Monday, April 18, 2016

[Off Topic] Patch 3.6: Celebration of the Ascended!

      Well well! It's Rift's 5th year anniversary. 5 years this game has been live. I just can't believe so much time has passed, it's shocking! So many wonderful memories in this game, so many memories to come! I'm excited for all the in game fun that's going to happen in this year's Carnival of the Ascended. Thankfully, they've changed some stuff up too and added things! Here's a few things they've added into the game for this year!
  • IA: A new Carnival themed IA has been introduced that apparently involves boglings in Tempest Bay! The boglings are terrorizing everyone in the city and its up to us Ascended to put a stop to the dastardly critters. I actually like boglings. They are kind of cute.
  • Frog Artifacts: Seems kind of random.....but hey, I love shinies! New artifacts are out that are half shiny and half frog. So that means they will be hard to catch. Hone your reflexes and collect all new artifact sets. Woot!
  • Shimmersand Story Rifts: Oh wow neat! Apparently there's 4 new special Rifts that will tell some lore in Shimmersand. Why Shimmersand? I've no idea....maybe it has something do to with the Bahmi and their canyon home? You get to beat up the Blood Storm (again) and also the Teth (which I'm not too sure on other then he's the big bad this expac.....)
  • Minion Adventure: There's a new Minion Card available in the store called Zephyr. When you get it, a new Minion Adventure opens up for you in the adventure tab and you can do a whole quest chain with your minions.
  • More Stuff: There's apparently new daily quests, new rewards, like pretty new cosmetic armor, a new Saga quest chain, and lots of other stuffs! There's rewards like mounts, new wing looks, fans, cakes, masks, portrait badges, a dimension key, emotes, and backpacks!
Carnival of the Ascended Update! Now that I've finally had a taste of the carnival, I've got to say, I'm loving it! It's a lot of the same as the previous years, but there's also a lot of new things. One of my all time favorites is the new Vigil Wings. Omg they are beautiful!! (confession time: I have a wing fetish). I bought them for 900 credits and don't regret it! Now all my characters have them in their wardrobe in various colors! Yes, they can be dyed!!!! Soooo pretty! Another really amazing thing I love is the new Twisted Carousel Ram mount. That thing is totally awesome. He's very unique in his gait. Instead of the other mounts, he trots, like a prancing pony, and it's very obvious too. From the back, front, or side, he is a very flashy boy! I am so glad I was able to save up 5 doubloons to buy him!! <3 I made some videos of the Carnival as well, that I'll upload here at some point!

     I'm actually pretty excited for this holiday and can't wait to log in tonight after work and check it all out! The Carnival is one of my favorites and its also the most fun, with all kinds of quick fun activities to do! On top of the holiday event, there is of course some content stuff. Not much, but here's hoping the next one will be pretty big no? So there's new soul callings for everything this time around! We've got:
  1. Warchanter-Warrior Soul- A healing soul with "Enchanted Commands"
  2. Runeshaper-Cleric Soul- Support soul that does dmg as well as boosts your allies.
  3. Frostkeeper-Mage Soul- A Healing soul that if you play WoW is kind of like a Discipline Priest. You use shields to protect and assist your allies.
  4. Maelstrom-Primalist Soul-A ranged DPS soul that allows you do massive dmg at a distance.
  5. Shadeborn-Rogue Soul- multi target DPS.
There's also a new tier of PA (Planar Attunement) to earn and get points for, there's new daily log in rewards for everyone, new PvP updates, and apparently there's another part of the update happening in May that will give us a new raid!!! Woot, a birthday present! I'll have to consider wether I think it's worth it to buy the new soul pack or not. After all, next week BlizzCon tickets go on sale and I'll need to buy those, as well as a plane ticket and hotel booking for the trip. Also I'm going to Edmonton in June to see the Warcraft movie in IMAX 3D ANNNNNND I'm attending an Expo in September with a costume I'm currently working on! So many things to do, so little time to actually accomplish anything. It's rather frustrating. But it's nice to just spend a night relaxing and having fun on Rift, and that's what I plan to do tonight! So for now, Dark out, and enjoy the Carnival!! :)

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