Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[Off Topic]: Nightmare Tide Expansion!



RIFT remains completely free-to-play with the Nightmare Tide expansion, offering you all of the new levels, zones, class features, and so much more...for free!


Not only are there 5 more levels of adventure, but Nightmare Tide also introduces a new way to advance your class. From levels 61-65, you can choose Mastery Abilities for each Role slot, allowing you to customize your Soul to even greater heights of power!

Three brand new zones await you in the Plane of Water! Plunge through walls of water in Goboro Reef to save the Atragarians from the rampant flames of the Bloodfire Army. Battle the rise of nightmares in the dream city Draumheim. Climb the frozen cliffs of Tarken Glacier, across crevasses to the edge of the cosmos, and confront the Plane of Water's most dangerous avatar: Martrodraum.

Speak with any porticulum master to begin your journey. The minimum level requirement is 58.

New dungeon experiences are live! We've added Gyel Fortress, Citadel of Insanity, and Glacial Maw. These dungeons are sure to provide challenging experiences for characters leveling their way up to 65. And once they're there, each of these dungeons will have an expert mode to tackle, too!

We've updated some classic dungeons, too: try out the new Return to Iron Tomb and Return to Empyrean Core! They're available as expert dungeons once an Ascended reaches level 65.

And, finally, the terrifying Nightmare Coast isn't done with the Ascended yet. First added in 2.8: Madness Wakes, this dungeon now has a level 65 expert mode!

Once an Ascended hits level 65, new challenges awaits them; including the new solo Chronicle, Shadow From the Beyond! Expose the beginnings of a mysterious plot devised by a shadowy force from the unknown. Gain insight on the Tenebreans, a mysterious and powerful race from beyond the stars in this story driven chronicle.

In this sliver realm, the prophesy that Finric turns down a path of evil and enslaves the Plane of Water has come to pass. The Ascended must destroy this version of reality to keep it from affecting their own.

From Silverwood and Freemarch to Tarken Glacier, Nightmare Rifts are tearing across Telara, offering progressive challenges that make these rifts fearsome indeed. But with more danger come greater rewards—and Nightmare Rifts are a source of the most epic of planar essences.

Competition for these rifts will be fierce, and a Nightmare Leaderboard tracks the most powerful of Ascended as they do battle against the latest threats to Telara.

The Architects of the Plane of Earth are once again building weapons of planar destruction. The Ascended are called upon to thwart this latest technological threat. Take them out in the Plane Crawler Program!

Magical forces are summoning beings directly into Goboro Reef from a distant and dangerous place; The Sea of Ladon! Without intervention, these monsters will cause destruction across the settled seas.

Contact with Ghar Station Eyn was lost centuries ago. Now, battle to be the first to uncover the secret of its dire numerological research into the fringes of mathematics. In your hands, the Manugo number the researchers discovered could be the key to the cosmological constant. However, if possessed by your enemies, it could rain destruction upon the entire plane of water.

Capture Deadly Numbers and hold them to gain points. Those in control of Deadly Numbers may also further make the number go up by activating Manugo Stations. Beware, however, as the Deadly Numbers will destroy your very soul.

You've gone on so many adventures for Telarans, it's about time they did some adventuring for you. Minions is a resource-gathering minigame within RIFT. It's themed as a card game: collect minion cards, then pick adventure cards for your minions. The more adventures your minions complete, the better they get at finding loot.

How to Start
Head to the nearest Fanatic of the Ascended and take the quest they have for you. They're located at the following locations:

* Meridian: On the south side of the front ramp of the city
* Sanctum: In Mariel-Taun's Village near the Marriage Coordinator
* Tempest Bay: In the Canals near dimension item vendors
* Atragarian Well: Inside the well, at the end of a short corridor with the crafting NPCs

If you need any help finding them, feel free to talk to any guard in those four locations.

Talk with Stofie (the Minion Card Vendor near the Fanatic) to learn more, or just press V to open the Minions interface. Want to know even more about minions? Check out our introduction article here!

* If the Minion window is too large for you, make it smaller by going to Settings > Interface > Display. There's a UI Scale slider!
* If you'd rather have some peace and quiet, you can mute your Minions by going to Settings > Audio > and uncheck "Accolades Enabled"!


You can now mentor up to play with your high-level friends by sidekicking! To do so, join a party with a higher level player, right click your portrait, and select Sidekicking: Enable. You will then be mentored up to the max level allowed in your current zone.

Mentoring has also received a balancing pass:
* Buffs now cancel when mentoring down. Recast them to get proper mentored values.
* Item procs no longer trigger while mentored down.
* Stat bonuses from Planar Attunement no longer benefit players who mentor below level 50.

You can now reach skill level 450 in all crafting and harvesting professions! Here are the main ways in which it's different:
* There is no wood for crafting in the Plane of Water. Instead, Foragers process the plants they find into a lumber-like material.
* Instead of directly crafting most high-level gear, crafters make Amenders that anyone can use to upgrade their gear. Different types of gear require different Amenders.
* Runecrafters use their own special set of Amenders to upgrade runes.
* Amenders require Attainium Crystal, which you can get from Minions adventures.
* Amenders require Risarian Minim. Once you reach maximum skill in a harvesting profession, you start having a chance to harvest Risarian Minim from the nodes (or NPCs) associated with that profession.
* To level Fishing faster, remember to fish from Schools of Clever Fish, and move on to Tarken Glacier water to reach skill 450.

* Due to the extensive nature of this rework, please scroll down to the final post, which has nothing but Reaver details!

Fall is soon upon us, and the Autumn Harvest will return once more! Plus, Mount Sharax looms on the horizon, opening soon...

  HEALTH POOL UPDATE * The goal of these changes is to reduce the disparity between the health pools of tanks and non-tanks.
* Tanks should not lose any health from this change, and may in fact gain a relatively small amount.
*All other builds will notice a very large gain in their health pools.
* All buffs and effects that increase Endurance by a percentage now modify Base Health instead.
- Base Health is the amount of health your character has without any gear and or spent soul points.
* The amount of health gained at every level has been increased.
* A number of stats have been converted for this new system:
- All Parry is now Guard.
- All Deflect is now Block.
- All toughness is now Hit.
* Additionally, Planar Attunement PVP nodes have also been updated:
- All Valor nodes are now Endurance nodes.
- All Vengeance nodes are now Attack Power/Spell Power nodes.

* When teleporting to an Instant Adventure, you should now be facing a reasonable direction, instead of off a big cliff or something.
* Fixed a visual issue when changing faces in the character creator.
* /Chatinfo will now list channel owners last (for ease of reading with well populated channels).
* It is now possible to move forward or backward while swimming up or diving.
* Players now need to be out of combat for at least 5 seconds before making changes to their soul tree.
* Gaining Planar Attunement points will no longer display a Level Up animation. It will instead show a message of how many points you gained in the chat console.
* Notoriety boosts and modifiers are now added together before being applied.
* Fixed an issue with Planar Attunement points resetting too often after changing faction multiple times.

* Big changes to shadowing! We've replaced the old Environmental Only/Full Shadows dropdown with Low, Medium, High, and Ultra settings.
* The old "full shadows" setting is the new "low quality" setting, and it goes up from there.
* We've also introduced another series of optimizations to make shadows much faster than they used to be, so check your video settings and see if you can turn it up! Please report any visual artifacts or issues that you encounter.
* Implemented a fix for shadows on NVidia SLI computers.
* Shadows now update properly when the sun moves quickly.

* A new patron benefit! Patrons receive an experience boost to their minions.

* To make room for the new bag slot, we have adjusted the look and layout of the bag bar.
* Minimap location icons related to quests and NPCs will now show a depth arrow. An up arrow will display if the location is above you, and a down arrow will display if the location is below you.
* Removed the gradient from the chat window, so players that want 100% opaque background can now have that. To change this setting, right-click any of your chat tabs and select Settings then change the Background Opacity slider. You will need to repeat this for each of your chat tabs.
* Currency tooltips will display how much more you can earn for the week for currencies that have a weekly earnings limit.
* Fix issue where VFX could stop playing properly after a short loading screen.
* Fixed a bug which caused the tutorial quest sticky's check mark to be off the screen.
* Equipped planar essence in your character sheet will now show their item rarity color border.

* Quests now have earrings as rewards in some pre-3.0 zones!

* A second porticulum has been added! Find it in the Canals area.


* All abilities are now 1 rank.
* Anti-Planar Augmentation, Holy Champion, and Fury of the Ascended now scale based on the number of surrounding invasions and colossi.
- This will reduce initial damage increase against small numbers of invasion creatures, but bring you to roughly the same damage increase when fighting 20 or more invasion creatures.
- These abilities are also now 1 hr duration buffs that cost 3 planar charges and persist through death.
* War Planar Advancement Tree: Guard is now called Defend.

* Cleric PVP PA: Retribution is now instant cast.

* Echoing Concord: Stacks now appear in their own UI element.
* Bewilder: Increased the duration to 4s.
* Excommunicate: No longer affected by the global cooldown and now also snares the affected enemy by 30% for up to 10s.
* Fanaticism: Reduced the cooldown to 30s.
* Harsh Discipline: Now deals increased damage, and returns 15% of the caster's Maximum Health over its duration. Cooldown is now 60s.
* Life and Death Concord: Stacks now reduce the cast time of Bolt of Depravity by 0.2/0.4/0.6s per stack. Maximum stack size is now 4. Adiditonally, will be triggered by damaging Ethereal abilities.
* Perseverance: No longer affected by the global cooldown. Reduced the cooldown and duration to 60s.
* Radical Coalescence:
- No longer increases damage for 15s, and instead allows Inquisitor channeled abilities to be cast while moving for 10s.
- Now only resets the cooldown of damaging Inquisitor abilities.
- Now also grants Fanaticism when cast.
* Spiritual Scrutiny:
- The armor and resist penetration portion of this ability now correctly affects the secondary damage proc of Sanction Heretic and other similar effects.
- The global cooldown reduction now affects all Cleric abilities.
- Now prevents Bolt of Judgment from consuming stacks of Echoing Concord (from Unified Theory).
* Trepidation: Now only breaks on damage after the enemy has received damage equal to 5% of the caster's maximum health.
* Unified Theory:
- Now triggers at 4 stacks of Life and Death Concord.
- Increased the stack size of Echoing Concord to 10.
* Aggressive Renewal: Has been removed.
* New ability: Aggressive Inquisition:
- Casts Bolt of Depravity every 0.5s. Does not occur on initial application.
- 2s channel. 60s cooldown.
- 44 point root ability.
* Mental Resilience: Now also causes single target channeled abilities to apply a buff to the caster, increasing damage by 2/4/6% for 30s.
* Symbol of Corruption:
- Now deals its damage over 3s, unless the target already has the caster's Symbol of Corruption, in which case it deals full damage instantly.
- Now causes Bolt of Depravity to deal 10/20/30% of its damage over 3s. Down from 15/30/45%.
* Approbation: Now also causes damaging single target channels to reduce the cooldown active cooldown of all damaging single target channels by 1.5/3s.
* Righteous Indignation: Now increases Spell Power contribution to Bolt of Judgment, Bolt of Depravity and Bolt of Retribution by 4/8/12%. Down from 5/10/15%.

* Thorvin's Wrath: Wrath generated by this ability is now 400% of Endurance, up from 100%.

* Flame of Life: Now heals for 150% of the caster's maximum health. Down from 300%.

* Wrathful Exuberance: Resetting soul tree points now removes the buff from any target the Cleric has it on.

* Deep Freeze: No longer modifies the damage of Corroded Defense.

* Ripple: Increased radius to 20m, up from 15m.
* Distant Shores: Now correctly increases the radius of Ripple and Monsoon.
* Alluvion: Now also increases the number of targets hit by Healing Flood by 5/10.
* Under Pressure: Now also reduces the mana cost of Geyser, Healing Cataract, Healing Flood and Soothing Stream by 8/16/24%.
* Soothing Stream: Healing no longer decays over its duration, and will now heal a consistent amount each tick.
* Dangers of the Deep:
- Stacks now appear in their own UI element for Wardens, and no longer appear in the buff bar.
- Stacks now also reduce the cast time of Warden abilities by 0.03/0.06/0.1s per stack. While out of combat, Dangers of the Deep applies 1 stack of its buff every 4s.
- Now applies a stack of the buff every 4s while the Warden is out of combat.


* Arcane Ward: Now enables Block, and derives Block from the Mage's Intelligence. Now also reduce the GCD of Ethereal abilities.
* Frosted Ward: Now also reduce the GCD of Ethereal abilities.
* Empowered Wards: Now a tier 8 talent, up from tier 7.
* Arcane Shielding: Now a tier 7 talent, down from tier 8.
* Arcane Protection: Now increases Block by 1/2/3/4/5%.
* Protection of Wind: Now increases the damage reduction when Blocking an attack by 2/4/6%.
* Mockery: Now returns 3% of Max Mana when Blocking an attack.
* Threatening Visage: Threat generated by this ability is now 400% of Endurance, up from 100%.
* Avalanche: Reduced damage.

* Lifebound Veil: Healing now affects pets if the Mage has cast Synthesis on the pet.
* Blight: Updated icon.
* Natural power: Fixed an issue where the bonus from was not persisting through death, even though Lifegiving Veil or Lifebound Veil would.

* Furious Assault: Now also reduces the GCD of Ethereal abilities.
* Piercing Beam: The ability description no longer references Ice Shear.
* Luminous Weapon: Corrected a tooptip error, where it would state that the ability would do much more damage than it actually does. This does not affect the actual damage of the ability.

* Soul Bond: Reduced the damage intercept to 15%.

* Fire Storm: Fixed an issue where base damage was not being increased as the Mage levelled.
* Consuming Flame: Consumables will no longer consume stacks of Internalize Charge, proc instant Cinder Bursts (with Pyromancer's Blessing), or generate stacks of Pyromancer's Fury when used.
* Accelerant: Now falls off when the target dies. No longer increases the damage of procs from the caster.
* Pyromancer's Armor: Removing this ability now removes the Spell Power bonus from the synergy crystal 4 piece bonus.
* Pyromania: Now increases the effect of Spell Power on Fire abilities by 2/4/6/8/10%.
* Incinerating Flames: No longer allows Heat Wave to remove Crowd Control effects.
* Fusillade: Can no longer be channeled while moving.
* Spark: Now also reduces the GCD of Ethereal abilities.

* Sacrifice Life: Damage now increases Death damage by 20%, and all other damage by 10%.


* Poisons now have a base 50% chance to proc, up from 30%. Since these occur more frequently, the damage and associated effects such as healing have been reduced to compensate.
* Poison Mastery: Now adds 2% Weapon, Attack Power, and Damage to poisons per point spent, down from 6%. Each point increases the proc chance by 10%, up from 6%.
* Debiliating Poison: Has been removed.
* New Ability: Debilitating Dart: Debuffs the target and causes attacks made by the rogue on the target to deal extra water damage, snare them, and sap mana/energy from them for the next 10s. 30s cooldown. 20m range, off the GCD, and does not break stealth.
* Debiliating Dart and Enfeebling Poison have been swapped.
* Heartseeker: Now 3% damage to Assassin abilities and 3% Weapon Damage and Attack Power per point spent.
* Poison Malice: Now increases damage of poison attacks by 125% instead of 100%.

* Verse of Fascination: Has been removed.
* New Ability: Verse of Purity: Removes a Curse, Poison, or Disease every 3s for 3s on up to 10 party/raid members. 10s cooldown.

Dual Mastery: Now increases damage of all Bladedancer abilities, instead of just off-hand attacks.

* Death from the Shadows:
- No longer requires stealth.
- Adds 2 combo points instead of 3.
- Now has a 30s cooldown.

* Wilderness Training: Now increases Weapon Damage and Attack Power by 2% per point invested.

* Guardian Phase: Now enables block instead of deflect, as well as guard.
* On Guard: Increases your Block chance by 1/2/3/4/5% and reduces the damage you take when blocking by 1/2/3/4/5%.

* Presets: Updated Righteous Defender and Pactbreaker presets to not use Reaver as the sub-soul. Added new Plague Lord preset for use with the revamped Reaver soul.

* Dichotomy of Pain: Now a single target healing finisher.

* Shield of the Hero: Now enables guard.
* A Good Defense has swapped places with Vengeful Wrath.
* A Good Defense: Increases damage and healing by abilities that generate attack points by 2/4/6/9/10%.

Tier 2:
(Repurposed) Vengeful Wrath: Increases weapon damage and attack power by 2/4/6/8/10%.

Interfere: No longer generates an Attack Point
Reverent Protection: Renamed to Vengefu Decree. 20m range, 30s cooldown. Deals Life damage based on Attack Points to up to 5 enemies.

* Shifting Blades: Now 10/20/30% of initial attack. For each point above 28 spent in Paragon, damage percentage is increased by 0.36% per combo point used.
* Shifting Blades has been swapped places with Sweeping Blades.

* Arc: Now 10/20/30% of initial attack. For each point above 28 spent in Arc, damage percentage is increased by 0.36% per combo point used.

* Accords are no longer augmented by number of pacts. They grant flat value bonuses. Actual amounts.
* Accord of Resilience has swapped places with Void Propulsion.
* Accord of Resilience: Enables Guard. Increases Armor by 3%, and Resistances by 9%. Does not stack with Shield of the Hero.
* Devouring Shield: No longer a finisher. Absorbs a flat amount. Off GCD. 2m cooldown. Stacks with Rift Shield and Fusion of Flesh.
* Fusion of Flesh: Absorbs damage equal to 75% of the Warrior’s max HP. Lasts 20s.
* Devouring Shield has swapped places with Rift Summon.
* Destructive Forces and Empowered Armor have been swapped in the talent tree.
* Destructive Forces: Now grants 0.5/1.0/1.5%. Fixed a data error where the ability only improved .1% per talent point, and is now actually the correct value.
* Efficient Conversion: Also now increases duration of pacts by 5/10/15s, to make up for Energy Retention going away.
* Empowered Armor: Now Increases Armor by 2/4/6/8/10%.
* Energy Retention: Increases weapon damage and attack power by 2/4/6/8/10%.
* Spark: No longer generates an Attack Point.
* Ragestorm: Changed to Air damage from Physical. Cooldown lowered to global. Consumes up to 3 pacts on use.

* Battlefield Medic and Brothers in Arms have swapped positions.
* Battle Surge: No longer has a 10% damage taken penalty.
* Decisive Strike: No longer refreshes cooldown on Piercing Thrust or Wave of Steel. Now 9s cooldown and awards 2 attack points.
Piercing Thrust & Wave of Steel: No longer off global cooldown, no longer have a cooldown. Deal significantly more damage if used following a finisher.
* New Passive Ability: Warlord’s Focus: Unlocked when Piercing Thrust is acquired. Triggered after using a finisher, lasts 6s. Greatly increases the damage of the next Piercing Thrust or Wave of Steel.

* Many Storm Legion daily and weekly quests that awarded XP now award Planar Attunement XP instead.

* Bolstering has been updated for level 65!
- When bolstering is active, your bolstered armor now gains the benefits of all your Runes, Temporary Enchants and Dream Orbs!
- Bolstering now works in both directions: In addition to boosting up your gear that is too low for PVP, it now also replaces any gear that is more powerful than what's currently available in PVP.
* Warfronts can now attempt to balance dedicated healers, damagers, or people on losing streaks on each team.
* The warfront summary screen now includes healing values from indirect heal spells, like Justicar's Salvation.
* Player corpses no longer need to be looted to receive rewards. Coin will be automatically looted, and any other rewards will show up in the Rift reward container.
* Conquest Points and Conquest Perks have been removed from Conquest Mode.
* PVP Rifts have been retired, and can no longer be opened.

* Fixed invisible dimension object indicators for people using the low-quality renderer.
* Dimensions that don't change Time of Day now say so on mouseover.

* High-level items from Storm Legion will salvage into Plane of Water materials. Enjoy your head-start!

* Nightmare Tide Essences are Bind to Account until upgraded. At that point, they become Bind on Pickup.
* Healing potions, tonics and philters will no longer be affected by abilities and effects that modify healing.

* Fixed an issue with the Empyreal Walker's sound effects. Spell effects now reappear on the player after dismounting from the Empyreal Walker.

 == REAVER ==
Reaver's Soul Gift: Each point spent in Reaver increases damage by 1%.


0 points:
* Ravaging Strike: Melee: Deals Weapon damage plus Death damage. Awards 1 Attack Point.
* Soul Sickness: Ranged: 15s cooldown: 20m: Deals Death damage over 15s. Awards 1 Attack Point.

2 Points:
* Dire Blow: Melee Finisher: Deals Death Damage based on Attack Points.

4 Points:
* Binding of Affliction: Self Buff: Increases Damage of non-Physical attacks by 5%. Lasts 1h.

10 Points:
* Dire Corruption: Targeted Aura: Ranged: 20m: 30s cooldown: Applies Dire Corruption on target enemy, dealing Death damage every 2s for 30s to the target and up to 10 enemies within 10m. Awards 1 Attack Point.

16 Points:
* Necrotic Wounds: Ranged: 6s cooldown: Deals Death damage over 15s. Awards 1 Attack Point.

24 Points:
* Infestation: Ranged: 20m: 30s cooldown: After 8s, detonates and deals Death damage per Reaver non-finisher damage over time effect on the target. Awards 1 Attack Point.

32 Points:
* Crest of Entropy: Self Buff: 60s cooldown: Off Global Cooldown: Absorbs damage. Lasts for 15s.

38 Points:
* Stumbling Morass: GTAoE: 20m: 30s cooldown: Applies Stumbling Morass to the ground. Enemies caught in the morass are snared. Lasts for 30s.

44 Points:
* Cloak of Death: Self Buff: Off Global Cooldown: 90s cooldown: Envelops the Reaver into the shadows that conceals them from being seen. Removes all movement debuffs. Lasts for 6s. Does not break on damage taken. Movement speed is reduced by 30% while cloaked.

48 Points:
* Plague Bringer: Toggle: Off Global Cooldown: Causes the Reaver's damage over time abilities to affect up to 4 additional enemies. Damage done to the additional targets is reduced by 70%.

51 Points:
* Flesh Rot: Ranged: 20m: Deals Death damage over 15s. Awards 1 Attack Point.

54 Points:
* Pestilence: Passive: Increases the damage of Reaver damage over time effects by 25%.

58 Points:
* Explosive Infestation: Ranged: 20m: 30s cooldown: Effects up to 5 enemies. After 8s, deals Death damage, increased by 45% per Reaver damage over time effect on the enemy, maximum of 4. Awards 1 Attack Point.

61 Points:
* Viral Stream: Ranged: 30m: 30s cooldown: Channels Death damage each second over 3s to the target. Damage is increased 30% for each Reaver damage over time effect on the target. Can move while channeling. Awards 1 Attack Point per second channeled.


Tier 1:
* Planar Attunement: 5 points: Increases damage over time abilities by 2/4/6/8/10%.
Entropic Embrace: 5 points: Increases non-Physical damage by 2/4/6/8/10%.

Tier 2:
* Rancid Cleave: 1 point: Ability: Melee: AoE: Deals Weapon plus Death damage to 5 targets. Awards 1 Attack Point. (This replaced Blood Fever.)
* Shadow Strength: 5 points: Increases Strength by 2/4/6/8/10%.
* Deadly Reach: Augments your Binding of Affliction to increase the range of your ranged Reaver abilities by 3/6/10m.
* Soul Feast: 1 Point- Soul Sickness, Necrotic Wounds, and Flesh Rot heal you for 8% of the damage done.

Tier 3:
* Reaping Touch: 2 points: Dire Blow does 10/20% more damage against targets below 30% health.
* Plagued Grip: 5 Points: Increases Weapon damage and Attack Power by 2/4/6/8/10%.
* Spasm: 1 Point: Ability: 20m: 8s cooldown: Interrupts an enemy.

Tier 4:
* Power Leech: 3 Points: Those affected by your Dire Corruption deal 1/2/3% less damage.
* Septic Wounds: 1 point: Those affected by your Necrotic Wounds also have healing received reduced by 15%.
* Shadow Mastery: 3 points: Increases critical hit chance of non-Physical abilities by 2/4/6%.

Tier 5:
* Fester : 5 points: Enemies affected by Infestation and Explosive Infestation get a debuff that causes them to take increased Death damage from the Reaver by 3/6/9/12/15%.
* Shadow Warp: 1 point: Ability: 20m range: 15s cooldown: Teleports the Reaver behind their target.
* Mind Break: 1 Point: Required: Spasm: Spasm now stuns the target for 3s. The target cannot be affected by Mind Spasm again for 30s.

Tier 6:
* From the Shadows: 5 points: Increases damage done by Dire Blow and Ravaging Strike by 2/4/6/8/10% when striking from behind.
* Dire Step: 1 Point: Required: Shadow Warp: Increase movement speed by 15% for 3s after Shadow Warping. Removes all damage over time effects on the Warrior.
* Lingering Shadows: 2 points: Infestation has 50/100% chance to grant an additional Attack Point.

Tier 7:
* Decaying Defenses: 1 point: Increases the damage of Dire Corruption by 10%. Those affected by Flesh Rot have their armor and resists reduced by 5%.
* Rapid Infestation: 3 points: Reduces the countdown to detonation on Infestation by 2/4/6s and increases damage done by 5/10/15%.
* Sinister Intent: 1 point: Increases the initial damage of Soul Sickness, Necrotic Wounds and Flesh Rot by 30%.

Tier 8:
* Walks with Death: 3 points: Reduces the cooldown of Infestation, and Explosive Infestation by 3/6/9s.
* Vile Affinity: 1 points: Reduces the cooldown on Dire corruption by 20s.
* Shadow Strike: 1 point: Dire Blow and Ravaging Strike now deal 25% additional Death damage for each Reaver damage over time effect on the target.

Tier 9:
* Shadow of Dread: 1 point: Ability: 20m range: 60s cooldown: Applies all known Reaver damage over time abilities to the target. Awards 1 Attack Point.