Wednesday, September 18, 2013

[Off Topic] Patch 2.4: Beyond Infinity


    Well I was a bit surprised (again) when I logged in today and was told I needed to update! It's that time again! A new patch, new content! This one is called Beyond Infinity and apparently focuses on the Infinity Gate and our imminent travel to a different Plane, which I think is coming in 3.0. It's so exciting! I've always wanted to visit another Plane, ever since I first start playing Rift! I really hope it can be done right so it's an enjoyable experience for everyone! And hey, maybe we'll meet some new races and get a new race to play! That would be awesome! And if they think they can't do that cause of the starting zone/lore stuff, well just make the new Plane the starting zone! Have these Ascended be after the events! And than they can go back in time and be part of the fun while lvling! Or something like that..could work, ya never know!

     Anyway, here's some of the features being introduced in Rift's newest patch, 2.4!

  • New Raid: Infinity Gate. As the Ascended all run to see who reaches the Infinity Gate first, so they can control it and use it to access the other Planes, the Gate stirs to live, furiously trying to protect itself with potent magic. Bosses include Breaker XI, Swarm Lord Twins Mordan and Viktus and something called a Karthan Juggernut. Sounds fun, right? Max players: 20.
  • New Dungeon: Realm of Twisted Dreams. For some reason every time I see that name I keep thinking it says Realm of Twisted Realms...I don't know why, that's just what my mind reads. I think it's because Realm and Dream are so close spelling wise. Well, this dungeon is apparently a revamped Realm of the Fae, starring Atrophinius's worst nightmares come true. All the bosses have undergone some cosmetic changes and now appear frightening and twisted, even Atro himself. You have to fight your way through the Realm, just like RoTF. Who knows, could be fun! Max players: 5. Level req...I'm not sure? Probably 60?
  • New Chronicle: Infernal Dawn: Yay, we finally get a Chronicle about Laethys! Having never done any of the raids, I rely on Chronicles for lore and info for my story. I can't wait to check this Chronicle out! Max players: 2.
  • PvP prestige rank 90. I'm not much into the PvP scene so I honestly don't even know what that means lol! I'm sure it will make the pvpers happy though. Or at least I hope so. They are always whining on the forums from what I see.
  • Cross-Shard instant adventure. Well, I don't necessarily care about this one either. I've never been a fan of cross-realm stuff, ever since WoW introduced it. I can see where it would be beneficial for low pop. realms, but it could also get annoying, seeing all numbers of people running rampant all over the zone. I like my zone peaceful and quiet!
  • New hairstyles. Zomg! I've been hoping for some new hairstyles since forever! This is super cool!!! I can't wait to check out the barber and see what's what! It's gonna be fun! From the pictures, it looks like it's not "new" new hairstyles, but rather taking hairstyles from the other races and making them available for the other races. But still, that's wicked cool. Thanks Trion!
  • New UI stuff for noobs. Newbie players get a new help screen, new tutorials, and new special quests for each significant level they gain. Could be helpful I suppose. But I reached end game without any of that, way back when too, when everything was confusion and chaos.
  • New Rift Store section. Trophies apparently. After your character gains a special reward or event, you can purchase trophies of it on the Rift Store. I'll have to investigate that I suppose!
  • The usual changes to classes and races.
  • Changes to questing, items, zones, etc. I never pay attention to that stuff.
     All in all, a pretty exciting update to Rift! I can't wait to dive in and investigate it all!

PS: Apparently the Blood Raptor (Rogue Ranger spec last pet) has a seriously new and wicked look. I totally approve!

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