Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[Off Topic] Patch 2.2 and World Event!

     Yay, Patch 2.2 of Rift brings back the Carnival of the Ascended and I'm quite pleased because it was one of my favorite world events! I loved the parades and the games and puzzles as well as the neat cosmetic rewards. Let's see what this patch holds!

Key features:

  • Carnival of the Ascended: Rift celebrates its two-year anniversary! To honor this, Trion is giving us the second Carnival of the Ascended, a month long festival to celebrate the return of the Ascended to Telara and the defeat of most of the dragon gods, as by this time in Rift history, most have been successfully vanquished by the high lvl Ascended heroes!
    • The Carnival this year brings you fun new puzzles and games in Meridian, Sanctum, Shimmersand, and now in Tempest Bay.
    • You can earn new masks, mounts, and costume pieces, as well as end game gear and rewards and other "shiny" goodies
    • The parades have also returned, although somewhat changed, as well as the piƱatas.
  • Wheel of Fate: A new alt mode pvp battle in the Codex. Challenge and excitement await in this warfront! Try your hand and see if you can spin the wheel of fate.
  • T3 Planar Attunement: For those who eagerly await it, Tier 3 Planar Attunement is coming with Rift 2.2, unlocking a whole new system of perks for Planar Attunement, with more rewards to come.
  • Attunement of War: T2 of the pvp Planar Attunement, another highly awaited feature that a lot of players have apparently been asking for all over the forums. Let's just hope it lives up to their expectations.
  • Cape: A new, unique, 2-year celebration cape that you can buy from the carnival vendors to show off your Rift pride!
  • Free to Play for March 21-25. Like all major patches/world events, Trion is giving us a weekend to play the game free without the penalty of subscription bonuses.
  • New addition to the Rift mobile app lootables. "Carnival Candy" lets you scratch 3 in a row of the carnival rewards. If you get cake, you win carnival themed rewards.
From what I can see, this patch is mostly a filler patch while they (hopefully) work on more content, as there wasn't any new and interesting content added this time! Although I don't really mind as I've been so incredibly busy with real life things that I'd be sad if I missed out on some fun new content because I didn't have the time. Also, the Carnival will no doubt prove quite the successful distraction by itself. The game in Tempest Bay to remember the colors all in a row, for instance, is incredibly fun. I love memory games.

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