Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Love in the age of the shade book

      While adventuring, I came across this rather amusing book featuring a story about the most unlikely love story you've ever come across in Telara. Is it true? Who knows, I've seen far stranger things among the wood of Gloamwood!

Love In The Age Of The Shade

     "Beryl" said vampire Jeb in that low, drawn out voice that sent shivers up her spine, "I care so very deeply for you, and while I have suppressed my bestial nature, the sight of you tempts me into acts I had long put behind me."
     "Oh vampire Jeb, you're so elegant and refined, like a Mathosian knight of the old kingdom." Beryl grabbed hold of her ancient blood sucking boyfriend. She loved him so much that she thought her heart would burst. He wasn't like the other boys in Gloamwood, not priggish or grabby. He was dangerous in a way that made her feel safe in his arms. His fangs lightly traced the nape of her neck and she shivered. "Oh vampire Jeb...I want you to turn me. Right here, right now."
     "Beryl, that would mean you would become a thrall of Regulos. His rage would course through your being, and you would be a monster." Vampire Jeb stared intently into her eyes. "Besides, tonight of all nights, I would be unable to perform."
     Beryl frowned and rolled her eyes. She had thought that dating a vampire would be a little more adventurous. While she appreciated the long nightly walks and the talks about how special she was and her father totally hated him, sometimes she wished he'd act a little like those priggish Gloamwood boys. A girl does have needs.
     The clouds above the town parted and the full moon shone down upon them. "Oh no! Beryl, you must run from me!" Cried vampire Jeb, leaping back from Beryl and shielding his face. "What's wrong vampire Jeb?" Cried Beryl, running toward him. She was so worried. It seemed the list of curses and hexes he suffered under grew daily. The Hag gave him a soul to punish him for not mopping up the blood from a kill. The Gedlo Conclave hexed him for writing love poems while crying at Tearfall Creek, and those Guardians arrived and put all number of debilitating spells on him. Just last week he got hit by a full blast of sparkling faerie dust. Now he sparkled in a most unmanly way.
     "It's the curse of Gloamwood!" Cried vampire Jeb. Instead of his perfectly smooth, alabaster skin, he was covered in patchy fur, his beautiful face now lupine in nature.
     "Wait, you're a vampire and a werewolf?" Asked Beryl incredulously. "Really Jeb, now this is just getting stupid."

The End

Found by completing this artifact set:
Love In the Age of the Shade (lvl 25)
A gory romance novel that is a thinly veiled morality play. A guilty pleasure.
  • Twilight of the Shade
  • Underplane
  • Interview with a Lorn
  • Vampire Journals
  • Beryl the Vampire Slayer
  • Living Dead in Droughtlands

References: Well, this amusing little tale is a book you can collect and read in the game. You can collect the book by completing the artifact set mentioned above! Happy reading! PS, interesting how one of the artifacts is called "Beryl the Vampire Slayer". I take it that she got fed up with her lover and put an end to his endless suffering from all those curses? Hehe!

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