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[Dungeons, Slivers and Chronicles] I: The Realm of the Fae

Dungeon Name: Realm of the Fae (RotF)
Location: Silverwood
Co ordinates: 6700, 2725
Bosses: Trickster Maelow, Luggodhan, Atrophinius, Fae Lord Twyl
Dungeon level: 17-23 (*if using the dungeon finder, you "can" enter at 15*)
Length: Depending on your group's speed. Usually around 45 min.

     The dungeon, Realm of the Fae, is located deep in the hedge mazes in northern Silverwood. It is the home of Fae Lord Twyl, the ancient leader of the Fae from the Plane of Life. It is a dungeon specific to the Fae and is therefore designed with flowers, natural elements, and beauty in mind. You have to fight your way past satyrs, treants, boglings, faeries, pixies, and brownies to reach the very end. The dungeon is divided up into each of the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and at the end of each season change, you must get past a "boss" Fae to advance. Lorewise, once you've slain the Fae Lord, this pocket of the Plane of Life ceases to exist, and the Fae sort of end up leaderless for a while, before Hylas makes his move to become Greenscale's general and sort of takes over the Fae in a coup. You realize at the end of the dungeon that this was Hylas's goal all along, getting you to take out Twyl so he doesn't have to put himself at risk, since he isn't Ascended. This is what I consider his tipping point, where he full on embraces the corruption of Greenscale and the planes and turns fully against Telara and the gods, although it seems that in his own delusional mind he still thinks he's doing good. This is the first dungeon that Guardian players come across while questing and exploring in the world of Telara, and is one of the first dungeons that comes up when you sign up for dungeons, under the default key "I" on the keyboard. There are three quests related to Realm of the Fae, two of them located inside the dungeon by talking to an elf spy hiding by the entrance.

  •   "The Realm of the Fae"
    • Quest Giver: Tam Daggerborne
    • Talk to Shyla about Hylas's story, than seek out Nuna Hawkwing inside RoTF
  • "The Land of Seasons"
    • Quest Giver: Nuna Hawkwing <Scout of Sanctum>
    • Find and bless the 5 shrines of the gods located inside the Realm of the Fae
      • They are indicated on your mini map by a golden circle. Sometimes it's easy to overlook them. One of them requires you to kill mobs that are out of the main path and so often is ignored.
  • "Lords of the Fae Realm"
    • An auto quest given when you enter the dungeon
    • Kill the leaders of the Fae inside the Rotf
  • "The Coup"
    • This quest is part of the Saga of the Endless
    • Obtained at lvl 20
    • Requires you to enter RoTF and kill "Aelfwar Scout Commander"s
  • "The Beastmaster"
    • This quest is part of the Saga of the Endless
    • Obtained at lvl 20
    • Enter the RoTF and find Naveer the Primal and obtain the Blade of Light
Boss Strategies:
  • Trickster Maelow-lvl 17 Fae (brownie).
    • Relatively easy fight if you know who to kill first. He is accompanied by two pixies, Brae and Celoah, or otherwise known as "blue wings" and "green wings". They each provide a unique buff to Maelow that makes him harder to kill and allows him to do more dmg to the group. If you don't focus kill the pixies guarding him, he will systemically wipe your group. Brae, or the green winged pixie, gives Maelow a shield that is a dmg reduction spell, protecting him from most dmg. Celoah, or blue wings, gives him a special attack buff that allows him to hit much harder. This is a main trouble for the tank, who will take spike dmg and if the healer isn't good enough or can't keep up, the tank will die. If the group is good and well organized, it shouldn't matter too much with pixie dies first, but targeting Celoah will provide the tank and healer a bit of breathing room.
    • Loot:
      • Belt of Stolen Rings-Chain belt (Cleric/Warrior)
      • Faecraft Gauntlets-Plate gloves (Warrior)
      • Trickster's Cinch-Leather belt (Rogue)
  • Luggodhan-lvl 17 Fae (shambler)
    • Also an easy enough fight. He casts a Dmg Over Time spell, or DoT, on random players that must be dispelled by the healer, and will every once in a while place a random pool of poisoned slime under a player's feet. Exercise common sense and move out of stuff on the ground, stay behind the boss and you'll be fine. The slime will also slow a character down.
    • Loot:
      • Mostly Digested Cord-Cloth belt (Mage)
      • Algae-Coated Buckler-Shield off hand (Warrior, Cleric)
      • Bile Stained Boots-Plate boots (Warrior)
  • Battlemaster Atrophinius-lvl 17 Fae (satyr)
    • He will attack you after a long speech about mead. He will also have two satyr aids who will attack you but their damage is weak and easily healed through. If you want, ignore them as they will disappear after Atro is dead. He will randomly charge a player, knocking them back, stunning them, and doing dmg. It's a fast fight as long as everyone focuses on either the boss, or one mob at a time. The tank should position himself against a rock or something in case of being charged so he doesn't lose aggro because Atro does tend to do a lot of dmg to none-tank players.
    • Loot:
      • Battlemaster's Sack-Loot bag (Inventory slot)
      • Prod of Atrophinius-Fire wand (Mage)
      • Gloves of Drunken Rage-Plate gloves (Warrior)
      • Mead Sticky Handwraps-Leather gloves (Rogue)
  • Fae Lord Twyl-lvl 17 Fae (brownie, leader of the Fae)
    • When you engage Twyl, he will run away and force you fight 3 "phase" mobs before facing him. You attack avatars of Spring, Summer, and Autumn, which are increasingly harder Life elemental creatures. They are relatively easy to kill, just make sure the group stays together so the tank can pick up aggro off the mobs easy. When you've killed the last "avatar" (the Avatar of Spring, yes it is backwards) Twyl will show up again and attack the group. The tank should have no problem picking up aggro and keeping Twyl's attention. Twyl is an easy, but rather long, fight. Just avoid the "fae tempest" which is an aoe green tornado that swirls around, and try not to fall off the cliff. can actually fall off the cliff. Twyl just whales on the tank and mostly ignores everyone else other then the occasional annoying freezing spell that locks you in place.
    • Loot:
      • Fae Lord's Justice-Two-Handed axe (Warrior/Cleric)
      • Faestrike Longbow-Ranged weapon (Rogue/Warrior)
      • Satyr's Foe Cleaver-One-Hand sword (Warrior/Rogue/Cleric)
      • Twyl's Icy Slippers-Cloth boots (Mage)
  • "Realm of the Fae" and "Expert: Realm of the Fae"
    • Earned by completing the dungeon and killing all 4 bosses (6 on Expert).
  • "Conqueror: Realm of the Fae"
    • A "meta" achievement, which means that it requires you to complete other achievements related to it.
  • "Rapid Assault: Realm of the Fae"
    • Kill all bosses on expert difficulty within 35 minutes of first combat.
  • "Achiever: Realm of the Fae"
    • Another meta achievement. Complete all the achievements listed.
  • "Stunning!"
    • On separate visits to the dungeon, defeat Trickster Maelow on expert with each of his pixie minions still alive.
  • "Taming the Fae"
    • On expert, kill Maelow after killing his two pixie companions within 10 seconds of each other.
  • "Sluggo the Luggo"
    • Defeat Luggodhan within 90 seconds of engaging combat on expert.
  • "Ticking Slime Bomb"
    • Defeat Luggodhan without any party members taking more than 15 "ticks" of damage from corrosive ooze on expert difficulty.
  • "This Might Sting"
    • Defeat Grand Apiarist Orban on expert difficulty with both nectar hordes still alive.
  • "Songs of War"
    • Defeat Battlemaster Atrophinius on expert with both of his minions still alive.
  • "Everybody Freeze"
    • Defeat Chilliblains Winterfrost on expert without allowing him to leave his peninsula.
  • "Bring the Heat to the Chill"
    • Defeat Chilliblains Winterfrost on expert without allowing more than 10 frozen vortexes to be summoned.
  • "Keep It Moving"
    • Defeat Fae Lord Twyl on expert without taking damage from his AoE attack Fae Tempest or dying.
     There is also a Storm Legion nightmare version of Realm of the Fae, called Realm of Twisted Dreams, where you face off against warped, different versions of the bosses, as well as a few additional bosses, with a different set of achievements and goals. The final boss in this scenario is called the Sinister Presence, and you have to defeat him to complete the dungeon.

References: All quest details and information was gathered by me from in game on my character Raeslyn, and all Cult Saga info was either written down at the time I did the quest, or added in later as I completed the arc for that lvl bracket. Achievements are easy to find and can be located in the achievement tab in game. I can't remember what the default key is for it, but I've changed it to Y to make it easier for me since it is the same key binding as in WoW, and it's easier to remember when the key bindings match up for both games. As always all data, details, information, and content belong to Trion's game Rift, not to me, and I am only writing it down as a pleasurable side project! Enjoy and I hope you found it helpful!

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