Friday, December 21, 2018

[Off Topic]: Author's Note!

     Hey all (not that there is an all, or even a one reader lol!) I just wanted to point out that I haven't abandoned my dear blog (not yet anyway), despite everything going on in Rift. I'm just super crushed about what went down at HQ and the unknown factor of not knowing what's going to happen to my beloved game going forward into 2019 has me feeling bleh. I have no real desire to play and haven't for a while now. All the fatalistic talk on the forums just makes it worse and I'm pretty down about it. Add to this the fact that WoW's new expac BfA launched just a short while ago and I've been spending most of my time elsewhere. I will get back into Rift soon *tm* and will continue to update my blog as I go! Never fear, I would never just leave Rae's story hanging, and I'm still firmly of the belief that a thorough gameplay and lore guide needs to be written, however long it takes me to do it! *raises fist* I will get er done! Somehow! lol

     In related news, WTF TRION!? How could you do this to us?! First you treat us like garbage, ignoring players, giving sarcastic comments to voiced concerns, and throwing out microtransaction tidbits to keep us all spending money (which I admit to falling for every time because I'm a sucker for a pretty or unique mount), and then you suddenly sell Rift out from under our noses to a mobile gaming company! I mean no offense meant to that company but jeez, it just feels pretty darn depressing. I've been playing this game 7 years now! I've been subscribed yearly for every single one of those years! I feel like us the players care more for the game then Trion ever did. I know that "Trion" doesn't really exist anymore, but I'm still mad lol. Also concerned. There's been no official word on any updates or expansions, no official say on whether they are keeping Prime or not, and no actual concrete news since the takeover. I dunno if Rift is even going to exist after 2018. :( I am feeling pretty emotional about it.

     On the cosplay front, I had a blast making a humanized version of a dragon from WoW. Her name is Tarecgosa and she's my 2nd favorite dragon in the game. I love dragons so much and especially MMO dragons! They have so much lore behind them! I barely finished her in time for BlizzCon this year, but I DID finish! Which is a huge thing for me, since I never fail to be scrambling the day of the con to finish a costume. It's super stressful and I feel so proud of myself for finally finishing at a reasonable time. Also for the first time this year I entered the costume contest. ….it did not go as I imagined and I left feeling frustrated and heartbroken. Not because I didn't win, but because I didn't even get the chance to win. I was somehow ignored and overlooked during my judging time and didn't even get the chance to be was all a huge waste of time. Next year definitely not entering. At least I can say I tried right?! Another awesome costume is already in the works and I'm just waiting on the last of my supplies to arrive so I can start in on it! :)

    All in all, it's been quite the busy and stressful year. I've been working tons of hours at work, putting in as many hours as I can into a costume, and squeezing time between that to play the games I love. As for sleep....what even is that??? I went to places I hadn't been before, saw things I hadn't seen before, and met all new friends. I'm so happy and blessed to have this life and honestly there isn't much I'd change. 2018 has been, for the most part, very good to me and I say "bring on 2019!"

     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the wonderful Telarans in my life! I hope your holidays are safe and happy and that 2019 is a great new year!

Love Raeslyn and fam

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