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The Stars of the Show:
     The most interesting part! I love creating characters, their backstory, their personality. It’s like they come to life in my mind and channel their own thoughts into my fingers. It took quite some time to come up with these two characters, and I went through many trial and error character creations before I was able to get the names and the characteristics just right.

     To me, one of the most fun parts about playing an online game is the character customization and the story behind them. Since of course my Rift blog is going to be an RP blog, the characters of course are going to be fairly important. We will be seeing and experiencing Rift through their eyes, and learning as she learns.

     This page is added to give a bit of background and history to my characters, sort of introduce her and explain a bit about herself before I jump right in with her journal! I can’t wait to get started, so here we go!

Guardian Character 

Full Name: Raeslyn "Raindancer" Windrose

Ascended Name: Raeslyn

Nicknames: Rae

Titles: Raeslyn is only a young apprentice and has of yet made a mark for herself. Her new status gives her the title Ascended.

Realm: Faeblight (PvE-RP)

Faction: Guardian

Race: High Elf

Gender: Female

Age: 79 years old (21 by human standards)

Skin Color: Light tan

Hair Color: Shell pink

Eye Color: Light brown

Markings: Above her eyes is a small, elaborate design, drawn with care by her master. It was a sign that she had proved herself to be a member of the High Elves and was well on the path toward achieving her true calling. The tattoo is light brown, the color she chose herself to compliment her other features.

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 131 lbs.

Date of Birth: Year 1410, or the "Year of the Rose Blossoms" in the 5th moon.

Place of Birth: Silverwood forests

Place of Residence: Silverwood forests is where her true home is and where her heart truly lies. However, she loves exploring and is often gone for days on end.

Date of Death: 1489

Cause of Death: Murdered by her own kinsmen after discovering the truth of Prince Hylas's treachery.

Reason for Ascension: Her ferocity in battle, dedication to the Vigil, and strength of mind and courage. The Vigil admired her determination to stand and fight alongside her allies rather than run like a coward.

Calling: Rogue
  • Role 1: DPS (RP-this is her own soul)
    • Soul 1: Bladedancer
    • Soul 2: Nightblade
    • Soul 3: Riftstalker
  • Role 2: Support (RP-this is a foreign soul planted by the Vigil)
    • Soul 1: Bard
    • Soul 2: Saboteur
    • Soul 3: Ranger
Pets: One razorback hog that she found one day while completing Ascended tasks in Silverwood. After nursing the injured creature, she befriended it and it now follows her loyally. Introduced late in the story.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Motivations: To see Telara freed from the rifts and the cultists. To explore the world around her and learn anything and everything she can. To find her lost master, who she fears is dead but has not given up hope on.

Fears: Water, magitech constructs, heights

Goals: To destroy Regulos and his Endless Court, as well as put an end to the threat of the other dragons. She also wishes to finally graduate from the Quicksilver College, earning her degree and becoming a properly trained sage of the woodland, roaming the wilds and protecting Telara from harm.

Disposition: Cheerful, stubborn, spirited. Being around others makes her uncomfortable, especially if in a small space. She grows quiet and distant when in company of other Ascended, not sure how to act around them. Impatient. She won't run from a fight, and is a staunch ally to anyone in need of aid.

Spiritual Direction: A firm believer in the might and righteousness of the Vigil. In particular she favors Tavril, the goddess of the land.

Relatives: Her parents and siblings have regretfully joined with the Aelfwar and she finds it painful to talk about them to others. She prays often that she will not see their familiar faces on a battlefield.

Relationships: None at the moment. She is newly Ascended and is still trying to understand and adjust to her new way of life. Not to mention there is so much to do and see that she has no time for a commitment of that magnitude.

Sexual Orientation: An inclination toward the straight and narrow, although she has had some secret curiosity toward more...eclectic tastes.

Enemies: Anyone who has allied with Regulos or the other dragons. Most especially the Aelfwar elves for their betrayal of the Covenant and Tavril. The Defiant on principle, as it was their foul machines that had enabled Aedraxis to summon the Shade.

Allies: Anyone she meets who is friendly and kind. The animals of the wood. A few classmates from the College.

Affiliations/Guilds: Tales of Ascension (RP Guild) 

Crafting Skills/Professions: Raeslyn was taught the rudimentary knowledge of leather and cloth armor making by her master, as well as how to skin animals for their hides and fur to keep warm and to make a fair profit at market. She is also, like all Elves, adept at survival. She knows the various ways of finding food in the wild, including fishing, cooking, and the making of potions. That being said, she is rather lazy when it comes to actually crafting her own things and prefers to purchase supplies in the towns and cities she travels through.

Appearance: Rae is tall, willowy, and fair of skin. Her hair is shoulder-length with a few ringlets and curls to add character. She carries herself proudly with self assurance, never doubting herself or her convictions. She has a brown tattoo on her forehead, wears form fitting leather armor, and always likes to appear tidy and clean.

Distinctive Features: A scar on the left hand from an accidental dagger wound, received during a training session with her master before Ascension. She also has distinctive, woodsy colored eyes that seem to stare right through you.

Personal Possessions: Many different types of daggers, a bow and full quiver of arrows, a belt pouch full of bombs and other small gadgetry, a letter from herself to a sister and a locket-a gift from her mother.

Fashion: Rae doesn't consider herself much of a fashion guru. She rarely goes out of her way to purchase or create anything simply for its aesthetic value. That being said, she does like her clothing to look similar in color, and to be clean and proper fitting. She is of a habit of dying her armor muted browns and greens to better blend into the forest.

Armor: Like all rogues, Rae prefers to wear thin, flexible leather that allows her a full range of movement without impeding her attacks but with the benefit of being some defense against attack. Her armor is also enchanted with protection against some magical attack.

Weapons: Daggers are her favorite weapon and whenever possible she will seek these out over other types. She also carries a bow and a full quiver of excellent quality arrows. And lately she has taken to carting around a belt pouch full of incendiary objects as well as an unstrung lute that she keeps across her back.

Special Abilities: She considers her ability to survive death to be quite the unique ability. She is also able to harness the elemental energy of the Plane of Fire to augment her weapons.

Notable Accomplishments: Unless you call rising from death an accomplishment, Rae hasn't anything awe inspiring or heroic to report as of yet. Of course, she is only newly Ascended and has yet to learn the full extent of her powers.

Positive Personality Traits: Impatient, helpful, determined, self-reliant, not afraid of physical labor.

Negative Personality Traits: Sarcastic (or sassy, as her classmates affectionately used to say), opinionated, short attention span, bad memory, unreliable for long term projects.

Personality Quirks: Rae loves watching other people and will often spend hours sitting on a rock on the outskirts of some village or town watching the various people wander in and out of the village. She also, for some unknown reason, loves dragonflies and butterflies.

Likes: Sharp weapons, butterflies, exploring, killing cultists, searching for treasures, singing and playing the lute, the sun.

Dislikes: Everything to do with the Aelfwar and the dragons. Small spaces, people, pork, darkness, the Defiant forces, disrespect.

Favorite Foods: Sunfish Po'boy

Favorite Drinks: Anything light and fruity

Favorite Colors: Dark forest colors (ex: brown, gray, green)

Most Admired Notable Character: It was Prince Hylas before she found out about his betrayal. Now she hesitates to look to another with such admiration.

Hobbies: Drawing, singing, dancing, fighting, mixing potions, traveling.

Theme Song: Over the Hills and Through the Woods (Nightwish) 

Background: Raeslyn was born one of three beautiful daughters to proud parents in Silverwood. She was the youngest, and held the least amount of promise according to her tutors. Her lack of attention span, proper respect, and habit of running off to play in the forest instead of learning valuable Elven lessons made her quite unpopular among the elders of Silverwood.  Rae spent most of her childhood running about the wild places of Silverwood, and so knows the area fairly well. Her favorite places are in between the roots of the large trees that grow in abundance. When she came of age, a ceremony was held where she pledged herself to Tavril and the following of the Covenant, to her parent's great relief.
     Not long after that, she was contacted by a wise Elven rogue, a master of the blade, who told her the Vigil asked him to seek her out and train her in the skills of being a rogue. She took to the abilities easily, finding her calling at last. After testing several techniques and listening to lectures and advice from her mentor, Rae chose to become a Nightblade. She was quite fond of the mix of  stealth and close combat, and grew confident in her skill. She also grew quite fond of her mentor as well, although never admitted it to him.
     Raeslyn attended classes at the Quicksilver College, hoping to become an Elven sage and wise woman, to better teach others about the glory of the Vigil and the wonders of Telara. Unfortunately, her short attention span caused this to be difficult and she spent long days avoiding class to sprint through the forests. In the summer of her 79th year of life, the Mathosian War came to their forest in the form of an impassioned Prince Zareph, who pleaded with the Elves for their support against mad king Aedraxis. Shyla Starhearth, priestess of Tavril, agreed to help, but her lover Prince Hylas, did not.  And thus a rift was formed between the Elves of the wood.
     The highborn Aelfwar court split away from Shyla and the Elves who followed her to Mathosia. Raeslyn decided to stay in Silverwood, feeling she was better able to keep the forest safe from within it's borders. She also didn't want to leave her family, members of the Aelfwar nobility. It was not until later on that summer that Raeslyn was unfortunate enough to stumble upon treachery in the form of a pact between the Aelfwar and Greenscale. It was also found that Maelforge was stirring. Raeslyn and her master decided to risk their lives to inform Shyla of this betrayal, but were followed and ambushed at the edge of Silverwood. Raeslyn died in the clearing, not knowing the fate of her beloved master. 
     The next thing she knew, Raeslyn was breathing again, and was lying in a room in an abbey. She was told she was Ascended, resurrected by the gods to protect Telara once more. She also wishes to use this second chance at life to explore the world that she never had the chance to see, as well as look for her missing mentor, whom she is very concerned for. She won't give up hope that she will find him someday. With her newfound gifts, strength, and immortality, Raeslyn is determined to protect Telara and all the creatures that inhabit it from the evils of the planes and other threats....well most of the creatures anyway.

Full Name: Karazhan Anthanos
Ascended Name: Karazhan
Nicknames: Kara
Titles: The Dark Tide-bestowed on her because of her skill with weather magic
Realm: Faeblight (PvE-RP)
Faction: Defiant
Race: A Kelari in the body of a Bahmi
Gender: Female
Age: 77 (18 in human years)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150lbs
Skin Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Markings: Her new body is covered in an intricate tattoo called sefir, which tells their story and is considered a rite of passage for all Bahmi young. As this is a fresh new body designed for her, the tattoos are simple, rudimentary designs.
Place of Birth: Ember Isle, specifically, the great city of Atia.
Date of Birth: First Moon of 1411-Year of Plenty
Place of Residence: Meridian
Date of Death: 1488
Cause of Death: Killed in an uprising between the Kelari and the Pyrkari (those Kelari who joined the Blood Storm) 
Reason for Ascension: Her soul was supposed to be a complimentary power for the soul of a powerful Bahmi Mage specifically chosen by the scientists at the Ark of the Ascended, but after that soul was targeted by Regulos and devoured, Kara found herself the pilot of a new, sourcestone-engineered body in a world she is still trying to adjust to.
Calling: Mage
  • Role 1: DPS/Healer
    • Soul 1: Stormbringer
    • Soul 2: Frostkeeper
    • Soul 3: Pyromancer
  • Role 2: Support/Healer
    • Soul 1: Frostkeeper
    • Soul 2: Chloromancer
    • Soul 3: Dominator
Pets: Kara can't stand having animals follow her around, or having other people constantly gushing over their own pets. When she found out that the Defiant's mount of choice was a mechanical horse, she was all for it.
Alignment: True Neutral
Motivations: Becoming strong enough to find a way back to Ember Isle and seek vengeance on the spirit that killed her, as well as help her fellow Defiant in taking back the land from the Blood Storm and the planar invaders. Nothing infuriates her more than creatures that think they have a right to something.
Outlook: Optimistic
Disposition: Proud, even-tempered, tries to always look on the bright side of things
Positive Personality Traits: Thoughtful, helpful, intelligent, loyal, modest
Negative Personality Traits:  Prideful, stubborn, can be clingy
Odd Quirks/Habits: Everything she carries needs to be organized just so. Spell components in one bag, coin in one pouch, weapon set just so.
Addictions: Well, she really really likes magic, and technology. A lot.
Fears/Phobias: She's immortal, what need she for fear?
Spiritual Direction: believes in the supremacy of science, magic, and spirits
Goals: To help take back her homeland of Ember Isle, to help protect Telara from the planes and from planar creatures so that what happened to her doesn't happen to others.
Relatives: Her family died several years after she began her apprenticeship to the central temple of Atia, and while she is saddened by it, she also feels relieved of the burden of trying to live up to their exacting expectations.
Relationships: If someone comes along, she wouldn't be adverse to some companionship. She would welcome even a friend at this point. Being in a strange land, in a strange and unfamiliar body that isn't even the same race as her, is distressing and although the people of Telara love and admire her open personality and freely offered aid, they also fear her power and abilities.
Sexual Orientation: She likes men. Enough said.
Enemies: Anyone she's ever gone up against and failed to kill. All the cultists, planar creatures, Guardians and who knows what else that wishes to kill her just for being Ascended/on the side of Telara.
Allies: None at the moment, although she hopes she can find an individual(s) that she can bond with and feel close to. Loneliness is a sharp reminder that being Ascended also makes you an outsider.
Guild: Hasn't found the right group of individuals that fit with her.
  • Rank:
Crafting Skills/Professions: Dreamweaver, Outfitter, Runecrafter. She had to learn multiple skills while on the isles to survive. Also fishing.
Appearance: Short ( for a Bahmi), dark skinned. Is left handed. Always keeps her hair back in a ponytail. Kara always like to stay clean and tidy, as in Kelari society, appearance is everything. It is an ingrained habit that carried over into her second Ascended life.
Personal Possessions: Just the clothes on her back and whatever she collects from Ascension onward, as she was resurrected in a body that wasn't hers in a time she's unfamiliar with.
Fashion: She likes pretty, bright colors, long skirts and high boots.
Armor: Light, finely woven cloth. For some reason that involves physics and energy, metals seem to interfere with her ability to cast spells, so she finds herself limited to good sturdy linens and silks. Not that she minds.
Weapons: Kara prefers the staff, although she has been known to pick up other weapons if they carry enchantments or augments that would be beneficial to her spellcasting abilities.
Notable Accomplishments: Saved the world. Not that anyone knows this outside of her word, since she averted the disaster and the timeline went in a different direction.
Favorite Foods: Fish and seafood. She did live on an island in her previous life after all.
Favorite Colors: Any bright, flashy color, but she really likes red and black. Another reason she likes being affiliated with the newly created Defiant faction.
Most Admired Notable Character (NPC): Anthousa Mona. A strong woman who may have single-handedly saved the Kelari race.
Theme Song: Living Dead Super Star
Background: Karazhan Anthanos was born to a small, noble family in a large estate on the outskirts of the grand Kelari city of Atia. Much to her fastidious mother's dismay, she had dreams of becoming a warrior or a cleric upon coming of age. She spent her early childhood running around the woods and fields that surrounded the family estate, playing with the other noble children her age. She broke her right arm when she 22 (5 in human years) and spent several frustrating weeks indoors, where her parents took advantage of her stationary status to tutor her in the family calling: magecraft. To Kara's eternal chagrin, she took to magic like a duck to water, learning basic spells with ease that children twice her age were struggling with. When she was 40, her parents pressured her into an apprenticeship at the central spirit temple in Atia, where she spent the next 30 odd years advancing her studies in magic, history, and arcane study.
     When Kara was 70, her parents passed away in a magical carriage accident, killed instantly on the scene. While she wept greatly for days afterward, she secretly felt relieved as well, since her family was always judging and criticizing her over her abilities, both magical and physical, and many spectacular arguments had commenced when she visited the family estate. All honors belonging to the name of Anthanos were bestowed upon her, the only child, as well as the mansion, grounds, and bonded Spirits that the family had made pacts with. Her skill at magic continued to advance and she was beginning to gain quite the reputation among her peers and teachers, as well as a few enemies among the priests and higher level mages who never could believe that she came by her skill honestly. She passed her initiation tests with flying colors and was well on her way to becoming a master level mage when disaster struck in the form of the Shade Wars on the Mathosian continent. The fighting didn't reach the island, but as a result of the power of Regulos reaching through the Ward, Akylios and Maelforge, who both had interest in the Kelari Islands, awoke and gained a greater grasp upon Telara. Akylios turned the Spirits against their allies, causing chaos and fear to spread through Atia like wildfire. Panic turned the city into a madhouse, and during the confusion, a riot on the Spirit temple ended with the deaths of most of the mages trying to restore order, including Karazhan herself. Thankfully, she doesn't remember her death other then the icy feeling of numbness and a hazy last moment of resignation.
     The next Kara became aware, she was being funneled down a dark, non physical path toward an unknown destination. Moments after identity and sentience returned to her darkened mind, she felt a vast and evil being swoop down upon her position. It ripped something important from her "person", although she still felt the same, and it wasn't until she was jolted awake into the physical plane of reality that she realized what had happened and how badly the world needed heroes. Now Kara is stuck in the body of a Bahmi, with senses, physical attributes, and abilities that are foreign and alien to her in all senses of the word. True to her disposition, she has made the most of her situation and is determined to get revenge upon the Blood Storm and the cultists who would destroy her world, as well as help all those she can. She is overjoyed at being alive again, but feels acute loneliness from the rift that being Ascended puts between her and normal mortal denizens of Telara. She finds it ironic that she loves her new height of magical abilities and all the new spells and rituals that have opened up due to her new Ascended powers and status, and is definitely looking forward to learning and practicing all the spells she can. She also has a strong desire to learn the healing arts, but finds it frustrating that she keeps ending up in situations that require destructive and offensive spells instead.

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