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stormcaller soul

The Soul of a Stormcaller

The Stormcaller soul plays a part in these purposes:
  • Stormbringer (55pts.)
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Each point spent in the Stormcaller tree increases single target damage by .5% and AoE damage by 1%.

Type of Soul
A dealer of strong elemental magic focusing on water and air, a Stormcaller is able to bring down lightning, rains, and harsh winds to devastate attackers.
40pt Talent
“Storm Surge”   damage ability     14 mana    +11 charge
Cast time: 1.5sec.       Range: 30m       Cooldown: 30sec.
Deals X air dmg per stack of Electrified on the initial target. Applies a number of Electrified stacks to each enemy hit equal to the number on the initial target.
61pt Root Ability
“Storm Guard”     12 mana      Self buff      No Global Cooldown
Instant Cast
Reduces damage taken by 15%. When hit, applies Electrified and deals X air damage to the attackers if they are in melee range. Consumes charge while active.
Main Weapons
It’s said that Stormcaller Amunet could stop a man’s heart with the shock of her touch. Yet before she joined Thorvin Sternhammer’s crusade to imprison Greenscale, Amunet was called the Weather Witch of Emerald March. Without the Justicar’s interception, she would have burned at the stake as a heretic and dragon-spawn. In the rich farmlands of the March, Thorvin’s band encountered a land assaulted by harsh storms and persistent frosts that left fields washed out and barren. The March folk laid blame on the Eth woman Amunet, who stood out with her swarthy skin and pale white hair threaded with silver. The crusaders found her bound to a stake in the village square of Smith’s Haven, surrounded by villagers bearing torches. Thorvin stepped forward as the hand of divine judgment and bid them allow him to confront the condemned. “Do you have the power they accuse you of?” He asked her. “I do,” Amunet responded tonelessly. “Did you call the frost?” he asked next. “I did.” She said. “Why?” A smirk curled her lips. “At last, someone bothers to ask why.” As his men kept the villagers at bay, Thorvin untied Amunet. She led the party onto the March, where frost withered the delicate leaves of the seedlings. Durnes the Elven Ranger, wrinkled her nose as she could smell the Planar taint on the plants. The witch explained that she had seen Greenscale’s minions seeding the land with pods from the Plane of Life and had called in the storms to keep them from blooming. Together, they laid a trap for the life-touched wretches. The heavy rains and the frosts receded when Amunet released the spells she had cast on the land. Thorvin’s party hid themselves within the fields. Later that night, human cultists crept through the land, sowing the fields with corrupted seeds. Amunet surprised Thorvin’s crusaders with her skill in weather magic. She stood back from the fray, shielding herself with gales of wind that tossed the cultists like ragdolls.  She encircled the cultists with rings of frost, inflicting deep chills and hypothermia. Lightning danced down from the sky, bursting foes like ripe grapes or arching between cultists like a terrifying game of leap frog. Though each crusader downed cultists, Amunet racked up victims by the score. When it was over, they found a member of almost every local family among the villains. Disgusted, Amunet decided it was time to leave the March and Thorvin offered her a place in his band, the legendary hunting party destined to bring down gluttonous Greenscale.
“Should you feel a chill in your bones or an electric current in the air, you should run very far and very fast. You can no more hide from my lightning than you can block frost with a shield.”
Weaving air and water magic together, Stormcallers can achieve heights of devestation that they would not be able to if wielding these magics individually. Stormcallers are powerful in long fights against multiple foes.
Just as a storm can’t become powerful on one element alone, a Stormcaller has to take time to build up their spells, switching between elements to bring potency to their spells and are vulnerable to those who know how to interrupt their rotation and are capable of massive burst damage.

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