About the Journalist

Intro Time:
This page will be a little introduction to myself and to what I’ll be writing about.
I am a girl…shocking I know, and this is the second MMORG I’ve played extensively with any real interest. The first is/was WoW.

I love Rift, and have enjoyed it’s diversity and complexity since the moment I bought it. I very much look forward to the RP aspects of the game, and in recording things here.

I work full time, have passed the high school teen drama years a ways back thankfully, and am proudly living by myself! I am owned by two beautiful and spoiled kitties named Kikyo and Sango, and I have an adorable little dog named Vishnu.

I spend most nights on Rift, or doing various odds and ends about the house. I actively write stories and poems, draw pictures, and read many books. I like mostly fantasy/Sci-fi movies, and don’t have patience for much “real life” stuff.

My favorite tv show is True Blood, my favorite books are the Coldfire Trilogy, Anita Blake series and the Wheel of Time series.  My favorite movies are the 10th Kingdom, The Mummy series, LOTR, Howl's Moving Castle, Megamind and Knight and Day. My favorite colors are black and red, and I love RPing as the evil, snarky, sarcastic types that always turn out to be "good" in the end.

This is a creative writing journal that I have decided to task myself with, to record my journey through Telara. Why did I start this blog? Well to be honest...I don't have any "real" reason. I just love writing and this was another excuse to do it. And I love writing stories. And learning all about the wonderful digital world I live in when I play a game is most of the fun for me. So I wanted to chronicle all the lore and info I find in Rift. Seems rather pointless and a waste of time to some people, but it's a real blast and a lot of fun to me. And I love adding screenshots to my entries too! 

I have had Rift for a year now, and have played almost exclusively as Defiant. In fact, I have finally achieved lvl 50 for the first time on any character and was incredibly excited (and than the expansion came out..har har). 
This gave me the overwhelming urge to learn all I could about the story of Rift, and I regret now not writing down everything I had come across on my journeys and quests and adventures throughout Telara because some stuff I'd have liked more knowledge on that what I can gain from my characters. I'm limited in my knowledge of Rift lore by what my characters learn.
I am rather tickled with the idea of starting fresh from both sides of the factions. At the moment I fancy trying my hand at Guardian, and seeing through their eyes. I did have a Guardian way waaaaay back when I first got the game, but I gave myself a break from Rift for about half a year, and when I came back things were so changed and confusing that I wanted to start over, and I went Defiant for the change in pace, and I loved it so much I stayed. Once I establish myself in the flow and get the hang of how I want the entries to go, I'll incorporate a Defiant flair to the blog, adding new entries from both a Defiant and a Guardian perspective. Both characters will be real people with real emotions and thoughts, and they will help me rediscover the wonder of Telara.

I’ll be keeping track of most everything I see in the game. It should be very interesting, and I am planning to write down all my experiences here in my blog as a sort of Rift diary.

Updates will have no discernible order and will indeed be random and sporadic, sometimes many in one day, sometimes a whole week will go by with nothing.
I guess it will all depend on my mood and how often I get time to play my little characters. For of course I still have to pay attention to my "main" character. In fact, she is found in Faeblight-US PvE-RP server, name of Nightfever. I also have another character I actively RP with, and I run my own guild, so that doesn’t leave a lot of time to play alts, but I think I’ll manage. Not to mention I've recently stirred up some more interest in WoW so I'll be playing that a lot as well. 

I have to admit, I am eager to get started.
That's me! Licking icing off myself after I accidentally dropped
my graduation cake on the floor (lol doh!)
FYI=That is graduation from college, not HS.

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