Sunday, November 03, 2013

[Off Topic] Patch 2.5: Song of Dreams

     For once I can get ahead of something! Patch 2.5 doesn't hit until Nov 6, but I'm posting it now because I've been insanely busy with BlizzCon and travelling there and getting ready that I won't have time to even play Rift, let alone give updates on here! So here it is:

  • Mini-Saga: Song of Dreams: Return to Ember Isle, where expeditions are mysteriously disappearing undersea. Brave madness (and drowning) to discover a new menace to Telara and the Song of Dreams. Once you hear it, there's no going back!
  • Gifts of the Fae: Starting Nov 13, Grandfather Frost unveils a new lvl 60 version of a favorite old world instance every week, including Deepstrike, a community voted choice, where you will face a completely new adventure in the heart of Stonefield.
  • Infinity Gate Dimension: Lay claim to the ancient Brevanic gateway that started it all and show off new dimension items available only from Expert mode dungeons.
  • Planar Attunement Nexus, PvP Tier 3: Finally! At least, that's what the pvpers would say as they've been whining about this particular thing for ages. I hope it turns out good for their sake. The new Tier includes Nature, Cinder, and Storm nexuses to put your new points and build to combine the best of the Planes. Plus the introduction of PvP armor Tier 3.
  • House Fluffington Returns!: Between Nov 15 and 18 the House Fluffington Rifts will appear at random times in random locations for your chance at getting the title and achievements.
  • Along with various fixes to player abilities, nerfs, buffs, UI changes, play changes, performance changes, the usual stuff that comes with patches. 

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