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[Chapter Summary]: Silverwood

 Silverwood's Storyline
Wow, another chapter down! We're moving right along here, and I'm excited to finally get out in the world. A few things were hard to write in this chapter. The main thing was writing the Realm of the Fae dungeon. I couldn't decide if I wanted to include it into the story, make it into a side story, or just ignore it and then add a lore/gameplay blurb on it later on. Eventually, I went with making it into a special side story. I'll be doing the same for all the cult saga quests, and then giving each one it's own unique lore page after the chapter is finished. For the cult sagas though they are very long and each chapter of the quest list is given at different levels so I don't know exactly how I'm going to swing that one, but the lore and story behind it is just too much to ignore!
     I'm trying to keep Rae consistent as I go along, but she's so hard to write hehe. She seems to have a will of her own when it comes to interacting with others. And she's a bit sarcastic no? It makes her a bit fun to write, but also challenging! As always, below you can find the links to all the lore and story pages that were included under the Silverwood heading. Only those that relate to Rae are listed here. The lore and story pages that involve Kara are going to be on her own chapter summary page. I'm trying to keep as two separate stories with their own backgrounds. It's a pain, but fun too.
     If you'll notice, Rae got an update on what she looks like halfway through this chapter. I really liked the idea of her having green armor and a cloak, it made her look more foresty and elfish. As she get's more experienced (aka gains levels) the armor will change and be upgraded and different, thus the pictures will look different with her in it. :) Also, I'm skipping over most of the fights, since it's mainly just the same thing, slash and stab. Every once in a while, especially on the big fights, I'll give a detailed explanation, but other then that, it's all the same and meh, who wants to just keep reading the same thing over and over?
Chapter Two Archives:                                                        Chapter Two Story List:
 Archive I: The Vigil                                                    2.0: Into the Future!
Archive II: Fall of Port Scion                                        2.1: Battle On the Bridge
Archive III: The Guardians                                           2.2: The Holy Forest
Archive IV: Shyla Starhearth                                       2.3: Carrying the Light
Archive V: Bladedancer Soul                                           2.4: Message Delivery!
Archive VI: Quicksilver College                                      2.5: Investigating Quicksilver
Archive VII: History of the High Elves                            2.6: Spiders and Trip to the March
Archive VIII: Boglings                                                  2.7: Swamp Thing
Archive IX: Assassin Soul                                             2.8: The Aelfwar Problem
Archive X: Tavril                                                           2.9: Ties to Greenscale
Archive XI: UI Setup and Addons                                     2.10: City of Sanctum
Archive XII: Zareph Mathos                                          2.11: Wood of Silverwood
Archive XIII: The Fae                                                   2.12: Visions of Shyla Danced In My Head
Archive XIV: The High Elves                                         2.13: Among the Hedges
Archive XV: Realm of the Fae                                        2.14: The Mirror of Ages
Archive XVI: The Aelfwar                                              2.15: Scotty's Empowerment
Archive XVII: Goblin Titles and Aliases                            2.16: Tokens of a Dragon
Archive XVIII: Greenscale                                             2.17: Assault on Overwatch Keep
Archive XIX: Tactician Soul                                           2.18: Kongeegon
Archive XX: Sanctum                                                    2.19: Be The Hero
Archive XXI: Silverwood                                                                    
Side Stories:
Extras List:
The Story Thus Far:
     Raeslyn ends up 20 years in the future after witnessing the dire warnings of the Vigil. She does what she can to help the folks of Silverwood who are in trouble. She does this mostly because she loves her home and she doesn't want to see the creatures in it suffer more than a sense of duty to the Guardians, who are a relatively new faction of diverse individuals. She has joined these Guardians by default because of her Ascended status, but she sticks to her own beliefs and follows Tavril's view more than the entire Vigil as a whole. Raeslyn encounters many enemies attacking Silverwood, the most disturbing being her beloved Prince Hylas. She also finds out about a troubling invasion by the Fae from the Plane of Life. It seems that both Greenscale and Maelforge have made a move to take Silverwood for their own. She also learns that Silverwood has become the main focal point for the Gaurdians' efforts in repelling the invaders from the Planes and the various cults that seek to destroy Telara. She also has to contend with multiple goblin hoards.
     Raeslyn is successful in stopping the evil that has invaded her wood, but she has experienced death for the first time since her resurrection and is thankful that she doesn't remember it and that it apparently wasn't painful after the initial dying (which was very painful!). She's found several troubling discoveries along the way, including the fact that there seems to be something sinister stirring in the dark forest of Gloamwood through the mountains and that Hylas seems to have gone completely over to the Blood Storm. Was he tricked into it, or did he join happily with no looking back? She will have to find this out, as well as many other alarming things as she continues to travel Telara in her quest to keep it safe and take it back from the creatures of the planes.
For the list of quests I'd like to note that those with 2 **stars at the end of the name are CARNAGE quests. The ones with 1 *star are Cult Saga quests. There are a few quests that I'm not sure the co-ordinates of the objects, or what NPC gave the quest. All quests are given exactly in order of how I received them when I went methodically through the zone. All drop or clickable quests are located in the same area as the other quests listed! If you have questions leave me a message!
Zone Details:
  • Mob Types
    • Humanoid
    • Beast
    • Demihuman
    • Fae
    • Planar
  • Total Time Spent in Zone
    • 5-6 days approximately, I can't remember. There was SOOOO much to explore and check out that I spent so long there just doing that.
  • Level Upon Leaving Zong
    • 24- This was after I'd done the cult saga quests that were available to me as well as one run through of Realm of the Fae.
  • Extensive List of All Quests in Zone (as far as I can tell)
    • The Return- Messenger of the Vigil
    • Wanton Flame-Orin Bancroft
    • Divine Inspiration-Sir Andrin Kahn
    • The Art of Soul Binding- Ethain Melankis
    • The Planar Porticum- Ethain Melankis
    • Guardian of Ways and Means- Berthold Stronn
    • Minions of Maelforge-Flameweaver Totem-drop from Flameweaver Goblins (6259, 3329)
    • Introduction: Dimensions- Automatic quest gained at lvl 8
    • Introduction: Instant Adventure- Automatic quest gained at lvl 10
    • Introduction: Mentoring- Automatic quest gained at lvl 15
    • Ghastly Tinder- Extinguished Wanton Tinder- clickable item
    • Offworld Woes- Guardian Sigil- drop from Wanton Destroyers**
    • Out of the Hands of Evil- Corrupted Reliquary- clickable item
    • Recovered Notes- Scattered Stones- clickable item
    • Carrying the Light- Carwin Mathos
    • Singed Hives- Rudi Tanlop
    • A Tear in Telara- Dame Veira Connal
    • Agitated Wildlife- Flamebound Dust- drop from Vespid Hives**
    • Seek Out Argent Glade- Rudi Tanlop
    • Shrines of Tavril- Colten Feddel
    • Your First Fishing Pole- Molly Graysby
    • How to Catch a Fish- Molly Graysby
    • On the Verge- Goblin Head- drop from Goblin Scouts**
    • Immolation Avenged- Colten Feddel
    • Brougan Grote- Colten Feddel
    • Theoretical Absolution- Brougan Grote
    • Minions of Maelforge- Goblin Torch- drop from fire planar demons
    • Border Town- Bronze Beacon- clickable item
    • Midterm Mayhem- Alan Paton
    • Big Brother Hazer- Murbo Malm
    • Barrel Full of Goblins- Destroyed Barrel- clickable item
    • Required Reading- Misplaced Tome- clickable item
    • Trial of the Elements- Murbo Malm
    • Teacher's Pet- Thelliam Bedstraw
    • March Out to the March- Murbo Malm
    • Bug Off- Thelliam Bedstraw
    • The Perfect Specimen- Nora Glen
    • Anti-Intelligence Report- Furias Talwin
    • Saving the Spirit Guide- Thomas Penthas
    • Stolen Implements- Professor Nora Glen's Journal- clickable item
    • Ritual Reappropriation- Ritual Brazier- clickable item
    • The Altar of Reflection- Thomas Penthas
    • Dirty Stinking Marsh- Kelnin Malm
    • Further Exploration- Thomas Penthas
    • Beast of Burden- Barkeep Davek Anders
    • Thorn in the Side- Isilwyn Alra
    • Shipwrecked Guardians- Blair Rheese
    • The Aelfwar Threat- Faetouched Shard- drop from Aelfwar Scouts
    • The Priestess of Sanctum Watch- Isilwyn Alrai
    • High Priestess of the Vigil- Maris Telluria
    • Twisted Horticulture- Maris Telluria
    • A Secret Pact- Ramis Twistroot
    • A Breath From Beyond (Daily)- Darien Shale
    • The Holy City of Sanctum- Rhamm Dragonbane
    • The Caretakers (PvP)- Rhamm Dragonbane
    • The Abbots of Sanctum- Lila Medows
    • Secrets and Artifacts- Teldre
    • Thontic's Blessing- Cabalist Elsu
    • Source and Knowledge (PvP)- Rhamm Dragonbane
    • Mischief Unmakers- Dead Faerie- clickable item (6895, 2988)
    • Clearing the Forest- Imbued Sliver- clickable item (6801, 3147)
    • Fateful Vision- Maris Telluria (Saga of the Endless starts here)
    • The Mind's Eye- Dalin Erst (Cult Saga Quest Pre Requisite)*
    • Feeding the Mind- Dalin Erst *(Cult Saga Quest Pre Requisite)*
    • Tonic of Meditation- Dalin Erst *(Cult Saga Quest Pre Requisite)*
    • Lost in Solitude- Maris Telluria (Cult Saga Quest Pre Requisite)*
    • Vision of Danger- Spirit Guide (Cult Saga Quest Pre Requisite)*
    • The Prince's Betrayel- Maris Telluria
    • Lord of the Fae- Tristan Alecourt
    • Fae Invaders-kill Fae**
    • Shining Pests- Mila Darina
    • Rescuing Foresters-Forester Body- clickable item (6682, 2764)
    • Black Eyes and Bloody Claws**
    • Scouts on the Ridge**
    • Delivering the Hostage-Eukar Heln<Maddened Forester>
    • Back to Argent Glade- Tristan Alecourt
    • Twisted Truth Revealed- Guardian Skeleton- clickable item (6118, 2795)
    • Top Shelf Retrieval- Wine Crate-clickable item (6176, 2851)
    • Ask the Elders- Cerys Amare
    • Fall of the Aelfwar- Broken Altar- clickable item (5810, 2826)
    • Beckoning of the Blessing- Spirit Guide
    • Hope and Fear- Spirit Guide
    • Researching the Wretched Weeds- Cerys Amare
    • Professor for a Reason- Cerys Amare
    • The Snarebrush Talon- Professor Thellium Bedstraw
    • Skull and Bones- Fiona Lechtum
    • Hazers to Hazees- Murbo Malm
    • Crash Course In Blood Magic- Wanton Ritual Stone-clickable item (5918, 2637)
    • Rusty War Machines- Gutter's Plans- drop from Gutter the goblin
    • Power of the Vigil- Sacred Mark- clickable purple item (6017, 2742)
    • The Power of Life- Professor Thellium Bedstraw
    • Severing the Tether- Jerome Drift
    • The Angered Wood- kill Treants**
    • Unruly Faerfolk- kill Fae at Wayward Thicket**
    • Highlands Research-Remun Smorkor<Archeologist>-sends you to Moonshade Highlands
    • Your First Minion: Tutorial quest- Cheque Gui<Fanatic of the Ascended>
    • Elder of the Grove-kill Aldern (large wandering Treant) **
    • Dailies Given in Quicksilver College (gives you Quicksilver Scholars rep)
      • Ending the Mischief
      • Practical Application
      • Historical Recovery
      • Out in the Field
      • Raw Materials
    • Aelfwar Monstrosities- kill Aelfwar **
    • For Security's Sake**
    • To Understand One's Foe- Faetouched Vine- clickable item (6169, 2615)
    • The Overwatch Beckons- Professor Bedstraw
    • Overwatch Infiltration-Brougan Grote
    • A Violent Peace Offering- Loras Tivan
    • Rememberance of Things Past- Elven Artifact- clickable item (6312, 3138)
    • Kill Marshal Fianna- White Robed Mage target**
    • Marshal Ebur-Male Elf On Balcony**
    • Tete-a-tete- Vigoth Phar
    • The Vigil's Shield- Nialls Adnar
    • Remember the Chosen-Ancient Idol- clickable item (6580, 3104)
    • Clouded Contemplation- Zealot's Ring- drop from Greenscale Zealot (green robes)
    • Servants of Twyl- High Elf Scroll- drop from Defenders of Twyl (satyrs)
    • Kongeegon, the Glory of the Aelfwar- Spirit Guide
    • Dormant Power- Nialls Adnar
    • An Age of Darkness- Brougan Grote
    • The Deepening Threat- Tam Daggerborn (Realm of the Fae Dungeon quest)
    • A Dire Demise - Kill Kelgnaw**
    • The Source of Spiders-talk to Varian Lofte in Silkweb Pass (Gloamwood)
    • Predatory Panfish- Kill 8 Razormaw Fish (7291, 3018)
    • The Saga of The Aelfwar Chain Part 1 (Req. lvl 20):
      • The Meaning of Danger- Cardinal Fiach
      • Profane Priests- Cardinal Fiach
      • The Care and Imprisonment of Changelings- Cardinal Fiach
      • The Changeling Revealed
      • A Snake In Sanctum
        • The Coup- (dungeon quest: RoTF)
        • The Beastmaster- (dungeon quest: RoTF)
        • The Taking of Overwatch Keep
      • The Green Lady
        • The Crown Of Twyl
      • Hylas Aelfwar, Apostate, Outlaw
  • Locations of Note (With co-ordinates):
    • Peculiar Chest (7167, 3181)- holds item <Marauder's Bow of the Merciless> lvl 10
    • Laura <Bogling Merchant> (6618, 2627)- sells random things, plus some armor
    • "Puzzled At The Top Of The World" - Silverwood's Puzzle (6415, 3154)
      • To complete this puzzle, click on the plaque that sparkles on the wall behind Nialls Adnar. Once you've appeared on the rooftop, move to the right and click the first sparkling mark on the wall. Do this consistently until you reach the top spire of the tower. You need to keep moving to the right...this took me a while to figure lol!
    • "Cairn Do" - Cairn of Miron Sternhammer (6344, 2318)
      • This is a hump of stones located waaaaaay up high in the mountains on the border of Moonshade. Climb up there, explore, have fun!
    • "A High Point" - Right beside the Cairn from above (6331, 2311)
      • If you keep going past these two things and follow the mountain spine, you'll come across some interesting Defiant magitech devices and a gigantic weapon that the Guardians are attacking at (6168, 2364)
    • "Spelunking In Silverwood" - locate 4 caves spread around Silverwood
      • TongueChewer's Cave (6353, 3139)
      • Gutter's Cave (5883, 2604)
      • Spider Cave (6182, 3112)
      • Satyr's Cave (6443, 3195)
    • "So Much Fun I Did It Once" - Silverwood's Jump Achievement (7276, 3054)
      • Rewards title "Base Jumper"
      • This is tricky if you are Defiant by the way...
    • Other Titles/Achievements
      • "Meditating in Sanctum"- Explore all of Sanctum
        • Gives title "Of Sanctum"
      • "Silverwood Campaigner"- Complete all 13 achievements listed (including the artifact ones)
        • Gives title "Tavril's Champion"
      • "Unstable Silverwood"- Complete the list of Unstable Silverwood artifact sets
        • Gives title "Silverwood Stabilizer"
      • "Freshman Orientation"
        • Complete all of Scotty's quests leading up to "Hazers to Hazees"
      • "House Aelfwar Shall Fall"
        • Kill 150 Aelfwar in Silverwood (doesn't matter which)
      • "The Felling of Kongeegon"
        • Kill Kongeegon by completing the Overwatch Keep quests
      • "A Silver Lining"
        • Complete 100 quests in the zone of Silverwood
      • "Silverwoodsman"
        • Explore Silverwood
  • List of Rares (You only need 4 for the achievement):
    • Vengeful Spirit- (6350, 2650) - This creature spawns out of a clickable grave marker
    • Marlrog- (6812, 3200)
    • Pandora<Captain of the Anathema>- (7107, 3476) -located on a tiny island NE of Silver Landing. The island next to the one labeled "shipwreck" on the map. 
    • Werewolf- (5790, 2735) - He walks around in a line near here, just look for mist
    • Brod- (6445, 2921)
    • Mok- (7117, 3223)
    • Pentheus- (6585, 2585)
  • Profession Materials In Silverwood:
    • Ashwood log
    • Yew Log
    • Grieveblossom
    • Coastal Glory
    • Creeperbrush
    • Copper Node
    • Burlap Cloth
    • Cotton Cloth
    • Lean Bacon
    • Lean Steak
  • Other:
    • Puzzling Box-lootable chest underwater (7064, 3505)
    • Sanctum has clickable shrines, one for each Vigil god, that boosts your stats for 30 minutes. I can only confirm Thedeor as giving strength and dexterity.
Map of the Zone:
My Opinion of the Zone:
     I really liked Silverwood. It's so breathtakingly beautiful in spots, that you just can't help but stop and pose for a screenshot. There are many great mountain peaks to look out from, lots of trees to sit in or hide amongst, and the lore about the Aelfwar and Hylas is pretty neat too. Hylas and Shyla are two of my favorites in Rift so I liked reading about their past and how they fell apart and there's lots of lore on them and on the High Elves in general. The Rifts aren't as bad here either because there's always plenty of players in and out of the zone. Since they changed up the questing experience and added a few more Porticums into the zone it's been much easier and faster to get from one area to another, and the mobs are also easy enough to handle. There are still a few challenges of course, like the lvl 8 goblin at the beginning for the carnage quest that I can't seem to ever defeat until I'm higher lvl. But I like that they give you challenges or mobs that require teamwork to kill. I give the Silverwood zone a 5/5 as a starting zone for new Guardians fresh out of Mathosia.

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