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[Rogue Soul] V: Nightblade

 The Soul of a Nightblade
The Nightblade Soul plays a part in these purposes:
  •  Huntsman (Ranged DPS)-3pts
  • Nightstalker (Melee DPS)-61pts
  • Veteran Huntsman (Ranged DPS)-3pts *Requires lvl 40*
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*Bonus Mastery: Each point spent in the Nightblade tree increases damage by 1%.
Type of Soul

 A deadly agile rogue who utilizes the planar magic of fire and death to deal our damage wherever they lay their blades. They have the ability to stalk and quickly eliminate their foes before the enemy even knows they are there.
40 pt Talent
Flame Blitz              18 energy       Instant cast
Deals additional fire dmg per combo point to up to 5 enemies. If target is affected by rogue's Fiery Spike, has 20% chance of applying Fiery Spike to all enemies hit.
Legendary Flame Blitz
Deals additional fire dmg up to 5 targets. If the primary target doesn't have 5 stacks of Fiery Spike, 5 stacks are applied to all affected targets. If the primary target does have 5 stacks, dmg is increased by 40%.
61 pt Root Ability
Dark Descent          10 energy      Instant cast
Cooldown: 30sec.   Self buff       No GC
The rogue's next 3 finishers do not consume combo points. Lasts 15 sec.
Legendary Dark Descent
The Rogue's next 6 finishers don't consume combo pts. Lasts 15s. After the effect ends, your finishers refund 5 combo pts. for 15s. While active, your finishers don't consume Emptiness granted by Legendary Dusk Strike.
Main Weapons


Only those who deal in the shadows know the name of Clan Zardonis. For ages the clan's ruthless regime of physical training produced the finest murderers and cutthroats. Their teachings shunned the arcane art as weak and unreliable, but one young upstart proved them wrong.
Acacia was the finest disciple of her generation and mastered the art of the veiled blade at a young age. Yearning for more power, she studied the arcane in secret, experimenting in the shadows and growing more lethal with every passing season. For almost a decade the young woman ruthlessly enforced her clan's will by night and pored over eldritch tomes by the dim light of dawn.
In the winter of the 22nd year, Clan Zardonis took a contract to ruin a family of wealthy Mathosian traders. Such a large endeavor required the clan to dispatch many of its finest killers, Acacia included, on a midnight raid on the trader's compound. The clan didn't realize it's folly until the assault was well under way, for they faced not fat merchants, but the mages of the Abyssal cult and within moments found themselves tightly bound by chains of planar energy. Of course the Abyssal didn't expect a foe with knowledge so similar to their own and were completely unprepared when Acacia slipped from the shadows, cold flame dancing on her daggers. A whirlwind of fire and steel, she moved through the cultists, her blades piercing magical wards and flesh alike. With the spell of binding broken, the assassins of Clan Zardonis were free to exact their revenge and by dawn not a single cultist remained among the living.
Saved from the brink of annihilation, the assassins embraced Acacia's power and made it their own. Over the decades to come, Clan Zardonis flourished, spreading their teachings to a new generation of rogues, who became known as masters of shadow and flame.


Stealth and proficiency with weapons means that a Nightblade quickly and silently from the shadows, while their knowledge of arcane planar magic makes them ideal in dealing out a wide variety of damage.


Since Nightblades rely on the element of surprise and being able to deal quick precise killing blows, they end up in trouble during a lengthy battle. They are more suited to sneak attacks or hit and run tactics.
 References: The lore information and stats provided are all products of Trion and were either taken directly from the game or from Trion's lovely lore page and do not belong to me in any way! The external links to other sites all belong to their respective authors and I had no hand in them!

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