Saturday, June 29, 2013

[Off Topic] UPCOMING 3.0 Livestream reveal!

Live Stream Reveal
     Holy spawn of Regulos! I just got done watching the Live stream that happened just this recently ended Friday (yesterday) and I am totally blown away! I must honestly say, I did NOT see ANY of this coming! Maybe I bury my head in the sand too much with the games I play? Or maybe I'm just so busy with everything else in my life that I don't have time to pay attention to stuff that is not relevant right at the moment...whatever the case is, I'm in shock and incredibly...THRILLED! about what's coming! Seriously, I'm thrilled. So excited. I can't state that enough! I didn't watch the Livestream last night sadly because, honestly, I forgot about it for one thing. And for another, the time it was being broadcasted was the time that I had to leave for work sadly. And I didn't get off work until 11pm my time (I think it's central? Or maybe mountain time?) but oh well, at least they keep it saved so I can view it later!
     While searching for internet pics for my latest lore section, I came across a pic of what looked like a cut away section of water, with "Plane of Water, next expansion" above it and that led me to the Live stream archive! There's SOOOOO much info that they released in this stream, it's insane! So here's my attempt at categorizing it!
Potential new content/info/things to come in Rift:
  • 4 new souls!! A healer rogue (zomg for real?), a tanking mage (ugh, lousy mages always demanding the ability to tank), a healing warrior (that just seems bizarre!) and a support cleric (that one makes the most sense...)
  • Venturing into the Plane of Water! Holy fudge! We actually get to visit one of the Planes! I wonder what that means lorewise...will we venture through a rift? Open a rift of our own? Maybe technology will pave the way? or the gods will show us? Oooooo I can't wait to find out more!
  • More functionality for pets?! Oh wow, that sounds neat! I just hope that it doesn't turn out like WoW's version of Pok√©mon...bleh! But having "familiars" sounds so cool! Especially for mages. I can see all kinds of RP potential for that!
  • More zones, dungeons, quests, mobs! Oo, my most favorite part about new content is all the new and fun things to explore! This also breeds more unique shinies, puzzles, armor, achievements, titles, pets, etc etc! Ooo goody!
  • Fishing crafting Rifts! Not sure how I feel about that! Although it does fit nicely into the whole Water theme. It sounds like it could potentially be fun. I just hope it doesn't get daily/grindy. I really hate dailies...
     Interesting extra tidbits to take away from the Livestream: The Plane of Water 3.0 expansion thingy will not just focus on water-themed content! There will be emphasis on dreams, madness, ice, etc.  That seems very promising and I am looking forward to the all kinds of content that could come from that. And one of CaptainCurser's comments about "dream people" was really interesting there before he left. They did mention something about underwater mounts, but I'm not sure if that means it's going to happen or if it was just an acknowledgement of the players desires. And they also mentioned that they will work on making the Plane of Water a fun place and not a place where you're constantly swimming around underwater. Personally, I loathe swimming underwater in Rift and WoW...There was also some random murmurs in the background about fortifications that resemble keeps or citadels? I'm not sure what to take from that because I'm not familiar with that sort of thing and end game stuff. Also, they mentioned something about a new Chronicle that doesn't require 2 people and will be more story/lore ish and less about the stabbity kill stuff. Which sounds awesome. Maybe like the Attunement Chronicle?
     All in all, what an exciting hour of info I just watched. It sounds incredibly promising and fun and I'm glad I decided to stick it out with Trion instead of fold when I heard about their F2P decision. Although I must point out, the livestream was actually quite frustrating to watch because of the trouble hearing the actual information being given. The in game volume was so loud, it was driving me crazy, and all the pointless babble and time wasting was quite annoying as well. Other than that, I'm just pleased to have learned about this!
Thanks Trion, you're amazing and I look forward for more stuff to play with in game!

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