Thursday, July 26, 2012

[Books and Artifacts] I: City Record of Ardenburgh

Fifth Moon of the Year of the Tyrant
     King Aedraxis has set up a camp on the far side of Thedeor Fields. He has brought with him a legion of Eth and Bahmi conscripts to build him their strange machines. The king has set up massive technomantic pillars on the hill above the field as well. In all my years as mayor of Ardenburgh I have never seen such a sight.
     In the night we can hear King Aedraxis and his mages chanting under those pillars. I swear they are saying the name Regulos over and over. The town council and I are at a loss of what to do but we know that something isn't right. We sent word to Prince Zareph a few days ago asking for him to come here and put a stop to this. Hopefully he will arrive quickly.
                Maurice Sullivan, Mayor of Ardenburgh.
Refrence: This is a book that can be picked up and collected, located in the town of Ardenburgh in the Guardian's tutorial zone. The reason why I give it such importance is because it actually gives us a date, and not only that, but it gives us information on how dates are written on Telara! Instead of saying months, they say moons, and they always name the year after something significant that happened there. I've heard Year of the Tyrant (Aedraxis's reign), Year of Legends (the time before the Blood Storm that no one really remembers and when the gods walked the earth) the Year of the Dragons (the time when the Blood Storm attacked Telara) and Year of the Ascended (When the gods resurrected the Ascended/When the Defiant successfully sent back Ascended to the past). I guess that when they say "Year of", it's a loose term that describes the entire time frame that surrounds the particular event that it's named after, because the Tyrant ruled for longer than just a year and the Year of Legends lasted a whole lot longer than just one year. But I am happy to have stumbled upon this information! It helps me keep the timeline of Telara straight, since it's such a confusing thing at best. Another interesting thing I noted here is that Aedraxis was already here summoning his Death Rift and Regulos when Zareph showed up with his army stop him. I had imagined that Zareph and Aedraxis just sort of met together on the field, but Zareph was apparently called to Ardenburgh after being alerted to Aedraxis's movements. Interesting! I love finding these little kernels of lore and history that help develop the story of Rift better!


  1. Hi there,
    Very nice start to what will be a very interesting story. A guardian's tale is anything but ordinary.

    Welcome to the world of RP storytelling.

    Anneleigh the High Elf / Ceici the Bahmi

  2. Hey Anne! :) You like it? I'm still unsure of how silly it sounds! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I'd never have been able to do it without your leadership guiding my ideas!