Wednesday, July 13, 2016

[Off Topic] Patch 3.7: Summer Solstice

     So, looks like patch 3.7 is FINALLY here! Guess what I'll be doing tonight!? Hehe. I can't wait to see how things have improved in Rift. I'm excited for the new 64-bit thing, as well as the Summer Solstice, which is one of my favorite holidays, and the new changes to the souls! According to Trion, the 64-bit Alpha won't be available till later, with the beta version coming sometime in the next 2 months after that. As for what to do right now? Well there's some overhaul of some Souls that needed it, like Druid, Elementalist, Berserker and Warlord souls.
     There's also the new feature "Dungeon Veteran System". I'm not really sure what that is, except that it seems to give you more rewards and benefits to players who have done the challenges of a given dungeon already. There's also a new thing called "Starter Guilds", which gives noob Ascended a home while they are exploring all the stuff of Telara. I'm not sure how that works though. It's AI operated guild? Who is the guild master? Do you have to create the starter guild, or are there pre-made starter guilds? Who runs them? I'll have to investigate after the patch downloads! There's also my personal favorite, new artifacts and dimensions!
     Summer Solstice starts tomorrow apparently so when it goes live, I'll update this page with info on that as well! Very excited for this holiday! It's going to be 3 weeks long and I am so in the mood for some summer sun parties! Trion has never failed to improve and expand on the holidays every year either, and I can't wait to see what new content has been added this Summerfest! Apparently there's a new mount, the Burning Husk...sounds kind of ominous actually, and some new costume armor 'Alsbeth's Raiment'. Huh, Alsbeth's armor? I wonder how that works. I thought we kicked her butt already? She's like a cockroach. There's also new upgrades to other souls coming tomorrow for Paladin, Sabateur, and a secret one they aren't telling us about yet. So come on Ascended, this party is for us! It's going to be a glorious summer!!

UPDATE!! July 14th. Summerfest is now here! Woot. I found out what the "Burning Husk" mount actually is. It's a wicker man kind of thing, which is apparently some kind of ancient elven tradition where victims were sacrificed for good harvest, just like in the olden times when pagans would do the same thing. How you use the mount? I've no idea, but it seems to hint that you'll be on fire while doing it lol...Not sure how I feel about that. There's also a new Minion called Mitch being introduced today, with a new set of minion quests unique to him, along with a ton of unique artifacts from doing them. You can also explode the artifact piƱatas to get shinies! The servers were crashing all last night, telling me they were in a maintenance window, so I couldn't do too much investigating, but tonight I shall delve into Summerfest! Happy Rifting!
  • Summer of Souls: As stated, new improvements, buffs, abilities, and build synergies for some of the "vanilla Rift" souls like the Druid and Elementalist. Not gonna lie, they definitely needed the attention.
  • Summerfest: The Plane of Life is just bursting forth with the bounty of summer, and they can't wait to share it with us! Not that I'm complaining. New rewards this year include artifact pinatas, Alsbeth's Raiment costume armor, a new mount, new achievements, new pets, etc!
  • Multicore 64-bit performance stuff: Significant improvement to the latency issue, performance, and stability. Let's hope they live up to their claims! *crosses fingers*
  • New Guild System: New Rift players will now be auto-invited to starter guilds. These new guilds are locked lvl 5 (guild lvl) and sort of gives players a look at guilds and introduces them to others their lvl so they can begin making friends right off the bat. That sounds kinda neat, actually. They've also removed the requirement of needing player signatures to create guilds. You can now make your own guild with just your little old self if you want to. Sounds kind of lonely though and defeats the purpose in my opinion. But hey, extra bank slots right?
  • Dungeon Veteran System: Characters that complete a dungeon 5+ times will now become a "veteran" of that dungeon. Veterans that run that same dungeon with at least one other player who is NOT a veteran will be granted a 15% bonus to currency, rep, tokens, and exp. So, a good reason to bring your guildies, friends, and random new players to a dungeon with you!:)

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