Friday, February 28, 2014

[Books and Artifacts] VIII: March Warden Denegar

     This book is a brief look at the March Warden currently in command of Freemarch during the Shade War and the disasters that followed:

"...I have been elected the forty-third March Warden of the Freemarch.
It will be my duty until my death to see that our people have food in their bellies, shields from the evil that threaten them, and a fulfilled promise of liberty. Our people facea strange time.
We have always been loyal to members of the Mathos Empire, even though the Freemarch became a part of the Empire with the promose that we would maintain the self-ruling of which we are so proud.
But in the wake of the disaster the Shade has wrecked upon our lands, we find ourselves once again completely free of influence. The tattered remains of the empire are held together by the valiant Zareph, but it is all he can do to keep the forces of the planes at bay. We must once again see to our own future. It is a task I believe we are prepared to face, however, and I am honored to be at the helm of it."
An artifact set you can complete also has some relevance here. It is called "Icons of the March Wardens". The description reads "The March Wardens of Freemarch adopted an icon to represent their period of authority over the March." There is a list of items:

  • Gold Eye
  • Geometric Sun
  • Bound Hammers
  • Gold Drake
  • Winged Helm
  • Twin Lion
I would assume, since it is the last on the list, that the Twin Lion is March Warden Denegar's insignia, but I have no way of knowing of course.  
References: This is a direct quote from the in game book that can be collected in Rift about the leader of the March Wardens. You can add the book to your collection by completing the artifact set "Journal of March Warden Denegar", which requires the collection of several pages that you can find randomly spread around Freemarch. When you finish the artifact set and turn it in, you are rewarded with the book, which you can than find in your book tab in the character window, along with all the other books you find in your adventures! 

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