Saturday, March 25, 2017

[Off Topic]: 2017 Producer's Letter!

    Well, I just read Rift's producer's letter for this year, and I gotta say, even if it was just comfort words and an apology, followed by some stuff to sidetrack us, I can definitely say, it definitely worked on me lol! I'm sooooo dreadfully excited to see what's coming up next! I can't wait to get Rae to that point, omg! So much awesome. I'm looking forward to the epic questlines involved in the new Eternal Items next patch (4.1) as well as all the new and cool stuff coming with 4.2! Finally weekly quests, new raid rifts, new IA's, and a whole buttload of other stuff!!! So much information was given, my mind is still reeling. I know that the devs have a pretty tough, and often thankless job, especially among us players. I think gamers are very critical and quick to offer snarky, hurtful comments where not needed, simply because we are spoiled, entitled nerds who are used to just having everything we want at our fingertips. And we are very passionate individuals. When it comes to the games we love and cherish, we can get pretty hot and bothered about things that don't go our way. For that, I have to say I'm sorry Trion! I've read plenty of cutting remarks on the forums, that do nothing but insult without offering basis for their hurtful comments, as well as evidence or solid proof of why they have been so wronged. Sometimes we get stuck in a certain mindset and our stubborn selves don't want to expand out of it, or admit that we were out of line. Of course, on the other end of that spectrum, after reading many posts on the forums about the state of SFP and the end game content, and then witnessing it for myself, I have to say that there was definitely quite a few things lacking in this new expac, which makes me sad, because I want everyone to enjoy Rift, so that they continue to support it, so that I personally can make sure Rift will be around for me to play for years to come! Because I love Rift just as much as I love WoW and I would be devastated if I ever learned they were shutting down servers, or that the population was so low they were unable to support actual, updated content on a regular basis.

     So I'm happy to see this letter finally going up, because people have been crying for the producer's letter since the beginning of January. I just find it funny how enraged everyone was that the producer's letter took so long, because I myself keep every single email that Rift has ever sent me, and I have an email from last year proclaiming that 2016's producer's letter was ready to read, and that was in the middle of February. So they aren't too far off their mark by having this one in the middle of March. Cool your jets, peeps. It's just a letter!

     Things mentioned in the letter that we can look forward to!
  • Eternal Weapons in 4.1 with a long and involved questline
  • Changes to Planar Crafting, with new BiS items!
  • Tartaric Depths-10 man raid
  • New Weekly quests
  • 6th Anniversary Carnival
  • Vostigar Peaks- New lvl 70 zone with new content, and even hardmode group content!
  • New Daily quests
  • New Full questline, with replayable content
  • New Zone events, new IA's
  • New Raid Rifts and Chronicles
  • New souls for the Primalist

    Another, truly epic sounding thing that Archonix mentioned in his letter was something called "Rift Challenges". Which he mentioned several times could not even happen, and there were no promises on it, but it seemed they had this brilliant idea to create a new, temporary, ever changing server, separate from the live servers, where you can go on and participate in special, hard mode, or challenge mode activities, which would then impact your live server status! It sounds truly awesome, right?! There's a lot of potential there for brand new items, quests, mounts. ANNNNNNNNNND the most important thing that he mentioned about this was a tiny little, innocently placed comment mentioning that one of the rewards could be......drum roll please......a new race. Yes, you heard it, a NEW RACE. OMG! We've had the same 6 races on Telara since the beginning of time, and it would sooooooooooo beyond amazing, if we could have a new race(s) introduced! Even though I know it wasn't a sure thing, or promised, or whatever, but already my mind is going through potential races that could be playable. Seriously, a truly awesome idea I would throw all my money at! Please Trion, please make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want new races so badly!!!!!!!!!!!! Some draconic would be neat! Or serpentlike. Or something with horns!!!!!!! Or wings....or claws....Ugh omg! There are so many potential ideas when the world we play in has such possibility for new races. With the mix of the Planes, and the exotic creatures that come from them, we could have all manner of creatures to befriend and have join our faction! HNNNNNNG this needs to be a thing. I will donate to it so it happens!!!

     Well anyway, that's my rant on the producer's letter. Very much on the hype train for Patch 4.1 and 4.2, as well as this new hint at Rift Challenges!

     Here's a link to the letter, for anyone curious and wanting to read the entire thing for themselves! Enjoy! 2017 Producer's Letter

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