Friday, August 03, 2012

[Off Topic] Upcoming Expansion!

     So OMG, I'm so terribly excited for the upcoming expansion!!!! Every time I see it on the Rift launcher or hear about it on the forums, I just get so happy and anxious. Like waiting for Christmas. To me, waiting for something is nearly as fun as opening it up or getting to see it!!!! I can't wait. And so many amazing things to do and see in the new expansion! Sheesh my lvl 50 character hasn't even done all that she wants to do yet! I hope I get to do the stuff I want before the expansion comes out but I don't know...there's no date on it's release yet but I'm sure it will be before 2013. Which means it's not that far away if you think about it. The months seem to be passing by at a crazy fast rate. I've watched a few YouTube videos of one of the colossus fights too--man that looks super fun! And scary! It's so huge, it would stomp on me! Hehe I'm looking forward to it. In honor of the upcoming expansion (and because it's just so AWESOME that I'd love to have it written down on my site) I'm going to put down my favorite things I'm looking forward to in the expansion, as well as a few ideas and wishes I'd love to see but am doubtful of it actually happening. By the way, here's a link to the actual info: Storm Legion Expansion.

Expansion Content:
  • Dimensions *~* Player housing and guild halls!
  • 2 new continents*~* Omg so much more to explore! New quests, new zones, new shinies, new puzzles!
  • New dungeons and raids *~* I've never been a huge obsessor of raids and dungeons and I'd never go out of my way to make sure I was the best of the best, but I'd still love to bear witness to these incredible things, if only for the lore and the interesting raid bosses.
  • New island city *~* Oh wow! A city on an island...I wonder how we'll get there. And it's supposedly neutral territory. All the RP's will love that I bet!
  • lvl cap 60 *~* Groan...I JUST now made it to 50 after over half a year of playing! lol, I kid. I'd love to have 10 more lvls to get! Just means more potential for exploring.
  • 4 new souls/classes *~* I still think of them as classes sometimes I suppose hehe. But really, 4 new souls! One for each calling!! I wonder what the warrior is going to be?! Or even what the mage one is....or...Meh I'd love to see them all!!! :)
  • New Instant Adventures and Onslaughts *~* I wonder what an onslaught is...some kind of PvP gig maybe? Like Conquest? Hmmm I guess I'll have to wait and see!!
  • New world events *~* Everyone knew that was obvious hehe. I've always loved Rifts unique world event things with their various stages!! The last summer one was even ok, even though it was rather frustrating at times! But I still thought they were fun!
  • A new Chronicle *~* I haven't even been in all the chronicles they have now! I can't wait for another one. I wonder what it's going to be about-which raid I mean.
  • Changing landscapes *~* From what I understand of it, the world around you will change according to what's going on near you. Like the colossus smashing a wall in real time Rift and thus letting you inside a part of the city you hadn't been to before. Sounds absolutely amazing!!
  • New mounts, pets and titles *~* I'm ALL for that! I love gathering new and unique titles!! Even though most of them don't fit with my character's RP *growl* And I'd love new mounts and cute little critters to follow me!
  • Introducing a new item-Capes! *~* Oooo finally!!! I've been desiring a cloak for like ages now! Ever since I moved over to Rift permanently and left WoW in the dust. Even if they are called capes instead of cloaks, I dun care! It's all the same, it sits on your back! *rubs hands together*
My Expansion Wish list:
  • New secondary profession *~* I'd really like to see another secondary profession! It would be so fun! I've not even maxed out my current ones but I'd love another one to work on. I love crafting and doing professions and I love fishing. I even have a good idea for one! Here's a link to the official forums, where I posted my suggestion (even though it never garnered any attention)- New Secondary Profession!
  • Being able to sit in all manner of things, including chairs, divans, on steps, anywhere! Without having to look so awkward and ridicules doing it! If you've ever sat in a chair in rift you know what I mean.
  • Fix the should not be raining inside! *cry* I've been stating it on the forums for quite some time but I only get told that I lack imagination by other players. Psh, what do they know!!
  • New character customization screen...seriously! I'd love a LOT more choices! And I'd also love to be able to spin my character around and changer the angle at which I look at her. It's frustrating that it's so strict.
  • New hairstyles/hair colors for all the races! I'd love that...I'd really love pink ponytails for the High Elves!
  • New dances. If we could have a dance instructor in the capitals that taught us dancing I'd be so happy! Even if it cost an arm and a leg to learn, I'd still do it! Even if it was like lessons you took over time and then you finally learned it! You could turn it into a daily activity or something! It would be so fun!
  • New armor. Especially for mages...poor dears. Anyone less than lvl 50 looks like they wearing a plain old sack. Very ugly. Course Trion probably already knows that hehe. PS-I'd really like to have the type of armor the messengers of the Vigil are's SOOOOOO gorgeous and intricate and beautiful!! MUST HAVE!
  • Less graphic intensive...this is obviously very wishful thinking...but still. My computer can barely handle Rift. It has fits all the time if the graphics setting isn't on the lowest it can go, and even then I still get freeze ups and black screens. Makes me very sad panda cause I'm pretty sure Rift is even more beautiful than I find it now if I could only SEE that!!!!
     Well that's it for now! Oh, and as an interesting little end piece, here's a picture of Crucia, taken from the Storm Legion home page!
     Ain't she hot? I'm a girl and I still think she's absolutely amazing!!!! What I wouldn't give to have her type of armor!!!!


  1. how is the dragon of air supposed to look like that minus the whole mind control/possession scthick
    and its very late but I think that the gloam/silverwood distinction had to do with the hag

  2. I'm not sure exactly what to make of your comment, since to me it doesn't make sense. Of course that could be because I'm tired myself and not following the logic. But I will say that this was months before info about SL came out so all we had were sneak peek pictures and a few tidbits of info and were guessing about who the lady could be. Everyone assumed it was Crucia's human guise. Now we know different at least.