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[Off Topic]: Patch 3.5, Winter's Wrath, and the Dark Pantheon, Oh My!

    Omg, lots of new and exciting things coming with patch 3.5 and I can hardly wait to play it tonight after work!! It launches December 9th, which is today woot!!!! Here's a look at what all is being introduced/changed in 3.5 "Winter's Wrath":

  • Affinity-A Patron benefit thing apparently, which is fine by me cause I've been subscribed to Rift since it's launch in....uh....2010 was it? And I've kept subscribed to the year long sub even after the game went F2P (which I still don't agree with but whatevs). Apparently, Affinity means you collect Patron points just by logging into the game on a Patron account. For each day that you log in, you gain 5 Affinity points, plus you get an extra 3 points bonus as you play throughout the day. I'm assuming this is for playing for 3+ hours straight or something. Or for logging in multiple times? You can redeem your points for neat things on the Rift store, like mounts for any of your characters (which I take to mean that they are BoA, awesome!) or end game loot stuff! A huge bonus and a definite incentive for peeps to subscribe to Rift. I like this idea! UPDATE: The Affinity items are NOT BoA items sadly, and if you want the mounts on multiple characters, you need to keep saving up affinity until you have enough for each character to buy their own. Which makes me sad because I really want Bolt and Volt on all my mains! :(
  • PvP- New and improved rewards for participating in pvp skirmishes. I'm not a big pvp'er, but I've been known to try my hand at it from time to time. I'll say this: I prefer Rift pvp to WoW pvp any day of the week! It just seems so much more....meaningful. Ya, that's the word I want. There is also a new tier of pvp gear available for end game for players who do hardcore pvp! You can earn this new tier of pvp armor, called Warmonger's Armor, by upgrading your Frenetic armor pieces (no idea what those are, as I haven't even got a char to end game yet LOL). There are also all new epic quality weapons, Warmonger Weapons on the Rift Store for pvp currency (Favor) and are also upgradeable. I actually really like the upgrade option that Rift introduced. It makes me feel proud to work toward upgrading my armor for better stats rather then just throwing it away at the first opportunity for something better! Apparently the Warmonger weapons give a chance a special effect in combat that could potentially turn the tide of battle. Sounds exciting! :)
  • Ascended Troves- Trion is giving all of us Ascended a lovely gift basket and it's pretty darn awesome!!! Even non patron's get one! :) Starting at lvl 10, you can pick up your gift basket in the Rift store. It's full of gear you can use, mounts, pets, reward currency, dimension items, etc! For every 10 lvls, you'll be able to open up the Trove and gather more epic loots! The Troves work kind of like a nesting doll, where each one is wrapped inside the layer of the one before it. Like peeling an onion. If you aren't quite at the lvl where you can open your trove yet, just keep it in your bag or bank until you ding, then open it and reap the benefits!
  • Fae Yule-Once again it's Christmas time in the real world, which means that the citizens of Telara will be celebrating the world renowned Fae Yule holiday! I love Fae Yule of all the holidays! The holiday spirit, excitement, and magic just gets me every time! Fae Yule will be added to the game On Dec 10th and go until Jan 6th, which thankfully gives me plenty of time to do stuff for it since I find myself working quite a lot lately to make up for my trip to LA for BlizzCon! There are bunch of new things to do for Fae Yule this year!
    • Instant Adventure-Fae Yule Style!-Greatfather Frost and Atrophinius(was wondering when he would pop up again...) have set out to make Fae Yule the best one yet and restore order to the holiday, but they seemed to have consumed a bit too much mead(no surprise there) and are having trouble completing the work. Queue up for IA in Iron Pine Peaks to help restore Fae Yule to it's rightful holiday state. Somebody's gotta do it!
    • Minions-All new holiday missions for your minions! I've only just familiar with the whole minion thing, so I'm kind of on the fence about this. They are fun and all, but I'm not really sure on their point in the game, other then random amusement for bored end game players. And in case you weren't able to do Fae Yule 2014's minion missions, they are going to be available again this year (which is good cause I didn't do them!) and you can also buy the minion card from last year: Rudy, from the Rift Store this year.
    • Sparkle Quest- I'm not really sure what that even means...but the Rift sites says that you can earn bran new end game gear and rewards from the newest raid (Mind of Madness) by doing Expert Dungeons, winning Random Warfronts, looting the chest in Conquest, participate in experience-giving Zone Events, or by doing assorted daily and weekly quests. But it seems that last year's Faelight Sparkles will magically dissolve out of your currency window so they are no longer valid for this year. So if you saved them up from last year, too bad so sad, gotta work from scratch like everyone else! Once you earn enough currency from doing these tasks, you can buy some awesome end game gear, either for dps, healer, or tank.
    • Fae Yule Quests and Zone Events-Earn currency, dimension items, pets, mounts, armor, and more this holiday by doing all the quests that were available last year! Like sledding down the slope in Iron Pine Peaks, dreaming up gifts in the Plane of Water, or performing tasks for the npc's in your capital city!
    • Dormant Fae Yule Gifts-For the duration of Fae Yule this year, the final lvl 65 boss on Expert dungeon mode will drop a Dormant Fae Yule Gift. If you hang onto these mystery packages for 12 days, they will...uh...hatch?...and you can open them for a piece of gear from the first tier of raids in the Nightmare Tide expac! Hang on to them, upgrade them, and equip them and this armor would be just as good as those that drop from the raids!
    • Achievements and Rewards- All new and old achievements, new pets, mounts, rewards, interactive items to liven up your group. The star at the top of this year's Yule tree is a set of necklaces that will make any Ascended blush(lol curious what that is...) The necklace costs 2k+ snowflakes or dark icicles, or you can buy it with credit. It's worth the equivalent of the first set of raid tier in Nightmare Tide, but you can also upgrade it to tier 2 very easily.
    • Rift Store Purchasable Items- On the store itself, purchasable with credits, are a bunch of new holiday themed items, like animated backpacks, a "Midnight Mink" mount, Faeblight Sparkle weapon skins, and a couple of cute portrait badges to complete your festive holiday look!
Well, that's a lot of stuff to take in eh? I'm so excited for Fae Yule tomorrow! Once I've had a chance to log in tonight and tomorrow, I'll update this post with specifics about the actual Fae Yule event and other goodies like Affinity! I can't wait for work to be over with already, and I haven't even started my shift yet haha!

Other things happening in the wonderful world of Rift right now!! Like a behind the lore look at the Dark Pantheon bosses in the Mind of Madness finale!! Here's some info!
        "You've tested your mettle beyond the edge of space and time, through the twisting synapse forest of the Unknown, topping the perverse Pillars of Justice and conquering Envy in the Heart of Darkness. These are all gateways to the true horrors concealed within the Mind of Madness!" That quote is taken directly from Rift's website, here Mind of Maddness Dark Pantheon! Read it, really cool stuff! :)
The new bosses are Lady Justice, The Enigma, Dark Genesis, and Arisen Arak! Sooooooo cool, I wish I was end game and geared just so I can check this place out and explore it all! And of course get all the cool achievements and gear and things.
  • Lady Justice: The Goddess of Reason and judgement. She's apparently supposed to bring order to the chaos of existence caused by the Enigma. That should mean she's the good guy right? Well, she's trapped inside the vessel and its warped her sense of right and wrong and her ability to think straight, so obviously she's going to think we are the enemy and need to be destroyed, so she's the first boss.
  • Enigma: Well, since Enigma means puzzle, or something that can't be solved, that's exactly what he is. He's the delver of secrets, and arises from chaos. he's driven in a perpetual quest to figure out the mysteries of everything. He's not evil or good by any means, but he sees such a big picture that he doesn't really care about all the "petty" fighting going on around him, and of course that means he thinks Ascended are beneath him. His lack of regard for what he considers lesser beings, leads to us all getting squished unless we can defeat him first! Rawr!
  • Dark Genesis: He's like the opposite of Lady Justice. He's located at the Monolith of Ruin and relishes in all things chaos and dark. He plots to bring destruction to Telara. I'm not sure what he has against our world personally, but he's gotta go down. We need to go there and kill him and put an end to his dark dreams of power.
  • Arisen Arak: So, Arak has found out his true origin, and is now able to harness the powers of the other bosses to transform himself into an all powerful uber being, called an Onir, which is apparently divine in origin. He's also immortal. Oh boy. As long as the others remain imprisoned and sleeping, their dreams and nightmares return him to life, no matter how often you smash his face in. Just his existing shatters reality, tearing through space and time and bringing the eternal Nexus into the cosmos of Telara. The good thing is, he can only take control of one of the others' powers at a time, and if your fast, you can align yourself with a deity before Arak destroys them.
     So, pretty cool eh? I would love so very much to delve into Mind of Madness and check it all out, and take screenshots and get achievements and all kinds of really fun things for my beloved characters! I shall have to be patient however, and wait for the right time! It's just so hard to see all this neat stuff and not want to dive into it blade first!

Off Topic Comment: I did an amazing good Samaritan thing today that I'm really proud of! A good friend of mine, who has 3 children and lives down the street, has fallen on really tough times. Her kids are all really young (oldest is 7) and she can't afford to get them Christmas presents or anything for this year, so I took her shopping today and got a whole bunch of things for the kids, as well as a neat hoodie for the dad, and even something for herself to put under the tree!! I did all of this, with no strings attached, and no obligations for her to do anything for me in return. I'm just incredibly happy that I was able to make someone else's holiday a little brighter! I also invited them all over to my house for Christmas dinner if they have no where else to go. :) What have any of you done lately, in game or out, that you're proud of? Happy Holidays!
            ~Dark out!

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