Sunday, February 01, 2015

[Off Topic] Patch 3.1: Storm At Sea

Storm At Sea!
     While I haven't had much time to myself to play Rift or even WoW lately, I have been keeping up with all the updates and announcements going on in Rift and I gotta say, there's lots of cool things that have been happening in this expansion. Here's what's going down this patch!
     Apparently there's a lost island, shrouded in mist, out there in the Dreaming Sea, waiting for us to discover and conquer it. Also, it appears it's where Crucia has been hanging out lately. I knew we hadn't seen the last of her. She keeps popping up, like a cockroach. Which is ok with me cause I think she's one of the coolest villains in Rift. :)
     You have to fight against giant, evil Akvan, all kinds of demigods, spawn of the Plane of Water, and all manner of defenses when assaulting the island, before entering the Tyrant's Throne to battle against Crucia herself.
New Zone: Tyrant's Throne= An island in the Dreaming Sea where Crucia is biding her time to strike back. 5 new story quests and a whole bunch of rewards and achievements await.
Three New Zone Events= The Ravenous Devourer, Leviathan, Aphogglach.
New Nightmare Raid Rift= A new raid rift has been added, 'The Darkest Magic'. Nightmare beings both evil and strange are tearing their way into Draumheim and it's up to the Ascended to put a stop to them before madness takes over.
Tyrant's Forge: New 20 player Raid= In this raid, it looks like Crucia has created a mechanical, large dragon form for herself to use so she can reign over the Planes without anyone being able to stop her. To thwart her plans you have to enter the Tyrant's Forge and put a stop to the completion of her giant mecha. You must fight Johan (I confess I have no idea who this is), Pumpkin (Also no idea), and than Crucia herself in order to gain victory, if you can even make it in time. (Sounds ominous!)
Chronicle: The Rhen of Fate= The results of Finric's decisions if the Ascended hadn't gone to the Plane of Water. A 2 player chronicle mirroring the first sliver of Nightmare Tide.
Planar Attunement Expansion= 3 new additions to Planar Attunement, Dusk, Dust, and Steam (a rather odd choice) that unlock a whole ton of new rewards, including temporary enchants, Nightmare Tide buffs, and a whole bunch of other beneficial new abilities befitting the elements.
New Minions and Capes= A host of new sneaky minions that will challenge players to collect them, as well as a whole bunch of new unique capes for everyone, as well as a bunch of other in game things to be added! As well as new minion updates and added features to make it easier to access and play with the minion screen.
Tons of other updates to both the game UI, character screen, Souls, professions, quest objectives, the looking for group feature, fishing, looting, auction house, and quests! Oh and also dimension UI. Which is always good since the dimensions UI is a bit annoying at times. All kinds of fun new stuff to check out so make sure ya do! And now I'm off to play some Rift myself! Ta!

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