Friday, December 21, 2018

[Off Topic]: Author's Note!

     Hey all (not that there is an all, or even a one reader lol!) I just wanted to point out that I haven't abandoned my dear blog (not yet anyway), despite everything going on in Rift. I'm just super crushed about what went down at HQ and the unknown factor of not knowing what's going to happen to my beloved game going forward into 2019 has me feeling bleh. I have no real desire to play and haven't for a while now. All the fatalistic talk on the forums just makes it worse and I'm pretty down about it. Add to this the fact that WoW's new expac BfA launched just a short while ago and I've been spending most of my time elsewhere. I will get back into Rift soon *tm* and will continue to update my blog as I go! Never fear, I would never just leave Rae's story hanging, and I'm still firmly of the belief that a thorough gameplay and lore guide needs to be written, however long it takes me to do it! *raises fist* I will get er done! Somehow! lol

     In related news, WTF TRION!? How could you do this to us?! First you treat us like garbage, ignoring players, giving sarcastic comments to voiced concerns, and throwing out microtransaction tidbits to keep us all spending money (which I admit to falling for every time because I'm a sucker for a pretty or unique mount), and then you suddenly sell Rift out from under our noses to a mobile gaming company! I mean no offense meant to that company but jeez, it just feels pretty darn depressing. I've been playing this game 7 years now! I've been subscribed yearly for every single one of those years! I feel like us the players care more for the game then Trion ever did. I know that "Trion" doesn't really exist anymore, but I'm still mad lol. Also concerned. There's been no official word on any updates or expansions, no official say on whether they are keeping Prime or not, and no actual concrete news since the takeover. I dunno if Rift is even going to exist after 2018. :( I am feeling pretty emotional about it.

     On the cosplay front, I had a blast making a humanized version of a dragon from WoW. Her name is Tarecgosa and she's my 2nd favorite dragon in the game. I love dragons so much and especially MMO dragons! They have so much lore behind them! I barely finished her in time for BlizzCon this year, but I DID finish! Which is a huge thing for me, since I never fail to be scrambling the day of the con to finish a costume. It's super stressful and I feel so proud of myself for finally finishing at a reasonable time. Also for the first time this year I entered the costume contest. ….it did not go as I imagined and I left feeling frustrated and heartbroken. Not because I didn't win, but because I didn't even get the chance to win. I was somehow ignored and overlooked during my judging time and didn't even get the chance to be was all a huge waste of time. Next year definitely not entering. At least I can say I tried right?! Another awesome costume is already in the works and I'm just waiting on the last of my supplies to arrive so I can start in on it! :)

    All in all, it's been quite the busy and stressful year. I've been working tons of hours at work, putting in as many hours as I can into a costume, and squeezing time between that to play the games I love. As for sleep....what even is that??? I went to places I hadn't been before, saw things I hadn't seen before, and met all new friends. I'm so happy and blessed to have this life and honestly there isn't much I'd change. 2018 has been, for the most part, very good to me and I say "bring on 2019!"

     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the wonderful Telarans in my life! I hope your holidays are safe and happy and that 2019 is a great new year!

Love Raeslyn and fam

Thursday, March 08, 2018

[Off Topic]: Rift Prime!

     Well it's Wednesday again folks! Know what that means?? Well here in the Rift world that means patch/reset day! Kind of like Tuesday is WoW's patch/reset day! :) And today is a very special day indeed for Rift. Why? Well, it's Prime Time day!!!!! They are releasing the Prime server today! Personally, I just woke up so I haven't had a chance to go at it yet. The newest data is downloading as I type and will hopefully be ready soon so I can dive right on into the Prime servers. Which sadly were given the name Vigil. What a horrid and biased name right??? I mean, hello slap to the Defiant faces. I offered up Regulos and Soulstream for suggestions but I guess those weren't good enough. That makes me sad because I thought both were quite the acceptable server names in my opinion. Oh well. I'm super excited for Prime Server because now I can finally feel like I have a challenge in Rift. And have fun! Well hopefully. I'm not sure how successful they are going to be with this server. They've already confessed it's not going to be like in the good old days because they lost/overewrote most of the original code unfortunately. I asked a few questions on the forums about things too and got some good, but sad, answers. So far, I know this about Rift Prime:

  • Level 50 is the cap
  • It's a progression server, which means it's going to progress to a certain point, then end.
  • They ramped up the original zone and rift events a lot so at least those are going to be a challenge.
  • No more cash shop except for purely cosmetic stuff, like wings. 
  • Only 2 characters allowed.
  • Is a pve only server, with no open world pvp unless you flag yourself of course.
  • There is no conquest, apparently Trion hates that and is never bringing it back. :(
  • You have to have an active Patron account with Rift in order to access and play the Prime servers.
  • There's going to be a separate forum in the forums section specifically for Prime servers.

     Well as of now, I just finished updating, and after flailing my arms in confusion on how to actually enter Rift Prime, I've found it and since selected my server! And boom, in a queue. I haven't had a queue for anything for ages! The window tells me 35 minutes approx. until I can enter and play. Well...I guess I'll do my exercises of the day while I wait! Super excited to play!

Update from the same night after work!
     Wow I have got to say, Rift Prime is definitely a LOT of fun to play. Like legit sooo much fun. I'm having a real blast running around on my low lvl rogue I named Sindragosa. :) I made her similar to Rae hehe. Also it was rather awesome seeing Brasse and RoughRaptors chatting in /4 chat! I haven't seen a Dev post in general chat in like forever so it was amazing to see them there!!! <3 Thank you Trion for a wonderful new fresh start server to play in! It feels so amazing. I really wish they would implement this in live. Seriously! Especially the mob/zone/dungeon difficulty!! And ho boy did I miss the mass numbers of players all over the place. I didn't even realize how silent, toxic, and unfriendly Rift was until I played on Prime on the new server! I'm having the time of my life and I'm already depressed knowing it will end, even if it's a year or more off. :( Well that's it for now, just to say, if your on the fence about Rift Prime, just do it! It's amazingly fun and challenging, there's tons of people around, and it feels very full and just fun! <3 10/10 Trion, good job!


Sunday, January 14, 2018

[Off Topic] The Zombie Virus

     No this post isn't actually about zombies, or my favorite zombie show. Which by the way is Z Nation. The Walking Dead is a joke and rather boring. But anyway, back to the important part of this post. So, I would like to state that having the flu is a lot like having the zombie virus. So I can see how us ignorant humans would be fooled at first, resulting in worldwide spread of zombies. Because that is how I feel right now. Not even like a zombie. Like a "dead" zombie. Seriously, I'm so sick and miserable right now I could cry. It's very frustrating not having the energy to do any simple task. Then why you ask, am I online writing this blog? Well for one thing I just woke up after a few hours of trying to sleep through the virus and couldn't go back to sleep after coughing up a lung. For another thing, it's been almost an entire week since I contracted said zombie virus and it's making me increasingly restless not being able to do the things I enjoy doing. I've taken so many days off work that I live in dread of how tiny my poor paycheck is going to be on the 16th, and doing anything other then lying in a pile of sad misery seems to take a monumental effort worthy of an Olympic medal. Of course that might also be attributed to the fact to that I haven't eaten in...well, I can't remember the last time I had actual solid food. Yay zombie virus for sapping me of my love of food and eating it. As I type this, I'm whipping up one of those side dish things to gobble, seeing as how my tummy has finally informed me that it might like something to occupy its time with. Not that I'll even enjoy eating it, seeing as I can't smell anything. I'm so annoyed that I managed to catch the flu of the century within the first few days of the new year. Happy New Year...yay. Speaking of the new year, I guess while I'm here I should mention a few of my resolutions I am determined to see through this year. 
  1. Finish my costume on time. Like seriously, I'm quite sick of hastily scrabbling my costume together the last week before the con and then feverishly painting it in the hotel the night before. 2017 in particular was a disaster. I spent most of day 1 of the con stuck in my hotel painting my Onyxia 2.0 costume. I had to resort to using the online virtual ticket to the show to watch all the new and exciting announcements, and while I'm glad I got to see them, I'm very sad that I didn't get to witness them on the big stage! Yes I could have put down my costume and gone to the con without it, but 80% of the reason I go to BlizzCon is for the cosplay and I would have felt so bummed and depressed if I couldn't wear this costume that I worked so very hard on. It turned out fantastic in the end and I definitely had a blast wearing it until 10pm! But I didn't get to don it and walk the con floor until after 3, so that left 5 hours where I was stuck painting while all my friends were having fun. :( So this year I'm determined to start early, get it done early, and enjoy a leisurely vacation time at LA before the con without the stress of having a costume to finish the day before of day of! 
  2. Lose some fat rolls. Ok so I'm not "fat" per se. That is, overweight. Last I weighed myself I think it said 117 lbs. I'm not one of those peeps who thinks that's fat and I need to get skinnier. But I do acknowledge that I have some fat deposits that I would love so much to firm up and get rid of. Particularly around my lower stomach, inner thighs, and bum. So my goal for 2018 is to see about slimming that down. I'm going to look into proper, healthy dieting since I set this goal to last the entire year. I'm not in any hurry and I'm doing this without the traditional X amount of hours spent at the gym. Mostly because I'm lazy and I hate going to the gym but also because I work crazy hours and I just don't have time for a consistent gym schedule. Sorry guys! I hope to have this accomplished before BlizzCon in November so that I won't feel so self conscious wearing a revealing cosplay at the con, thinking my belly is hanging out all unattractive like. Also having a specific goal in mind definitely helps me stay focused on it.
  3. Get my apt organized and my "cosplay station" officially set up and ready to go! Yes so excited for this. I've been wanting my own cosplay station for sooooo long now. Like ever since I started cosplaying. I've finally got some room in the little dining room area off the kitchen that would be perfect for setting up a little cosplay station. I got myself a really nice solid kitchen island table at Canadian Tire for a good deal for Christmas and had fun putting it together that weekend. (By fun, read frustratingly confusing instructions, but with satisfying results). I really like the island table idea because it has a solid cutting board top with lots of surface area to lay out fabric, foam, worbla, etc, and because it's designed as a cutting board I will have no worry about cutting on it's surface! Also, it's got 2 nice long shelves underneath for plenty of storage space. I'm going to put my tools such as sewing machine, dremel kit, screwdriver kit, steam iron, and mannequin parts under there so far. Probably even the large layers of foam and worbla. I also have 2 5-shelf bookcases I got before the flash flood in August that I plan to set up in the dining room to hold all my billions of fabrics, sewing accessories, scissors, scrap fabrics, scrap foams, LED stuff, and all kinds of other odds and ends. I'm really excited to get this going. I was planning on already having it set up by now but then I got hit by the zombie virus and spent the first week of January bemoaning my fate. I swear if I knew who infected me I' something drastic....*eye twitch*. 
  4. A side note to #3 is eating healthier. I definitely need to start drinking way more water, which I hate so it's always been a struggle for me to keep up my water intake. It's seriously so hard to drink water. I hate it, ugh. Everyone at work always asks me, how can you hate water, it doesn't taste like anything?? But that's exactly the problem! Because it doesn't taste like anything I feel like I can't drink it. Weird I know, but there you have it. Not to mention that most water gives me a really bad sore throat from the amount of chlorine and other chemicals in it, so I'm always super wary of drinking it. Usually the only water that doesn't effect me like that is my own brita filtered water at home, but I always forget, or find it too much of a hassle to fill up a water bottle before work so I never drink any. The upside of having the zombie virus is that I've drank more water in the past week then I've drank in a year. Like no joke. I'm drinking glasses of the stuff like it's holy water and I'm avoiding demon possession. I'm so scared of getting dehydrated and ending up so sick I have to go to the hospital that I'm downing anything and everything I can think of to keep on top of this. Including water. And lo and behold since I can't smell or taste anything due to the virus, water is just the same as my favorite beloved orange pekoe tea. I'm using the Samsung health app that came with my phone to track the amount of water I'm actually consuming and it's way above what the recommended amount is, so I guess I'm good there. Also explains having to pee every 2.5 seconds I suppose lol. On top of forcing myself to drink more water this year, I would love to have more fresh veggies and fruits in my diet. Less pasta and grains and more organic, fresh leafy things! I've usually just lived off your generic shell pasta with red sauce or alfredo sauce, depending on which I was in a mood for at the time or whichever I still had a jar of in the fridge. But I would definitely love to see my fridge full of more healthier choices like fresh carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumber, apples, bananas, strawberries, and things like that! Again I was planning on already starting on this goal before good old zombie virus wacked me upside the head. Since I don't drive and must walk, you would imagine how the virus would prevent my foray to the grocery store to stock up my fridge with such lovely fresh things as I just mentioned. So alas, I must again wait till the virus has loosened its grip on my poor battered body. 
     And there you have it! My delightful and exciting start to 2018! If there's anyone actually reading this blog (lol I doubt it, but gotta keep it interesting) then what are your goals for the year?? Anything in particular you want to see done or achieve?? Let me know! :) One of these days I'm going to finally catch up on this blog to the date since I'm waaaaaay way behind and then I'm going to apply for a community badge thingy with Trion and see if they will let me blog be an official part of their list of fan pages! <3 #lifegoals. And now back to watching funny videos of Supernatural to ease the misery of the zombie virus! 

~Dark out