Friday, August 08, 2014

[Off Topic] Patch 2.8: Madness Wakes

     The exciting new chapter in the sprawling saga that is Rift! I'm so excited! There's some new content coming this patch, which seems to be the prelude to the new Nightmare Tide Expansion! I always love the new content that comes right before the expansion as well as the lead in pre launch events! I think I enjoy it because this is the point where lore takes a leap forward past the stagnant ever present state of just existing in limbo once you read the end point. It's so awesome seeing it move forward! Here's some stuff to look forward to this patch!

  • Nightmare Tide (3.0) Pre-launch Story Quests and Event
    • "Cyril Kalmar and Kira Thanos have been dreaming darkly in the city of Tempest Bay. Help them put the dark nightmares to rest.
      • "Dreaming Darkly"(Guardian) and "The Dark Dream" (Defiant) start off this awesome quest chain in Tempest bay by talking to your respective faction representative. After that, continue with the questline.
  • New Dungeon: Nightmare Coast
    • The lore of this dungeon starts off right after you complete the prelude quests mentioned above. The last of those quests takes you to talk to the Faceless Man in Shimmersand and from there, it's a hop and a skip to the Nightmare Coast dungeon entrance.
    • 5 man dungeon for lvl 60 players
    • It resolves the mystery of the Sinister Presence and details the story of how and why the Infinity Gate has wandered around the world to rest over Fortune's Shore. You battle a new group of fanatics calling themselves the Dream Coven as they work to open a new portal into the world and unleash a whole new mess of bad guys. Telara just can't catch a break eh?
  • Soul Updates
    • The Pyromancer soul received huge changes to abilities and how they work. Like, huge.
    • Sentinals also got some pretty big changes.
    • Stormcaller has a depressingly long list of changes (Kara is a Stormcaller)
  • Updates to the Ah-This doesn't impact me since I don't use it.
  • New Inspect Character changes-cool!
  • Now we have the ability to dive underwater. Just hit X.
  • Other changes
    • Summoning a friend will now let them know who's summoning them.
    • Rift store changes
    • UI and settings changes
    • Changes to older boss encounters for a more streamlined and sensible fight.
    • Fixed some pvp issues (personally, pvp needs a loooooot of work.)
     And that's all folks! Now get out there and enjoy the new story, the new dungeon, and get ready for the next expansion cause it looks like it's going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

   ~Dark out

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