Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[Lore] I: Prophecy of the Ascended

Prophecy of the Ascended
An old spellbook.
Spoken by the sentinel Niyol Cliffswind as he lay dying after the events of the Blood Storm 1500 years ago. Passed down by the Elves through the generations and retold to ensure that it will never be forgotten. 

There will come a time when the Ward is fully sundered.
In that dark hour, even the gods will weep.
And from the ashes of a fallen kingdom,
The Ascended will rise.
These beings will be neither mortal nor god,
Neither alive nor dead,
Neither virtuous nor wicked.
The Ascended will be steadfast and mighty;
And henceforth, those who serve the dragons
Will know only fear and death.
A scroll in a pane of glass.

Reference: Taken directly from inside the game. I found it in a tome sitting on a table in the Sanctuary of Rebirth. The tome is open and sparkles, indicating it can be interacted with. Anyone can access and read the contents, which contains the prophecy of the Ascended. Apparently this means that the peoples who worshipped the gods anyway, knew of the prophecy for quite some time. Interesting. I wonder if it was something everyone know, or just the holy orders of the world?

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