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Battle rages across Telara, not just between Ascended and riftspawn but between Telara’s defenders. The Guardians fight for a divine plan that forbids heretical Eth machines, while the Defiant will not let the Guardians doom Telara with their prejudices. Throughout the world they clash in vicious warfare.

A few battlefields in particular see the Guardians and Defiant constantly commit their forces, each unwilling to cede a major resource or territory. These Warfronts host the most terrible and thrilling combat, as the Ascended pursue tactical objectives that will advance their own faction and harm the other.


Weekend Warfronts

Every weekend, a different Warfront becomes a hot spot for conflict between the Guardians and Defiant. New Warfronts and Warfront modes often debut as Weekend Warfronts, which always reward extra Favor and Prestige.

Alternate Warfront modes

There are many ways to dominate a battlefield, so several Warfronts feature alternate modes that change the rules for Ascended combatants, giving you a whole new way to strike down the enemy and reign supreme.

Library of the Runemasters

Maximum team size: 15

Minimum player level: 10

Victory condition: Collect 1,000 points within 20 minutes by carrying Dwarven Rune Vessels or defeating enemy players

Within the depths of Hammerknell, Guardians and Defiant battle to control Dwarven Rune Vessels. These artifacts, used to bind mighty planar beings, could prove invaluable to the armies of the Ascended.

Dwarven Rune Vessels have been found in the Library of the Runemasters, and players must hold onto them to secure victory. But be warned! The Vessels’ dark power can eat away at the souls of the Ascended. Earn points for your team by slaying enemy players or by carrying a Vessel as long as possible, surviving both the enemy onslaught and the relics’ ever-increasing waves of corruption.

Black Garden

Maximum team size: 10

Minimum player level: 10

Victory condition: Collect 500 points (by holding the Fang of Regulos or killing players) within 20 minutes

When Telara’s defenders destroyed Regulos’s body, they sealed his Fang in a shrine at Black Garden to keep it out of the hands of cultists. Both Defiant and Guardians feel they should take exclusive ownership of the Fang, as the other faction is clearly unfit to safeguard such a dire relic.

Both factions must race to seize the Fang of Regulos, but the relic itself has a malign twist: the longer a combatant holds the Fang, the more it erodes his body and soul, dealing damage that increases over time to become nearly unbearable. This makes the carrier easy prey for his enemies, but each side gathers points the longer they hold the Fang. The side with the most points within twenty minutes wins the battle.

Alternate mode: Stockpile

Maximum team size: 16

Minimum player level: 10

Victory condition: Collect 500 points or the most points in 20 minutes by cleansing dark orbs and killing enemy players

When Telara's defenders destroyed Regulos's body, they sealed his Fang in a shrine at Black Garden to keep it out of the hands of cultists. Both Defiant and Guardians feel they should take exclusive ownership of the Fang, as the other faction is clearly unfit to safeguard such a dire relic.

Carry orbs of Regulos's dark power to the cleansing altars. One Ascended can carry up to three orbs, but each will slow its bearer, creating an easier target for enemy fighters.

The Codex

Maximum team size: 15

Minimum player level: 20

Victory condition: Collect 1,000 points by holding vital positions, OR the most points in 20 minutes

The monks of Thontic have long guarded ruins where the powerful and dangerous mysteries of the Eth are buried. The Defiant were thrilled when one of their archaeological digs uncovered archives that held one of the most powerful of these secrets. Yet before they could extract and utilize the material, the silent monks alerted their Guardian allies, who attacked immediately.

Now, opposing forces struggle to control the dig site by posting the most guards at several important tactical locations. While the central Codex itself is worth the most points, the Vault, the Statue of Thontic near the Guardian camp, and the Translation Scope close to the Defiant position are also worth taking.

Whitefall Steppes

Maximum team size: 15

Minimum player level: 30

Victory condition: Capture 3 sourcestone, OR the most enemy sourcestone within 20 minutes

The Storm Legion overran two neighboring villages, dragging off the townsfolk as slaves of Crucia. In so doing they left behind a handful of sourcestone idols that could give the owners an edge in the war for Telara. Both the Defiant and Guardians have arrived on the scene and captured some of the sourcestone, and each seeks to capture the other side’s supply without losing any of their own.

Similar to a game of Capture the Flag, Whitefall Steppes features teams of Ascended defending their cache of sourcestone while trying to steal the precious mineral from their enemy’s base. Teams can only capture sourcestone when their own supply is secure, and the first side to capture three idols, or the most idols within the allotted time wins the battle.

Port Scion

Maximum team size: 20

Minimum player level: 50

Victory condition: Accrue 1,000 points, OR the most points in 45 minutes, OR slay the enemy commander

Once Port Scion was the pride of the Mathosian Empire, perhaps the richest city in Telaran history. Now it is overrun by the undead, forcing both Ascended factions to fight each other as well as hordes of walking corpses if they hope to capture this grand city for themselves.

This huge Warfront offers Ascended plenty of challenges and many ways to help their team. Heroes might strike at the Endless Court presence, destroy fell idols to the dragons, or wear down the other faction’s guards. Truly bold Ascended can assault the enemy camp and try to assassinate the enemy high commander, whose death signals defeat for his faction.

PvP Rewards


Bought with blood

While the thrill of battle is compelling, even the most blood-thirsty berserker can only kill out of the goodness of his heart for so long. To make sure their loyal forces are armed and eager, both Guardians and Defiant strive to compensate every Ascended according to his or her contribution to the war effort. Whether Warrior, Mage, Rogue, or Cleric, rich rewards await whenever you follow your faction’s banner into battle.


Favor measures an Ascended’s esteem in their faction’s military. Every act of PvP combat, including open-world fighting, PvP quests, participating in a Warfront, and more will help spread word of your deeds and earn you Favor. This currency can be exchanged for gear, mounts, and more to help you ruin the other faction’s day in tangible, bone-crunching ways.

Prestige and Prestige Ranks

Once you reach maximum level, you can begin to earn Prestige, or "PvP XP." As you rise in Prestige, you will climb through the ranks of your faction’s military. Rank has its privileges, and every new rank unlocks rewards all its own.

Plunder and glory

When it comes to the spoils of war, you can’t argue with the classics. Victorious fighters have long taken trophies from the slain, and in Telara, dead enemies drop useful loot. Those who go to war to reap eternal glory will not be disappointed, as RIFT™ offers plenty of Achievements so challenging they’ll make your friends’ jaws drop, and your enemies’ jaws fly off, probably in the direction you swung your mace.

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