Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Off Topic] Warlords of Draenor Beta Invite!

     Woohoo, got invited to the beta for WoD expac! Hehe so happy! It was funny because just the other day I was complaining to my friend online that I've been invited to every single expac beta except Warlords, and I was a little disappointed that I never got this invite. And I was super hyped to try it out too!! Well now I have it, and I logged in to check things out!!! First thing I did was copy over my lil Druid and run to the part of SW harbor that leads to the pre quests. I don't think everything is quite finished and polished yet, it is a beta after all. And the game was super laggy and glitchy too. I ran around, had some fun, did some kind of demonic invasion mission thing with all the leaders of all the factions. That was super duper cool! It was nice to finally see Thrall again and wonder what he's up to! I think the only thing I'm not looking forward to about this expansion is Garrosh. I'm so sick of him already, and I'm so annoyed that not only did he escape justice at the end of MoP, but the morons who sat at his trial (War Crimes novel) just let him waltz through time into the past. I could see something shifty from a mile away, but nope. And they were going to pardon him too!!!! So it's ok for that maniac to go unpunished for what he did to Theramore and to Panderia, but we kill off others like Malygos, who had simply been driven mad by outside influence. *shakes fist*. Ok whatever. I still hate Garrosh and I hope he dies off super early into the story because if he's the end boss I might have to step away from this expac.

     Other than beta invite to WoD, being super busy still with my blog, with work, with cosplay, and with a dozen other things I really don't have time for! The year goes by so darn fast, and I'm just always behind or unprepared for things. At least I'm happy to note that I'm nearly finished my cosplay costume for this year's BlizzCon. I'm going to do Shaman T10, Draenei. The Draenei are so darn cute, I love them! Took me soooo long to decide too on what armor I wanted to do haha.

     Well that's all for this post, just a tiny, simple little update for once, to interrupt all the hard work and text walls haha.

~Dark out.

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