Sunday, July 29, 2012

[Books and Artifacts] II: Ardenburgh Proclomations

The Passing of Jostir Mathos
The kingdom of Mathosia mourns the death of it's wise and benevolent
sovereign, Jostir Mathos. May he forever sit at Thedeor's side in the Halls of the
 Righteous. King Jostir leaves behind two sons: King Aedraxis Mathos, who was
crowned as our new exalted leader the eve of his father's passing and Prince
Zareph Mathos, who rules over the great eastern city of Port Scion.
The king also leaves behind a bastard son, Carwin Mathos.
All Hail King Aedraxis
People of Mathosia rejoice! In this dark hour, let your hearts be filled with the
coming of our new sovereign, Aedraxis Mathos. Though deeply saddened by
the loss of his father, King Jostir, Prince Aedraxis nobly took up the crown
the following evening in a grand ceremony. King Aedraxis proclaimed that
his reign shall bring forth a new, prosperous era for Mathosia. His desire
is for our kingdom to unbind itself from the constraints of the past,
so that we may embrace the future. All hail King Aedraxis, may he live
a thousand years!
A Royal Proclamation
A proclamation to the people of Mathosia from his most benevolent highness:
Be it resolved that I, King Aedraxis Mathos, do now make lawful the
practice of technomancy and the ownership of related equipment within
the kingdom of Mathosia. Additionally, any citizen found guilty of
speaking out against me or my methods shall be executed for treason.
My Mathosian Knights shall be granted the final ruling in all such
His Exalted Highness, King Aedraxis Mathos.
A People United
People of Mathosia, we have been led astray. The king promised us
prosperity, but what we got was devastation and oppression.
King Aedraxis would have us forsake the gods and instead turn to
planar demons and unholy technology. We cannot stand idly by and let our
great kingdom fall from grace. A united army of Telarans who would put
a stop to this madness once and for all is assembling at Thedeor Fields,
outside of the town of Ardenburgh. We welcome all who would join us there.
Together we shall become the Guardians of Mathosia.
Notice of Evacuation
To Whom It May Concern:
My family and I have taken all we can carry and we have left this gods-
forsaken land forever. There are undead creatures everywhere now,
and from this house I can see the very tear in the world itself that
our mad king has made. It is just too much for a man to bear.
If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and get out while you can.
Mathosia is damned.
These notices can be found on various houses throughout the town of Ardenburgh in the tutorial zone, Guardian side. Just click on the sparkling scrolls on the wall to read! I found them while exploring the zone and I thought they were quite an interesting look into the time right before we are resurrected as Ascended. I wrote them in what I thought was proper order, and it's kind of neat to see how the proclamations change over the years of Aedraxis's reign. It makes me want to write a story perhaps from the point of view of someone that lived during those times. *stores that thought away for later* For now, enjoy this brief little snippet of Telaran history.
References: Taken directly from the game of Rift and written here. Does not belong to me!


  1. Well done! This is a great resource for the history of the Guardians before the Ascended's return. I especially liked the pieces about Port Scion. So many people do not even know where it is in the world, let alone what happened to it.

  2. Really? Ya I know my guildies are always asking where I get my information and where Port Scion is and all that other stuff lol.