' most beloved pastime. I mean seriously, who DOESN'T like shiny hunting, or spends sometimes hours at a time poring over a zone so they can complete a set?? Or maybe that's just me...? I absolutely love filling in my artifact sets and when they complete it's sooooo very satisfying! I'm so proud of myself that I was able to finish off most of Silverwood and Gloamwood just by patiently spending hour upon hour in those zones, looking for those ever elusive shinies I need to complete my sets! Of course I'll admit to spending a pretty penny on the AH as well for the few left that I couldn't find. But 95% of the artifact sets I complete, I do myself! And I'm so proud of that! I love shinies and I love when I discover new ones because there's the potential for a tiny tidbit of story to be revealed to me to better understand my beloved world of Telara! Telara is like a second home to me, but at the same time I'm a stranger to it still. There's so many things I really want to learn more about, and the artifact system definitely helps with that!
     That being said, now we have a chance at getting our sets completed this week! Log in between now and next Wed and you have all kinds of treats and bonuses to help find shinies! For instance, all the "draw"'s are going to be 50% off! I've never used the Draw feature before because 1. It's wayyy too stupidly overpriced for just artifacts you can hunt for yourself if you dedicate enough time, and 2. It doesn't seem as fun that way to cheat and have the system give you a shiny instead of putting in any effort yourself and finding them the old fashioned way! I still won't be using this feature, even with the 50% off sale, but it's there for those who can't spare the time for shiny hunting! Also, all artifact tracking vials are 25% off too! That's totally awesome for those who need to do some poison, burning, unstable, twisted artifact hunting! For me, I've always been lucky enough to come across one of these and thus end up with a 5 min buff of being able to find more. Sadly, I always forget that it takes a toll on your health and I've shamefully died a few times while searching for poison or burning shinies! Don't forget to keep an eye on your health while searching for these ones!! :)

     Also, there are going to be new artifact pinatas! Woot, I loved those!!!!! I never got much of a chance to do them during Summerfest because that event happened to be horribly timed for me. I literally spent that weekend moving into my new place and then ended up with no internet for 10 days, so I got kind of screwed over there. Pretty sad about it, but oh goes on I suppose? Hehe. Still, Summerfest and Fae Yule are my fav holidays and I'm kinda bummed I missed it. So I'm so happy that there are going to be more pinatas around Telara for me to break! And there's going to be all new artifact sets to complete too! Interesting ones! Like for example there's the ones depicting the stories of "Kiki Kookoo", a young sleuth who solves strange Telaran mysteries! I don't know much about it yet since I haven't logged in yet, but it sounds almost like a take on Veronica Mars, which I absolutely LOVED watching, so I'm very eager to collect these sets!!!! Maybe a new fanfiction story will spring up from this eh? Oo. Another set is Violet and Pimpernel, which is apparently about two incredibly illusive and hard to find Fae who are talked of as nothing more than children's imagination because they are hardly ever seen. We all know that children see what we sometimes miss though, don't we! And they even have artifact sets for us lore hounds, wootsies! There's one titled "Deep factions of the Planes" which apparently explains that Telara isn't the center of the cosmos. Interesting!!

    Also, there's something called "artifact eyes" you can get to make your eyes glow a creepy eldritch color that matches the artifact color that you completed. Say if you completed a poison artifact set, they glow green, for a twisted they glow purple. If you complete the meta achiev for them all, you get rainbow hued eyes! How neatso is that!!! I want rainbow eyes!!!!!! :)

     And to top it off, there's a special artifact piƱata that only DeadSimon can spawn, with it's own special set of 7 artifact sets. Completing them gives you special rewards like artifact beguiled pets, who have artifacts for eyes! There's an owl among others. To learn more, there's going to be a livestream on Friday with details all about it! So excited because I get to actually see this livestream for once since it's in the am, and I work at 5pm!!!! Usually the time for me for livestream is at 4:30 which really sucks, because I have to leave for work and I end up missing the entire thing. :( But not this month! So far I've watched 2 of them because they decided to change it up a bit this month to see if peeps like this new time better. I can see that the number of people watching the stream dropped, which makes me sad, but I'm so happy it's finally at a time that I can watch since I work night shift!

     Well that's all for now folks! Time to dive into the game and check this new stuff out! So excited for Rae to start collecting these! Happy Rifting!

Dark out

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