Sunday, August 02, 2015

Codex Elementalism book lore

The basic precepts of elemental magic are laid out in this ancient manuscript.

  • Air: A shifting ephemeral element, related to thought, electricity and control. The great dragon Crucia is a manifestation of the element of Air, although a corrupted one.
  • Earth: An element of substance and great range of value. It solidifies the universe, giving it structure and form. The elemental dragon Laethys is a manifestation of the element of Earth.
  • Fire: Energy and power, shifting structure and chaos. Fire is the transformative element. Maelforge is the dragon of Fire.
  • Water: Knowledge and depth. Water consumes and wears at the world over time. Water smothers. It is the barrier only some may cross. Water tests us. Akylios is master of the element of Water.
  • Life: Life is healing and creation, an abundance of structure, a confluence of other elements; Air, Earth, Fire, Water. When used with compassion, it can mend wounds and revive the dead. When used with malice it is cancer and corruption. The dreaded Greenscale is the dragon of the element of Life.
  • Death: Death is entropy and decay. An end to creation, energy, substance, mind and knowledge. Death is a release. The energies of Death are a part of the natural cycle of Telara. But empowered by magic, by its primal element, Death is destruction out of control. Regulos is the dragon of death and decay, lord of destruction.

References: This is the details located in the book "Codex Elementalism" which can be located and collected in Rift. I don't remember where to get the book but when I come across it again I'll mark it's location into the book list for others to find! This information belongs to Rift and is not mine!

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