Monday, August 13, 2012

[Glossary] I: Battle Terms

     A list of interesting words to describe a battle, or weapons used in battle. I came across this idea while watching a battle scene in Lord of the Rings one day and I was curious about what the terms were for different attacks and such. So here it is, enjoy!
General Terms:
  • Abort: To terminate a mission.
  • Accuracy: The precision of fire expressed by the closeness of a grouping of wounds at and around the center of the target.
  • Advance Guard: A detachment sent ahead of the main force.
  • Adversary: A party acknowledged as potentially hostile.
  • Ambush: Surprise attack, usually from a well covered area on an unsuspecting foe.
  • Caster: A combatant who uses mainly magic to take down their foes, usually known by the long robes they wear.
  • Casualty: Killed or wounded in combat.
  • Center Up: Move back to the center of the field.
  • Close to melee: Use close up weapons such as daggers, knives or swords.
  • Companion or Minion: A fighter's battle pet or summons, who will offer any and all aid they can to keep their master alive, including sacrificing their own life.
  • Collateral damage: Damage to anything not pertaining to the fight or the war against the Blood Storm and their cults. Refugees or citizen deaths.
  • Command Appointment: Putting someone in charge of a unit of soldiers or guardian troops.
  • Dance: A more fancy and musical term for a fight, usually when the fighter(s) are so fast and fluid they appear to be dancing.
  • Decapitate: Literally, to cut off the head. Can be taken literally, as in, you cut off someone's head, or figuratively, meaning if you kill the leader, the army will fall.
  • Dual: A personal fight usually between two opponents. A way to settle a score, measure skill, or defend honor.
  • Engage: To close weapons with an adversary; cross blades.
  • Fighting Arc: A 90 degree arc extending out from the center point of the fighter where they are able to effectively deliver their blows.
  • Finishing move: A more powerful attack, usually designed to end the life of your opponent in one fell swoop, using more strength then usual and possibly with magical aid.
  • First Blood: Score the first hit on your foe.
  • Flurry: A fast series of blows, often too quick for the eye to follow.
  • High ward: Holding your weapon over your head at a 45 degree angle, facing forward.
  • Low Blow: A shot struck on or below the knees.
  • Low guard: The weapon is held along the center of your body, facing downward.
  • Lunge: Striking forward with your blade by keeping one foot secured to the ground and stepping forward with the other.
  • Measure: Judging the distance between yourself and your opponent, skill wise or physically, in a fight.
  • Molinet: A circular motion with a weapon starting at the wrist, a fancy flourish, usually to show off.
  • On guard: To ready yourself and your weapon for a fight.
  • Range: The distance before foes engage in combat.
  • Stealth: To move unseen among your foes. Usually the favored method of rogues and assassins.
  • Stances: A ward or guard. How you hold yourself before battle and during fighting. A specific way of standing. There are three main stances, defensive, offensive, retreating.
  • Melee:
    • Swords-Long melee weapons, usually made of steel or strong metals.
    • Knives-Short, sharp weapons, usually a last defense.
    • Daggers-The choice weapon for rogues and assassins.
    • Axes-Heavy, often double bladed stout weapons.
    • Sickle-Short handled weapon with a crescent-moon shaped thin blade.
    • Kama-Similar to a sickle, but with a longer handle.
    • Staff- A long, non-sharp pole, usually as an aid in defense or in magic casting.
    • Polearms-Very tall two-handed staff with a bladed point.
      • Halberd-Like an axe, but with the reach of a polearm.
      • Spear-a throwing staff with a deadly point.
      • Glaive-A type of polearm, usually bladed at both ends and ceremonial.
    • Club/Mace-A blunt, short-handled weapon made for bashing.
    • Morning Star-A mace with a chain and spiked ball attached.
  • Ranged:
    • Bow- Strung weapon that shoots arrows
    • Shiruken- A palm sized multi-bladed disc.
    • Gun- Weapon that shoots metal from a barrel.
    • Slingshot- Simple Y shaped weapon that flings objects.
    • Spear- A thrown polearm with a sharp tip.
    • Throwing axe/dagger- A small, balanced thrown weapon of deadly accuracy.
    • Javalin- Similar to a spear, another name for one.
    • Dart- A needle thin sliver of metal or wood, usually poisoned.
    • Catapult- A massive field artillery that hurls large heavy objects.
    • Ballista- A type of catapult, lighter and faster.
    • Cannon- A metal catapult that has better accuracy.
    • Grenade- A thrown explosive.

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