Thursday, March 08, 2018

[Off Topic]: Rift Prime!

     Well it's Wednesday again folks! Know what that means?? Well here in the Rift world that means patch/reset day! Kind of like Tuesday is WoW's patch/reset day! :) And today is a very special day indeed for Rift. Why? Well, it's Prime Time day!!!!! They are releasing the Prime server today! Personally, I just woke up so I haven't had a chance to go at it yet. The newest data is downloading as I type and will hopefully be ready soon so I can dive right on into the Prime servers. Which sadly were given the name Vigil. What a horrid and biased name right??? I mean, hello slap to the Defiant faces. I offered up Regulos and Soulstream for suggestions but I guess those weren't good enough. That makes me sad because I thought both were quite the acceptable server names in my opinion. Oh well. I'm super excited for Prime Server because now I can finally feel like I have a challenge in Rift. And have fun! Well hopefully. I'm not sure how successful they are going to be with this server. They've already confessed it's not going to be like in the good old days because they lost/overewrote most of the original code unfortunately. I asked a few questions on the forums about things too and got some good, but sad, answers. So far, I know this about Rift Prime:

  • Level 50 is the cap
  • It's a progression server, which means it's going to progress to a certain point, then end.
  • They ramped up the original zone and rift events a lot so at least those are going to be a challenge.
  • No more cash shop except for purely cosmetic stuff, like wings. 
  • Only 2 characters allowed.
  • Is a pve only server, with no open world pvp unless you flag yourself of course.
  • There is no conquest, apparently Trion hates that and is never bringing it back. :(
  • You have to have an active Patron account with Rift in order to access and play the Prime servers.
  • There's going to be a separate forum in the forums section specifically for Prime servers.

     Well as of now, I just finished updating, and after flailing my arms in confusion on how to actually enter Rift Prime, I've found it and since selected my server! And boom, in a queue. I haven't had a queue for anything for ages! The window tells me 35 minutes approx. until I can enter and play. Well...I guess I'll do my exercises of the day while I wait! Super excited to play!

Update from the same night after work!
     Wow I have got to say, Rift Prime is definitely a LOT of fun to play. Like legit sooo much fun. I'm having a real blast running around on my low lvl rogue I named Sindragosa. :) I made her similar to Rae hehe. Also it was rather awesome seeing Brasse and RoughRaptors chatting in /4 chat! I haven't seen a Dev post in general chat in like forever so it was amazing to see them there!!! <3 Thank you Trion for a wonderful new fresh start server to play in! It feels so amazing. I really wish they would implement this in live. Seriously! Especially the mob/zone/dungeon difficulty!! And ho boy did I miss the mass numbers of players all over the place. I didn't even realize how silent, toxic, and unfriendly Rift was until I played on Prime on the new server! I'm having the time of my life and I'm already depressed knowing it will end, even if it's a year or more off. :( Well that's it for now, just to say, if your on the fence about Rift Prime, just do it! It's amazingly fun and challenging, there's tons of people around, and it feels very full and just fun! <3 10/10 Trion, good job!


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