Thursday, February 13, 2014

[Off Topic] Patch 2.6: Dream Weaver

     So, big content patch yesterday! We're getting ready for the expansion, Rift 3.0 apparently and modifying some things as it gets closer. I'm still amazed and super excited about the plans to visit other planes! And we get Plane of Water first. I really liked Vash'jr in WoW. Anyway, here's some of the new things and changes with patch 2.6:
  • New Trade Skill: Dream weaver. Apparently this is a dimension related profession. You can craft keys to new dimensions, as well as craft a ton of handy little objects for your dimension. Sounds cool. I never actually fiddled overly much with my dimensions, although I did love the concept of having your own house to decorate. I'll have to further investigate this to see if it's actually going to be a useful profession. The fuel is shinies though, so save your duplicate shinies for this trade skill!
  • Unstable Artifact Sets: There will be Unstable [insert zone name] that will show up just like other zone events. The event is pretty fun, but not much going on other than the obvious, just run around and collect unstable artifacts. They will be little shinies on the ground like regular artifacts, but they will glow dark blue like lightning effect. The artifact sets that they complete are not to be taken seriously as lore, as they are "unstable" and usually just refer to random pointless things. If you are a patron you can use your artifact tracking vial to find them just like regular artifacts! There is a timer though. You can only collect them for song as the event is going on, and you can see the timer on the right under the zone event header. For each unstable artifact set you complete, you gain a "planar nut". If you get enough of them, I think it's 23, you can then purchase a Planar Squirrel mount, of which there are multiple colors and looks. They are adorable, but rather odd, and I'm not sure how I'd explain them in Rift lorewise lol.
  • Bounty System: I imagine this is like that one quest system they introduced in SL. I can't think of the name of it darn it. Where you have the quest to kill certain mobs or a whole bunch of mobs in any given zone. (edit: Carnage quests). Anyway, the Bounty System allows you to go out and hunt down specific creatures. You can earn titles, achievements, cloaks, an access to a special vendor selling cool potions. Another thing that I hope to check out if I have the time. Too many things to explore!
  • Prelude: Air Saga storyline: You get to embark in a multi-chapter and multi-phase Air saga quest chain that will give you plenty of lore and fun and rewards and open the door to an earlier age. You'll do quests leading up to the Exodus of the Storm Queen. As the phases open up, you'll track Crucia to Dusken and see what she's up to there. You can earn a storm griffon companion pet, a title, and Storm Legion armor pieces, which you can than customize in the handy wardrobe section of your character window. 
  • Combat Pet Skins: This one is something I quite like very very much! Thank you so much Trion for making this ability a reality!!! Finally, we have different skin colors for our combat pets. You can unlock it with your talent system or on the rift store apparently. I can't wait to see if my wolf can be a diff color!
  • Dimensions Update: More dimension slots (as if we didn't have enough already, jeez I feel spoiled), visual updates, and a better edit mode.
  • Various Things: Return of the love bug, as it is in fact, February after all. New Bloodfire Raid Rifts, which drop a specific item that you can augment in the Bloodfire portal and create yourself a mount once you've "leveled up" your item/egg, the return of the Carnival of the Ascended, as well as various tweaks to all aspects of the game to improve performance, play and abilities.

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