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[Off Topic] Fae Yule Event!

Fae Yule
     Before I begin, I wanted to give a heartfelt shout out to all the families that endured the horrific massacre at the Connecticut school Friday morning. That was the most horrible, sacrilegious thing I've ever heard about and I'm pretty sure everyone was in shock to hear about it. And before Christmas too....just disgusting.

     I'm not a big celebrator of Christmas. It's not my thing. In fact, it's not even my religion. I do love all the pretty lights and ribbons though, I admit, and having a pretty decorated tree in your living room is a nice addition to brighten things up. Not to mention you can feel the mood change as it gets closer to Christmas. People start getting more excited, more stressed, more short tempered, more crazy. It's like a big knot of...tension. Good and bad tension. For me, Christmas is a time to look forward to having fun and performing activities with guildies in game. Last year I celebrated Yule Tide with friends in Rift and I also celebrated Winterfest with my good friends and guildies in WoW. We had a lot of fun doing all sorts of unique once a year quests, crafted interesting wardrobe items, and got a bit drunk off the eggnog. Yep, that was my Christmas!

     This year is all about Rift, and I'm happy to say that Fae Yule is back! Now, I'm not sure if this is an actual official holiday for the world of Telara, or if it's just a fun non-canon activity that Trion has given us as a fun side activity. Either way, I love the idea, although I'd really like to know what holidays Telara actually does celebrate. Anyway.

     For Fae Yule, there are 3 phases to the event. The first phase, which is happening for...well I'm not really sure how long it will go on for since when I looked at the date and other info in the world event panel they still had last year's date on it. Doh! So I'm not sure about that. The first phase though, is called "Remembering the Yule Mother". The second phase is "Reclaiming Fae Yule" and the 3rd phase is called "Fae Yule Celebration". I can't wait to do all the stuff for all of them! Oh...I wonder if the tavern will have hot chocolate??

      First Phase: Remembering the Yule Mother=So far, this is the only phase available. When the other phases become unlocked I'll add them to the list below. I've spent the day running around doing the various tasks given to me in Meridian by Grandfather Frost and various other helpers he has working for him. He has us participating in free for all snowball fights, sledding competitions, closing Rifts, and a yearly tradition that involves using candles to help a lost traveler find their way home.
     According to Grandfather Frost, you are to reenact a honored event from times past. The quest says "Long ago, a shy elven hunter would, in the dark of winter, place candles in the forest to light the way for lost travelers. This kind hunter became known as Illuminaria, the Yulemother. It is said, even now that on the darkest of dark winter nights, her spirit shows the way to the lost travelers most in need of her light." Isn't that awesome? A little piece of lore added to the season to give it some Telaran significance. Of course, I still would like to know if I can take it as canon lore! And why do all the holidays revolve around the Fae? I'd like to know that too. Along with lighting candles for travelers and random snowball fights, I also went sledding!
     Wheeeee. It was really fun and I did it like 50 times lol. There's a quest giver in Meridian that tells you to go through the portal behind him. When you do, you end up in Iron Pine Peaks somewhere up in the mountains. There, a woman tells you that if you step on the jump pad she'll boost you to the top of the mountain so you can slide down.
     So I stood on the little stone square and whoosh! Up to the top of the mountain I went. It was pretty fun being boosted through the air like a long distance trampoline. I always love free flying/falling in a game. Not sure why hehe. Than you get a sled leaning against the railing and down you go.
     Thankfully, its fairly easy to control your sled as long as you pay attention to the trees and other things. You have to slide through some banners/gates and also hit snowmen along the way that are for some reason ambushing the place. Although how snowmen can ambush a sledding race is beyond me. It was fun all the same though.
     A few things I haven't gotten to experience yet but will definitely be doing, are the festive themed Instant Adventures, the Fae Yule Rifts, and the festive Whitefall Steppes warfront. It just seems like I never have time to do all the fun stuff I want to do. Even with an entire day off to play Rift, I can't seem to get it all in lol! Rift you outdo yourself with keeping a player busy! *shakes fist at Trion*.
     Another thing I was curious about but haven't gotten to do yet is the extra stuff outside the game. Like the cape deal, and the dimension presents for the Facebook thing. Not sure how that works but I should probably check it out at least! Maybe later tonight! Well that's it for Phase One things so far!

Phase 2: Reclaiming Fae Yule= The second phase started today, December 20th, and it's just as fun as the first phase! As I thought, there's all kinds of new and neat things to do! The first thing I did was check out the new quest givers over in the Fae Yule section of town. I noticed that this is where all the World Event stuff goes, is in this dedicated section of the town. Neat idea! Anyway, I went over there and I noticed that all the Fae Yule decorations were ruined and torn down! Who did that?! I didn't have to wait long to find out. It was Atrophinius. He just keeps cropping up all over the place! First the GSB Chronicle (where I first saw him) than in the Autumn Harvest event, and now here! Cept this time he's in a realllllly bad mood cause apparently Crucia mind controlled all the people who make his mead and he's sober. A sober satyr is not a happy satyr. So he got mad and trashed everything. Tantrums much?
     So in order to make Atro feel better, I had to hunt down a faery selling Fae Wassail in Meridian and pawn some off her so I could give it to Atro and make him drunk. He said that he might feel good enough to restore all the stuff he wrecked if he was drunk again. Well, I gave it to him and it didn't get fixed. Apparently it turned into a daily now. You find him 5 of the Wassail and you get the snowflake rewards. That's okay I spose. I can always use more snowflake currency! The other new quest available now is the one from the yeti that was standing in front of those cool looking reindeer Vaiyuu. I wanted one sooo badly! Well now's my chance. The yeti gave me a quest that told me that his precious Vaiyuu loved a flower called snowbuds (or was it icebuds?) and I had to roam around Meridian collecting them for the mounts. Once I'd gotten enough, I turned it in and squeeee mount time! It was the most easiest mount I've ever achieved in the game! It was awesome!! But also kind of a let down cause I expected a long and complicated quest. But oh well!
     I chose the gray reindeer Vaiyuu cause that one looked the coolest in it's festive armor. I rode it around Meridian, lookin' so fine! Still haven't been to do the festive Rifts or the festive PvP though. Ugh, I work too much! Oh, but I did see a tree spawn in Freemarch that had presents around it and circling faeries and satyrs. There were presents under the tree that were clickable and I got some interesting buffs and snowflakes. Nothing more than that though, I'm afraid. Oh well, it was fun to see anyway.
     I did go to the Facebook page (after I created a Facebook account) and like Rift. I would have liked it anyway if I'd had any desire to go on Facebook...and than I went to the presents tab and got my present pile! Woot so happy! My sister also just bought SL earlier this evening, so I'm hoping that that counts as an Ascend a Friend buying SL, which means I'd get that neat cape! But I haven't got it yet and I got the other stuff...hmm I'll to read it again more carefully see what it says. I hate restrictions that aren't obvious!

Phase 3=Celebrating Fae Yule: Celebrate and exchange gifts! This seems to be what this phase is all about. The new quests involved delivering gifts to various random types around Telara. There were also random gifts laying around Meridian that if you clicked on them you got a snowflake and/or a buff. I clicked on a present lying in the center of Meridian and got turned into a reindeer! So cute! I did get into a few of the Whitefall warfronts, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun! Apparently you have to get presents from a tree in the middle of the battlefield and take it back to your own faction's tree. The first faction to gather 3 presents wins. There was also random side things going on too. Like for instance, I'm not sure how you get it started, but someone becomes a werewolf in a Santa hat, called Santa Claws. If you kill that person, than you become Santa Claws. Gets you a fair amount of achievements for doing it too. There was also another one with a satyr. You can pass it on to another person too, you don't have to die for that one to go away. I think that achievement was called "You shouldn't really, you shouldn't!" Or something similar. Oh, I also finally got the neat winter cape when my sister bought SL. There was just a few days delay is all. I didn't mind! Me and my sister both got capes for all our characters, it was super exciting! They looked really nice too. I spent time doing the dailies and gathering up snowflakes. I still need so many *cry* and I'm afraid it's almost over now! When the 3rd phase started I actually ended up really sick with a fever and everything and spent all my time in bed. From Friday until Tuesday morning I just mopped around my apt and slept and took drugs. I tried going to work but I felt so awful I just couldn't! So I missed out on some good opportunities to get some more flakes. I want so many more things yet before the Winter stuff goes away for the year! Waaaaa!
     I really liked the dimension winter themed stuff. There was a village just outside of Meridian that I stumbled across, run by boglings and Greatfather Frost. There was a dimension vendor there, but all the items were so expensive!! I bought what I could though. I had this idea for a frozen wasteland themed dimension, just for funsies. Perhaps for Night's dimension, (My RP main) since she's such a hard hearted Kelari. But now I'm afraid I won't get everything I need before it all goes away. Alas...I suppose I'll have to wait till next year.

     Well that's it for the Fae Yule event. Long enough post eh? I had to keep adding on as the other phases were introduced so I could give an accurate description! Hehe. I really enjoyed it, and I loved that it extended on past xmas. Perhaps that means that the Telaran new year is a bit different than Earth's new year? I shall have to investigate that! I look forward to more Fae Yule next year!

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