Monday, May 12, 2014

[Off Topic] Patch 2.7: Bindings of Blood

Lots of stuff happening with Bindings of Blood! The most exciting of course, being the new souls that Trion has been teasing us with these past few months!!!! Here's a list of the cool and exciting new features that will be available woot woot!

  • 4 New Souls
    • Arbiter- a tanking mage!
    • Liberator- a healing warrior!
    • Physician- a healing rogue!
    • Oracle- a support cleric!
  • New Special Capes!
    • Well, to be fair, these capes come only if you complete the questline for each of the Souls listed above to get the lowdown on their lore, backstory, introduction, and gameplay! It's super cool. Obviously you'd have to be a rogue to do the rogue quest, and a cleric to do the cleric one, etc. You can get some really nice exp, a good cape, cool achievements and titles, and other fancy gear for your beloved character by doing these quests! Also, if you wander around the questhub area, you can pick up awesome books on the souls.
  • Big Class Changes
    • A few of the major Souls that got flung into the air were Cabalist, Stormcaller (my favorite mage spec) and Justicar.
  • Tier 3 Raids
    • SL Tier 3 raids now available for Greenscale, Akylios, Laethys and Maelforge respectfully, with upgraded gear and new achievements!
  • Lots of events and activities!
    • There's going to be a lot of busy players who enjoy doing the weekly events in Rift this patch!
    • There's Unicornalia (a special unicorn-centric world event where you can collect sparkle particles to collect and turn in for a sparkly unicorn pet or whatever else catches your fancy)
    • Temporal Flux- the same daily quests with chances at getting a new rare Empyreal Walker mount (personally I think it's ugly, no thx!) and other gear on the exotic vendor NPC that will be next to the daily quests in your major city.
    • Mathosian Mayhem- Adds special rewards and rare drops to zone events throughout the time this event is going on. Moonshade and Droughtlands seem to be the chosen zones, Rift says.
    • Summerfest 2014! With a beautiful Ravensong mount to aim for!
  • Plenty of UI Changes and Improvements
    • The macro UI
    • Crafting UI
    • Achievs UI
    • Preview Item UI- woot, I can see mounts and pets now finally!
    • More wardrobe saving spots for many more customizable costumes!
    • Last Names! Finally we get to actually, officially, have a last name in Rift! This is my first time playing a game where I can pick a last name! Soooo excited beyond belief for this! It costs credits, but I'm fine with that, I haven't spent any of mine yet anyway. You can have multiple words and even spaces in your last name, and it doesn't count as a title either, so you can be "Planewalker Raeslyn Windrose of Akala" if you so desire!
    • All old raid and pvp currencies were converted into platinum to get rid of a messy and cluttered up currency window
    • New Warfront! Blighted Antechamber. Not released yet, but will be at a later date! A new capture the flag style warfront that should hopefully keep the pvpers satisfied.
    • Changes to the Ascend-A-Friend program! Now it's all on the Rift store, and instead of just being gifted each tier of item for how many peeps you Ascend, you gain little blue star coins that you collect for each person you Ascend and you can than use toward buying a small selection of items. I already have the hat, puppy, and flamey horse so I'm happy!
    • Improved Patron benefits for the patrons that were crying it wasn't worth it.
    • New Launch window for "Glyph", the host program for all of Rift's games now, since they seem to be stacking up quite a few lol

And that's all the major exciting fun stuff happening this patch! Not a content full patch, but still I'm sure there will be plenty of things to keep me busy. Now I just need to decide if I want to buy the Dream Soul Pack or not....meh, I'm sure I'll get it lol! I would love having new souls to play around with! :)

~Dark out

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