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[Off Topic] BlizzCon!

BlizzCon 2013! 
This is what I'm cosplaying! I will be the Druid on the left,
the one in blue!
     Woot, I know this has nothing to do with Rift or my RP journal, but ya know what, it's my blog and I'll write about what I'm passionate about! And I definitely am excited about BlizzCon. I only play WoW every so often with my sister, but I still hold a dear place in my heart for my very first MMORPG. And I've been wanting to go to BlizzCon since...well since forever. Or at least, since I first heard about it back in 2007 was it? Sheesh that's a long time. But I've never had the chance to go before. At first, I didn't know much of anything about it. Than, after researching, I realized it was major expensive and almost impossible to attend, due to being thousands of miles away (but at least not across seas like some). College, than loan repayment got the best of me, despite my determination to visit BlizzCon at least once. In 2011 when I moved to BC, I was finally able to fix my work and my monthly cost to where I could actually SAVE money each month, instead of scraping the bottom of the piggy bank (I literally did that in past years, even stealing coins from my US special coin collection book). Unfortunately, the timing was a bit sketchy and I decided I wouldn't be able to find the time to go, sadly. I was quite disappointed, but I actually was able to buy the online version this time! I don't have a TV, but I bought the streaming version and took 2 days off work so I could get my Blizz addiction sated.
A pic I took on my phone of my crafted
shoulder armor. I'm so proud of it!
     Immediately after watching the online version, which in 2011 announced Pandaland expansion, I had a moment of disbelief and disappointment. (Come on what WoW fan wouldn't!? Pandas?!) So for a while I waffled on the idea of going next year. If this was the direction Blizz was going, did I really want to spend all the money I would have to spend just to go see more pandas? I had to be honest, I wasn't that happy with WoW. That's how I was introduced to Rift actually. My boyfriend suggested it as a change of pace after my massive disappointment with Blizzard. And than, a few months later, when I finally decided I still wanted to experience the thrill that was BlizzCon, I was met with a different disappointment when I read the announcement that BlizzCon 2012 was cancelled and they were travelling overseas instead. *le sigh* I was kinda sad, but I was crossing my fingers and hoping for BlizzCon 2013. There was no word on it all through 2012 unfortunately, but I still carried out my plans as if there were going to be one in 2013. So I very carefully saved up and watched my money. I also decided I wanted to cosplay my favorite and most beloved character, my night elf druid, Verhysa. So I began drawing plans for the armor and gathering supplies that I'd need. (Just picture feathers...lots and lots of feathers....) Near the end of 2012, I think in December or something, they finally confirmed a BlizzCon 2013. I was so incredibly excited! By this time my plans were beginning to come together.
     My sister was just as excited as I was once I'd gotten her addicted to WoW and she was quite eager to go. So we decided we'd go and get a hotel together, along with my boyfriend. Splitting the cost 3 ways was a whole lot cheaper than paying for the whole trip myself! Plus, we have no problem driving and mapping the route out gave us confidence that we could drive straight there alternating drivers. We had the plans set, the fine details pinpointed, the cost down, the costume on the way. The only thing we didn't have was information about the actual specific event. Like dates, ticket costs, intros, goodies, etc. I looked for weeks, keeping a sharp eye out for any information on the subject.
     Finally on February 19th, there was an announcement of the date! That's mostly why I decided to make a post about BlizzCon! I was so incredibly hyper-excited about finally knowing the date for the con. Call me a nerd, but I was almost jumping up and down. I know it's going to be a fun and awesome trip and I already have plans to meet up with a few WoW AND Rift friends in LA. It's gonna be a blast!
     BlizzCon was announced to "storm Anaheim on Nov 8th and 9th, of 2013!" Immediately after I found this out, I started calculating costs and other minor details. The Blizz site had a handy link to a list of hotels that would offer discounts to con goers and after I talked with my sister and boyfriend, we decided on the amount of days we'd stay and at what hotel! I than booked our rooms and set about seeing what that would cost all 3 of us, along with gas and snacks on the way. Than they announced the ticket sales dates and the prices. I was so shocked at how early the sale was going on for! From what I've read, it usually happens in May or June, and this year it was in April! The 24th and 27th to be specific! Me and my sister both signed in on our separate computers at each of our houses and put on speaker fone so we could talk to each other through the line up and things! Because we both panicked at the beginning and hit "buy ticket" before hitting the amount we needed, we both had to back up and try again lol! And then she got in before me at 1k in line and I was 3k in line so we decided that she would buy the tickets. But than she found out she bought the wrong amount! Instead of the 3 tickets we needed, she bought 4! So right after we finalized payments (didn't realize till later that you can change ticket amount at the checkout screen, doh!) I went on Facebook and announced that we had an extra ticket for those interested. Got quite a few responses, and one lucky guy from Illinois ended up with the ticket! He turned out to be quite an awesome character and we invited him to share the hotel room with us as well since he hadn't made any plans of his own in that department. After that was all figured out, it was pretty awesome. My sister and I were ecstatic and we still can't contain our excitement about going! This will be our very first time and I hope everything goes perfectly!!! I can't wait!

The helmet of my costume. What a pain!
    About the costume: I'm nearly done, woot! It's so exhausting having to work on it day after day, especially when I work up to 13 hours every day, with only 1 day off! Usually I'm up till 2-4 in the morning trying to complete my costume. I've got the helmet 99% done, just needs the backing added! The 1 shoulder is 95% done, just needs backing and a final touch up paint job. The other shoulder suffered a setback due to a faulty wiring problem. (The fault was all mine due to a lack of resistor on my LED string). I've got the staff about half done, and the dress itself is about half done! I have the hair dye for my hair, have the contact lenses so I don't look nerdy in glasses, and am busy saving up every penny I can get! Here's hoping for a smooth con!

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