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[Chapter Summary]: Mathosia

Mathosia Storyline     

     And here we come to the end of the first of Raeslyn's 'Tales of Telara'. I hope everyone who's read it enjoyed the story thus far, and I am quite proud to have actually kept it up too. I also learned a lot more about Role-play in general, and about Rift lore in particular while writing the blog! Of course, the story is far from over. After all, Rae has only begun her new journeys in Telara, and all them will be witnessed here! This entry is going to serve as a break between chapters, and as an easy to find index of the first chapter, with everything neatly arranged here for ease of access if I want to quickly check back to a particular lore excerpt or chapter piece.

Chapter One Archives:                                                           Chapter One Story list:
     Archive I: Prophecy of the Ascended                                       1.0: Chosen
     Archive II: City Record of Ardenburgh                                    1.1: Stirrings of War  
     Archive III: Ardenburgh Proclamations                                   1.2: Ardenburgh
     Archive IV: Ascended                                                           1.3: Defiant Wars
     Archive V: Cyril Kalmer                                                         1.4: Army of Regulos
     Glossary I: Battle Terms                                                        1.5: A Dim Dark Eye
     Archive VI: Coming of the Shade                                             1.6: Shade of Regulos

Extras List:
The Story Thus Far:
      So, Raeslyn has been resurrected from death by the messengers of the Vigil, glorious winged beings who are apparently quite powerful. She awakens in the Sanctuary of Rebirth, shocked and confused to find herself alive again. According to the messengers and the other devout followers of the Vigil, Raeslyn, along with other Ascended, have been chosen to help fight back against the tyrant Aedraxis after being heroically slain. She has been given unparalleled powers, blessed to be the Vigil's chosen warrior in the fight against the Planes and the Blood Storm and the various other corruptions and evils in Telara. Raeslyn is sent out on a mission to help the beleaguered defenders of Mathosia fight off Aedraxis's undead minions and to prevent him from bringing untold evil and peril into the world by opening a death rift. Along the way she meets Shyla Starhearth, the High Priestess of the High Elves and an Ascended as well, and Borrin Gammult, a Dwarf from Lord's Hall. She learns that the Dwarves no longer have a home to return to and that most of them died in battle against Aedraxis. Borrin was also resurrected as an Ascended, along with Cyril Kalmer, a prominent and heroic figure from the Mathosian kingdom. He loyally fights by the side of Prince Zareph. There are various other notable figures that Raeslyn has the fortune to meet along her quest to destroy Aedraxis and his evil minions. One of these figures is Carwin Mathos, who unfortunately loses his life when Raeslyn arrives too late to stop Aedraxis from opening the death rift. Aedraxis is able to sunder the Ward, thus allowing the rift through, bringing with it foul, planar death magic. To give himself the ability to defeat the array of Ascended who have arrived to challenge him, Aedraxis calls upon Regulos the Destroyer to take his body as an avatar. Regulos quickly possesses the body and kills poor Carwin Mathos, and than attacks the rest of the group. Eventually, working together, Raeslyn, along with Shyla, Borrin and Cyril, are able to defeat the monster and close the rift. In order to prevent Regulos's spirit from finding a new host and a new way back onto Telara, Raeslyn took a mighty hammer and shattered the Shade of Regulos into dozens of pieces. Shortly after this, Raeslyn was suddenly pulled from Telara and brought somewhere else, where she was given a warning and a message by the Vigil...or was it the messenger speaking again? She isn't sure. Because of this message, Raeslyn now knows that the world of Telara is forever changed by the events she just witnessed. The Blood Storm will awaken, all that the newly created Guardians stood for will crumble, and darkness will sweep the land. She knows that she has to do what she can to prevent this from happening. Something to note is the fact that Raeslyn doesn't know where the broken shards of Regulos end up. If only she'd thought about that, or remembered it...

There's also some really interesting cameos by important characters to the story of Telara in the Mathosia zone! Here's a list of the ones I found.
  1. Asha Catari-her body is found at the co-ordinates I listed below. It's cool that Trion kept the lore and included her body after she had fallen when she went to warn her lover Zareph about Aedraxis's treachery.
  2. Alsbeth Rothmann-you can find her standing innocently enough in Valor Hold, dressed in noble's robes. She looks "normal" and not like a death-infused cultist leader, so this must be before she completely went dark side, but I would imagine she had been heading down that path for some time. She may even be a plant here, just following the Guardians like a good little girl and waiting for her moment to strike. That moment ended up being Port Scion, sadly.
  3. Stanig Malm-Scotty's father is also seen! I loved that storyline in Moonshade Highlands and it's cool to see him alive, as he's only a ghost when you encounter him later in present day Telara. I would suppose that after he participated in the war effort against Aedraxis and the Ascended were swept up by the Vigil's prophecy, he ventured back to Moonshade to try and reclaim Hammerknell back from the Abyssal and met his death there. Poor Scotty had only been a mere babe at the time and didn't remember any of this, and his uncle never mentioned specific details about his father, only grand bedtime stories of heroism.
  4. Brother Jebiah-this fanatic of the Vigil seems to be everywhere in Rift. You can find in the alternate Defiant future at the end of the world, imprisoned by the Defiant and spouting nasty threats about the "heretics", saying the Defiant needed to repent and kill themselves in order for the Vigil to come and save the day and raise up the pious to take back Telara. Ya right, Jebiah, you nutcase. In present Telara, he can be found in various zones, usually with some right wing quest or comment. Still, it seems he's much calmer in present Telara. Of course, the end of the world always brings out the worst in people.
  5. Major Kain-I'm assuming this is Fredrick Kain, the guy who became famous for taking things just a liiiiiittle too far in his desire to keep the artifact of Regulos out of evil hands. He carried it for too long and got corrupted. But it's interesting to see him here, being normal and human and sane. Kind of feel sorry for the guy, actually. He did mean well.
  6. Orphiel Farwind-He's seen a few times in this zone actually, and it's interesting how he's viewed as a crazed heretical lunatic who's obsessed with technology to the point where he would doom Telara to get it, but at the same time, he's viewed at the opposite end of the spectrum in the Defiant alt future, so which view is the right one? Both, and neither, I say. I think they specifically made each opposing factions' NPC's specifically "evil" in the opposite zone just to give the players more of a reason to be against the opposite faction. Red vs. Blue thing. I could be totally wrong though, but that's just my guess. I also think that Orphiel knows way more than he lets on, and he's secretly playing with the grand scheme of events from the background in order to make sure Telara follows the path he wants it on. Whether he's doing it for the good of Telara or for his own benefits, or to specifically betray our world to some other, greater threat, we don't know yet, but as of the latest expansion: Starfall Prophecy, you're getting lots of interesting info on Orphiel! I won't spoil it though!
  7. There are several others, including famous members of the Icewatch, Dragonslayers Covenant, and other orders that swore to fight the dragon.
**Before I go ahead with details about the tutorial zone, I'd like to post here that when I went through this area, it was quite a long time ago, before all the streamlined changes and tweaks that Trion changed. So of course if you play through this zone today, it will probably be a bit different. Just in case you're confused.**
 Zone Details:
  • Mob Types
    • Humanoid
    • Undead
    • Construct
    • Planar
  • Total Time Spent In Zone
    • 5 hours (I took my time and explored everything)
    • 1-2 hours approx. if you don't want to dally
  • Level Upon Leaving Zone
    • 8 (killed all kinds of things just for fun and got lots of exp.)
  • List of Questgivers
    • Messenger of the Vigil
    • Sanctuary Warden
    • Fayne Daron
    • Orin Bancroft
    • Borrin Gammult
    • Shyla Starhearth
    • Brother Jebiah
    • Tam Daggerborne
    • Cyril Kalmer
    • Marshal Kain
    • Messenger of the Vigil (2)
  • List of Quests
    • Chosen-speak with a messenger of the Vigil
    • Ascended Allies-speak with Fayne Doran
    • Avenging Hand-kill 6 Ashen Defilers
    • Steel Reckoning-collect 4 imbued swords
    • Knight's of Aedraxis-kill corrupted knights in Hallowed Hill
    • Unholy Shackles-destroy 3 morbid infusers
    • Weakened Ward-collect 8 sanctified spheres from Ardenburgh horrors
    • High Elven Inquisition (race specific)- Pray at the altar of Tavril, kill 6 thralls
    • Uncivil War-speak with Brother Jebiah at the gate
    • Sourcestone-collect 3 sourcestone cores
    • Rifts Between Worlds-purge 5 construct corpses
    • Betrayers-kill 5 Defiant traitors and 4 Defiant thaumaturges
    • Brood of Regulos-Place the Warding Orb of the Vigil
    • A Nimble Art (Rogue specific)-Speak with Rovena Karn
    • Fields Run Red-Kill 3 of each deathbound mobs
    • The Pariah-disable Orphiel's corruptor
    • Rightful Owners-Collect 6 Mathosian remains from carrion flayers
    • Gathering Strength-cleanse a shadetouched horse and ride it back
    • Shot in the Back-launch a catapult, killing mobs in the field
    • A Dim Dark Eye-disable the rift pillars and reveal Aedraxis the Tyrant
  • Locations of Note (by co-ordinates):
    • 815, 1009-Rare mob-Road Warden Molnar
    • 815, 1009-Book-Acacia Nysyr: Inquisitor
    • 842, 1095-Book-Niyol Cliffswind: Sentinal
    • 852, 1089-Buff-Remnant of Mariel-Taun: Stamina
    • 872, 990-Asha Catari's Body
    • 888, 1165-Altar-Rare Mob-Shade: drops nice rogue costume
    • 922, 1059- Dead Soldier-Green leather item
    • 925, 921- Book-Acacia Zardonis: Nightblade
    • 931, 1136- Buff-Remnant of Tavril: Spell Crit
    • 931, 1144-Book-The Unholy Blight: Reavers
    • 947, 906- Rare- Gate Keeper Nurtullis-Green shield
    • 975, 902-Book- Vesseslav: Assassin
    • 976, 903-Blocked Barricade-Trapped Citizen: 1gold 4silver
    • 993, 880- Buff- Remnant of Thontic: Wisdom
    • 995, 941- Enemy Weapon Rack: 86silver
    • 1019, 1121- Rare-Frona Lykeria: Green bow
    • 1022, 1147 & 1167, 1058-Workbench with magitech tools. When approached, Orphiel Farwind appears and yells. He leaves behind a letter from Aedraxis.
    • 1022, 1056-Book- Amardis Mathos: Paladin
    • 1068, 1268-Book- City Record of Ardenburgh
    • 1078, 1204- Book- Durnes: Ranger
    • 1078, 1404- Book- Talos Roda: Purifier
    • 1093, 821- Buff- Remnant of Thedeor: Dexterity
    • 1130, 1107- Book- On Neddra the Warlock
    • 1130, 1384- Book- Journal of Zareph Mathos
    • 1158, 1059- Discarded Defiant Junk: 70silver
    • 1180, 1028- Buff- Remnant of Tavril: Spell Crit
    • 1162, 1218- Book- Elementalists: The First Mages
    • 1169, 1191-Book- Vachir Altan: Champion
    • 1173, 1196- Abandoned Crate: 26silver
    • 1216, 1300- Rare mob- Maurice Sullivan
    • 1219, 1236- Book- Phynnious Rothmann: Pyromancer
    • 1239, 1228- Dead Female Villager: Gray item
    • **Note that at least one Soul story book is missing, as pointed out to me by a friend on the Prime server. Necromancer for sure is unaccounted for**
  • Map of the Zone:
My Opinion of the Zone:
     I really enjoyed questing through the Guardian starting zone. Religious fanatics and bloodthirsty warrior types aside, the zone runs rather smoothly and pushes you along at a fast pace. It also gives you a good understanding of where your character stands in Telara, and what role your supposed to play (save the world). It's a pretty small zone, but there's a lot of information and other interesting little oddities packed into it. It wasn't until I had run through the zone and then subsequently deleted my "Raeslyn's" when I didn't like them, to start over again, that I began to notice curious little items and clickable things that I hadn't noticed before! Like those sneaky, out of the way items that belong to the gods and when you click on them, give you a buff. Or the dead bodies that give you an extra bit of silver, or a green item if your lucky! Also, the trapped citizen that you have to save was really cool. And the books will definitely make a huge asset toward creating future lore articles in my blog. All in all, I give the Mathosia tutorial zone a 4/5. I had no problem with it!

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Chapter Two: Silverwood Summary

Extra Screenshots:

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[Off Topic] Patch 1.10

A screenshot from the Rift website, of Defiant and
Guardian working together!
The Calm Before the Storm

     I've had some time to look over the things that came out with patch 1.10 and I figured I'd like to put down my thoughts and opinions on what I've seen so far.

     The night that they implemented the patch, I logged into Rift like usual and got the update button. Woot! While waiting for the update to complete I read the patch notes, and like I'd seen on the forums, we will definitely be seeing some cross faction co-operation. Is that a bad thing? No, of course not! I've never played a game where factions would unify for a common goal and it makes a lot more sense than duking it out simply because of differing views while all around us the world goes to pot. (Of course anyone who knows me knows that my only experience with computer games stems from WoW anyway so that probably doesn't count!)  Doesn't that make more sense? Everyone knows the Dragons are here to destroy all we hold dear and the strife and antagonism going on between the two sides is nothing but petty sandbox disagreements compared to that. I've always thought it was rather silly that we argue and fight over morals and methods when Crucia is plotting our total subjugation. (You know she is....) I just wonder, game mechanic wise, how it's going to work.
     I already know from comments in the guild that I, as a Defiant, can't enter Sanctum, despite faction friendliness, and vice versa. But I guess it's the minds of individuals who have changed, not the faction as a whole. That makes sense. I haven't actually tried for myself yet, mostly due to not having any time to spend playing casually, and a little due to the fact that I'm too scared to get my butt whupped by the "bad guys". When it's all over we will still be Guardians and Defiant, not one unified force. There will always be conflict in Telara and there will always be those on both sides of the fence in that conflict. That's how it is anywhere, in any situation so I guess both sides need to keep their base of operation to themselves. Wouldn't do to let Cyril see Orphiel's tower workshop or let Orphiel see Cyril and Shyla's inner sanctum now would it?

     One thing I found kind of glaring and distracting, as well as a bit glitchy, is the little faction symbol icons in the guild roster. When you look at the guild roster of the guild, all Defiant characters have an overly large red Defiant seal next to their name on the left hand side. All Guardian characters have the Guardian symbol next to their name. It's a good concept, I can see where it could come in handy in telling the difference between your Defiant and Guardian guildies, but it's rather outrageously large, those symbols. I hope they can skim them down to size, they don't need to be so big. After all if we are a close guild who treats our guildies with familiarity and friendliness, we should know for ourselves which faction we belong to. And isn't the whole point to blur the lines? Than why glaringly point out which faction each one is from?

     Oh, one other thing I wanted to mention was Trion's sales of Storm Legion. They have a billion different ways to buy it and get cool things. For one thing, you can buy a years worth of Rift and get SL as a bonus reward added on. With this comes that strange looking Landslide mount that everyone and their dog has as well as a title...Stormbringer I think? Than, you can get the Infinity edition, which is like the collectors edition. This comes with a strange pink, ground skimming mount with strange reptile like wings (that's actually pretty cool looking), your own personal porticum gate and a rather creepy and disproportionate little baby Regulos mini pet. I know, I can call him "Lil Reggie"....But it does seem like a pretty neat deal! Unfortunately it is rather pricey. I'll have to wait till I can afford it sadly. On top of that, if you pre-order just SL, there are a few different places you can pre-order it from and get an extra neat reward: A beautifully designed cape. Each cape is unique and very visually pleasing! I already know a few that would look good on several characters. Too bad I can't afford to buy all those editions just for the capes. Depending on which major outlet you buy it from, you get that unique cape design. I'm not sure if it goes to all characters or only just one, or if it is a costume item, BoA item, or what. I don't know at this point. All I know is darn it, I want all of them!! I hope they put them up in their little shop they have going. Which reminds me of the next thing...
     Trion also added a shopping cart to the in-game system bar down at the bottom at the end. From there you can supposedly buy SL, game time, the tiger mount, a name/guild name change, and a lot of other things. In a way I can see how that would be handy, but on the other hand it reminds me a lot of those stupid F2P foreign games that I despise. Why do we need this in the game, seriously? We can just go online and check our accounts. I like that a lot better. When I log into the game, I intend to play it, not buy things. If I wanted that I'd go to the website. I don't like that extra little icon. Grrrr. But of course that's just my 2 cents worth and in the long run, I'm just a pebble among many other bigger rocks. Oh well, it's there, might as well get used to it. Although I'm not sure what key bind it is but all of today I keep accidentally hitting the key that brings up the shop and it's driving me nuts. One of those things I need to get around to is filter through my key binds and modify/remove those that I never use or find inconvenient.

     Some bugs so far on 1.10 are Rogue ranger pets hitting like babies and thus reducing ranger dps by a large chunk. The in game shopping cart won't let you buy anything from it. The vet rewards vendor of the opposite faction are blank, Some characters who were Guardian that joined our Defiant guild had their icon display them as Defiant, despite their being Guardian and sitting in Sanctum. The world event quest won't consistently stay on your screen. Every time I log in, I keep expecting info on the world event on the right side of my screen like normal but it's never there this time around.

     Edit on the bugs: Today there was an update and supposedly it addressed all of these issues. Yay Trion, that is why you get my money! Cause your so amazingly awesome. Also ps....there are a lot of spelling errors on the world event info stuff....
This is one of the lootable games on the Rift mobile App
available to you during the World Event only.

The World Event of 1.10:

     My opinion of the world event was rather reserved at first. I wasn't sure if I was ok with another seasonal event that seemed to mirror WoW's seasonal events so closely. So for the first few days I just ignored it's existence and went about my daily Rift life. Than a guildie asked me to join him in doing world event stuff and I mustered up my courage to see what it was like. Apparently most of the world event stuff happens in the Realm of the Fae. Or the Autumn Harvest realm. In order to get there, you find little mushroom icons on your map. According to my guildie they disappear after a time so you need to be quick getting to one.

     Otherwise you have to run across the zone again to get to another one. They are called Faerie Rings, which totally tickles my RP/Lore fancy! I love getting more into the Fae lore. They have always been my favorite fantasy race, of all creatures/races of fantasy creatures ever. And the Fae in Rift are so cute. The satyrs are always amusing, and the little faerie tricksters so silly! I love the butterfly faerie too! (random side tangent: I almost wish they had kept cleric Fae pets the same...I rather liked my fae with the overly large butterfly wings!)

     There are a buncha daily quests, and one quest that persists throughout. That quest is called "Fight for Life". To complete it you need 15 Autumn Harvest Signets. The reward for this quest is one of 4 ghostly mounts. A croc, a raptor bird, a Namjok, and a spider. The actual names of the mounts escapes me at the moment. You only get 1 signet per day apparently, by completing a daily quest given to you by Atrophinius, who is apparently running the show. I only know Atro from doing Greenscale's Blight chronicle earlier on with a guildie. I found him rather hilarious in that chronicle and he's no different in the Realm of the Fae. Standing next to him is always a hoot because of the things he's always ranting about. He's such a cute satyr! But so tall...And here I thought Kelari were tall!
     Other quests for the World Event include helping Atro about the Realm of the Fae with odd tasks, like kicking those little compost shamblers back to their pen (they are constantly getting out ugh!), saving minions from frostjacks (it took quite some time to figure out why I kept getting turned into a snowman..), freeing trapped life forces (rather confused by that one...), and finding Autumn Fungus Caps, which are apparently radioactive green mushrooms that can be found everywhere in Telara. I actually wrote a rather amusing story about my main character's experience in tracking those shrooms. I used to have a link to it, but it seems to have been lost, I'll post a link when I relocate it!

My take on the World Event this time around? I'm rather liking it so far! Of course I've loved all the world events! Yes, even the summer festival one! I love special little events that send me out on tasks!! It's most of the reason I play Rift.

     This event has a lot of interesting things to do around the alternate realm. In addition, I drank one of those autumn eyes potions and lo and behold I suddenly was in shiny heaven. There were like thousands of artifacts ALL OVER!! My shiny senses were going through the roof. I drank all of my potions in rapid succession trying to get my hands on all the shinies I could see. Unfortunately I ran out of potion and inventory space before I was able to collect even half the shinies I wanted. I'll have to go back often and hunt for more!
     And that's it for now!

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[Lore] III: The Coming of the Shade

     After the glorious Eth Empire fell to the Convocation, it was the Mathosia's turn to rise to greatness. For many long and complacent years the line of Mathos ruled with a just and steady hand. But when the old king Jostir Mathos died, his eldest son, who he knew was too ambitious to rule justly, seized the throne while Prince Zareph was away. Aedraxis Mathos was crowned king despite the protests of the people of Mathosia.
    His rule was marked by cruelty, terror, and barbarity. He ruled with an iron fist, imposing martial law on the citizens of Mathosia and demanding heavy and unfair taxes to help fuel his quest for technomancy. Ever since the beginning when the Blood Storm invaded Telara, the gods had demanded that their worshippers give up the art of technomancy, deeming it too dark and unstable for use, as it was technomancy that had alerted the Blood Storm to Telara's presence in the cosmos to begin with.
   Ever loyal, the Mathosians had agreed, banning technomancy from their kingdom and living without it for hundreds of years. When Aedraxis became king, one of his first decrees was to lift the ban on technomancy, urged thusly by his advisor and head scientist, Orphiel Farwind. As Aedraxis focused on his greed for power and the desire to subjugate all under his will, his kingdom fell to ruin and despair.
     The citizens fled; what little survived the slaughter brought upon them by Aedraxis's Endless Court. When his brother Prince Zareph heard of his horrifying reign, he stood his ground, gathering an army of loyal followers. Civil war broke out as the brothers fought for the right to be king. Prince Zareph sent aid to the various other races of the world. The Dwarves, staunch allies of Mathosia for generations, quickly lent their aid, sending out able bodied dwarves from their many delves to help defeat Aedraxis. The High Elves, fearful of losing their ever-dwindling numbers to a pointless war that did not involve them, convened to discuss the matter. When the meeting was over, the Elves had split into two factions, with the main force following Shyla Starhearth to Prince Zareph's aid. For 20 long years the civil war raged.
   Finally Prince Zareph whittled down Aedraxis's army, until the false king was desperate for any kind of aid. He would do anything to hold his kingdom and his position of power-even ally himself with Regulos. Using the powerful magitech devices that his Ethian scientists had devised, he contacted Regulos and was able to severely weaken the Ward. At the final battle, fought under the open skies on Thedeor Field, Aedraxis unleashed a massive Death Rift. The rift blackened the sky and thousands of undead poured out of the rent in the universe.

    Prince Zareph's forces were immediately overrun, slain to a man almost instantly. Moments after the one sided battle had ended, the messengers of the Vigil swooped down onto the field, carrying off fallen heroes. These heroes they breathed life back into, imparting to them the wisdom and strength and power of the gods. The newly resurrected heroes were given the honor of being Ascended, chosen by the Vigil to combat Aedraxis and his endless horde of undead slaves. Thus, the prophecy was fulfilled.

   Fearing the reprisal of the gods, and mad beyond belief, Aedraxis called upon Regulos, beseeching the terrible dragon of death to take his own body as an avatar. Using Aedraxis's body like a puppet, Regulos entered Telara, becoming the Shade and bringing death and despair to all. The Ascended rallied, defeating Regulos's avatar with their newfound God-given powers. The body of Regulos was shattered into a million pieces and scattered around the world, each fragment carried by a prominent leader. After the Shade had been defeated, most of the Ascended had been taken up into the Vigil's own dimension, there to be given a warning of the future, of what fate befell Telara if the Ascended did not stop the dragons before they escaped from their prisons. 
   The entirety of the message took 20 years to complete, and while the Ascended were gone from Telara, the land was vulnerable. Prince Zareph ruled in the Ascended's absence, building a neutral port called Port Scion that he set up deliberately between the Eth and the Mathosians. The southern and northern tribes were at extreme odds with each other due to differing views on faith and magic.
    But the peaceful and prosperous city was betrayed from within by one Alsbeth, a sorcerer and advisor/friend to the Prince. Promising that she could find a way to bolster Port Scion's defenses, Alsbeth asked to see the artifacts in the vault for materials. Zareph agreed and Alsbeth was able to gain access to the Heart of Regulos, a fragment of the shattered avatar that was defeated during the Shade War. Using her knowledge of dark magic and her studies of technomancy, she sent out the defending Ethian centurions on a pointless task, leaving the magitech machines protecting Port Scion open to her corruption. She dismantled the defenses and summoned her lord, Regulos again into the world. A death rift opened up inside Port Scion, killing all it's inhabitants. Lacking Ascended to stop the rising tide of undead, they corrupted and destroyed everything they touched, turning all in their path into a vast undead army.
    Desperate to stop the ever-growing numbers of undead, Prince Zareph performed the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life to the gods in exchange for sealing off the entire city, holding the corruption of the plane of death inside. When they found out what had happened, and that the Ethian centurions had apparently been out on a pointless scouting mission while this occurred, the Mathosians were furious and grief-stricken, demanding justice for what they saw as the ultimate betrayal.
They swore to see the Ethian magitech forever destroyed.

     In the future that never happened, instead of shattering the Avatar of Regulos and successfully averting the Prophecy of the Shade, Aedraxis was successful in his goal. While fighting against his brother Zareph in a civil war, Aedraxis cracked open the barrier between the Planes, allowing power of Regulos from the Plane of Death to materialize on Telara and annihilate the opposing armies as well as Aedraxis himself. This disaster devastated most of the Mathosians homeland in what became known as The Shade. Aedraxis was transformed into a being of incredible malevolence by this act, and many Mathosians followed their liege into the north, becoming known as the Endless Court, and followers of the dragon Regulos, who steadily gained a greater foothold in Telara, corrupting, destroying, and killing all on Telara. Zareph and the remainder of his people fled from the Shade to the south and founded Port Scion, a city from which he planned to strike back at the corrupting eating at Telara. Instead, Port Scion was destroyed from within by Alsbeth's treachery and Zareph was killed.  Seeking vengeance, Guardian Ascended burnt Meridian to the ground, slaying all Defiant they saw and smashing all of their machines before they were able to create proper magical defenses for themselves. Soon after Meridian was destroyed the dragons awoke, breaking free of their prisons and descending upon a weakened Telara.
    The Guardian Ascended and the remaining forces of Mathosia were overrun and the last remnants of that kingdom were lost.

     Thankfully, due to the ingenuity and determination of the Defiant, this timeline and future was diverted by Defiant Ascended, who travelled into the past to ensure that this didn't come about.    
At present, the capital city of Mathosia is Sanctum, where all races of the Guardians are welcome. The Mathosians have sworn to aid the Ascended on their mission to destroy the dragons, lending what assistance they can across Telara.

Reference: The information for this section of the archives is actually a mish mash of a bunch of different sources. In game quests, the official RIFT website, and my own interpretation of events that happened in the beginning story, before you get called up by the Vigil and sent to the future. All rights for information belong to RIFT and is written in my own words the way I want it worded.